FB abuse data case: “the culprit” Cambridge analysis is filing for bankruptcy


FB abuse data case:

NetEase technology news May 3rd, Cambridge analysis company (Cambridge Analytica) is in the United States and Britain to start bankruptcy proceedings. The company was unfairly used nearly 87 million Facebook user data and participated in the 2016 presidential election.

Nigel Oakes, the founder of SCL group of British parent company, has confirmed that Cambridge analysis company and its parent company are closing down. Nigel Oakes, The chairman of SCL group disclosed the news to the staff in the conference call, and said that the efforts of the company to transform or reshape the brand proved to be “futile”.

Among them, the British entity related to Cambridge analysis company formally launched bankruptcy proceedings in May 2nd, and immediately stopped all operations.

Cambridge analysis company bankruptcy proceedings in the United States will soon start, is submitted to the Southern District of New York bankruptcy court application. All offices of SCL group in the United States are being closed, and American employees are required to return keys and computers.

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