Users are asked to recall the MacBook Pro butterfly keyboard


PingWest in May 4th, from the news of the Appleinsider, some foreign MacBook Pro users launched a petition calling on the Apple Corp to recall a butterfly keyboard, which they think is a defective design. Interestingly, this petition does not include Macbook, although it also uses butterfly keyboard.

Users are asked to recall the MacBook Pro butterfly keyboard

Many users encounter vague and inaccurate keyboards. Some users even went to the genius bar for two to three times, but still failed to solve them. In response to these problems, foreign users launched a reluctance to request Apple Corp to recover and repair all MacBook Pro models released at the end of 2016. The petitioners said they did not simply ask for the replacement of the keyboard, but rather needed a completely new design.

Previously, Appleinsider gave a number of maintenance data, compared the maintenance of several MacBook Pro from 2014 to 2017 (excluding Touch Bar related problems), and the data showed that the failure of the MacBook Pro keyboard was two times that of the previous model. The 2017 version will be better, but foreign media believe that the data in 2017 are not complete because the MacBook Pro was launched in November last year.

In addition to the problem of keyless response, the repair cost is another problem. The design of apple MacBook Pro is very close. It is hardly possible to maintain a single component individually. If you need to change the keyboard, the keyboard, battery and metal box on the top need to be replaced. At present, the maintenance cost of these repairs is as high as 700 US dollars.

Up to now, the petition has been signed by 1000 users.

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