Millet launched millet music and millet video in India to make money with Internet value-added services


Millet launched millet music and millet video in India to make money with Internet value-added services

Manu – Jen, director of millet India District

Tencent Technology News reported foreign media reported that millet India announced on Wednesday the launch of “millet music” and “millet video” to provide Internet value-added services in India.

“With the introduction of these two applications, we hope to improve the user experience by strengthening internet services to serve millions of smartphone users,” said Manu Jain, vice president of millet and general manager of India District, in a statement.

The statement said that millet music is a pre installed in the millet smart phone music applications, can provide a comprehensive music streaming media services, and can also store music under the line.

Millet video is a pre installed video application that provides cross platform integrated video streaming services.

The content of millet video is currently supported by Hungama Play, SonyLiv and Voot, a India music and video online provider, which has been provided for more than 500 thousand hours, of which nearly 80% are free.

Millet video and millet music launched in India, coincided with millet submitted prospectus, ready to launch in Hongkong IPO. According to the book of prospectus, millet from 2015 to 2017 income was 66 billion 811 million yuan, 684.34. billion yuan and 114 billion 625 million yuan respectively, 2017 year-on-year growth of 67.5%; operating profit of 1 billion 373 million yuan, 3 billion 785 million yuan and 12 billion 215 million yuan, 2017 year-on-year growth 222.7%.

It is worth noting that the growth rate of millet in overseas markets is very strong. Prospectus shows that in 2015, 2016 and 2017, the overseas market revenue of millet was 4 billion 50 million yuan, 9 billion 150 million yuan, and 32 billion 80 million yuan respectively. In 2017, overseas market revenue surged by 250% over the same period, which fully verified the universality of the millet model in the global market.

In an interview last year, Jain said in an interview that millet and India wanted to copy the company’s model in China and become a Internet Co through a series of services. However, he said at that time, the short-term goal of millet is still taking the lead in the mobile phone market.

He pointed out that Millet’s Internet Co mode took seven years to take shape in China, and it will take several years for India to blossom and blossom.

“We are far more than a smartphone brand. Our hardware business is very important because it has gained a large number of users for our MIUI, millet finance, millet entertainment and other Internet services. We plan to launch these services in India and carefully assess the time to launch these services. Our ultimate goal is to build the Internet business and then liquidate it, so that we can make long-term profits from the MIUI operating system. Jain said. (Comprehensive / Hongyi)

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