Google announces investment plan and first investment list to nurture digital assistant ecosystem


Google announces investment plan and first investment list to nurture digital assistant ecosystem

Tencent technology news reports, Google announced today that it hopes to support the development of digital helper platforms through investment assisting companies developing digital assistant services to foster digital assistant ecosystems. Google also announced the list of its first investment targets today.

The company’s search and Google Assistant vice president Nick Fawkes (Nick Fox) and the vice president of business development, Sanjay Kapoor (Sanjay Kapoor), announced the news in a blog article. The two said that the investment plan is part of the company’s larger goals. Google hopes to encourage development communities to create an open ecosystem around products such as Android and Chrome.

Google certainly wants to upgrade its own digital assistant platform, Google Assistant. But these investments do not seem to be limited to companies that only support the platform. For example, some of the first investment companies are developing new services for Amazon’s Alexa platform.

They wrote: “we have provided tools for creating a natural dialogue experience and working closely with the equipment partners to create new interfaces and look at the imaginative devices we have designed for Google Assistant. Developers have created a variety of ‘Actions’, some very practical, some inspiring, and these Actions can help you do your work in a way that we can’t imagine, such as helping you control smart home appliances, looking at subway timetables, and even helping you meditate.

The company did not disclose the scale of the investment plan, nor did it disclose the scale of each investment. But they did say that it will aim at “early start-ups like us who are passionate about the digital assistant ecosystem”. Google’s support for these start-ups also includes sending Google employees to provide engineering and design guidance for them, the early appearance of Google partner services for new products and new services, the use of the rights of the Google Cloud Platform and the promotion of its promotion.

Google also announced the list of the first companies to invest, including GoMoment, Edwin, BotSociety and Pulse Labs. (compiling / Lin Jingdong)

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