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Chongqing East gold investment consultant Co., Ltd., Mr. Yang, has ten years of trading and six years of experience. Teachers from Shenzhen, Beijing and other places are highly skilled, with a strong style, tight trading logic, strong sensitivity to market sentiment, especially good at grasping the opportunity of strong stock and trend stock. In the process of actual combat, a set of super short line war method is summed up, the so-called short line refers to a short time to gain profit, and the super short line ideal goal is to maximize profits in a short time, so whether the super short line can be done well, the most important is to distinguish the two elements of the short-term change of the target stock. First, time (speed); two, space (amplitude). Many people do not have a clear definition of short line transactions. It is very inaccurate to think fast forward is a short line, which is extremely inaccurate, even for short line transactions in the time dimension of a definition, including not only the time cycle, but also the speed of the target stock within the time period; for example, the same in 5. In a trading day, the cumulative amplitude of the A stock is 5%, and the cumulative amplitude of the B stock is 25%. It is clear that the transaction in the B stock is correct in the short line transaction time dimension. Apart from the unclear understanding of time dimension, many investors ignore the core elements of short term trading, that is, space. Profit is the most fundamental purpose of all transactions, and space directly determines the size of profits. The goal of short-term trading is to maximize revenue. The stock price of the target must have a large enough space in the short term, and the stock price is running unimpeded and very fast in this space. Many investors have not focused on this point, just considering the short holding time and the blind pursuit of the quilt in the past, so they always choose some stock at the bottom of the stock, which have just gone through a continuous fall, the top of the plate one layer, the pressure and the price of the stock. One step will be a strong sell-off. Investors will not be able to make profits after buying for a long time, and waste valuable time cost. So short line short line is quick profit. Even if it is dormant in a stock for several months to achieve profit, or fast forward and quick to do it, but the stock bought is very weak and does not make money. It can not be called the success of short line trading. So, to achieve the success of short line transactions, we have to solve the problem from the two dimensions of the time (speed) of the stock price and the space (amplitude). What is the standard? To meet the requirements of the super short line time and space, the target must have enough speed and space for the transaction. What kind of stock has both high speed and considerable space? Obviously, the key to breaking through the position is the key point. Strong breakthroughs mean two changes in stock: 1, the relationship between strength and weakness changes: we know that the market is always strong and weak alternately, most of the stock is in the weak, and the weakness often breaks out sharply, the turning point is the most important time to find the market opportunity, it not only means that it is the most important time to find the market opportunity. With the reversal of supply and demand relationship between chips and chips, the fast exchange of new and old chips means that the stock is activated. 2, the stock price goes into the vacuum zone: the concept of a chip vacuum zone is introduced here: the chip vacuum area refers to the space between the two chip dense peaks, and there is no chips between the two chips, or only a small amount of chips, and the stock price will rise faster when the stock is broken through the chips. The traders know that the trend is always accelerated along the direction of the least resistance, and the vacuum zone is the least resistance area of the stock price, and once the stock price breaks into the vacuum zone, it means that the stock has the conditions to speed up the operation and open the space for the movement of the stock price. Two, real war examples: China Communication (603559) Chongqing East gold investment consulting Co., Ltd. - super short line tactics (603559) the stock began to fall sharply in the middle of March, in the middle of March, the stock turned weak, and repeated operation in the bottom of the interval for 6 months, the upper plate gradually lost the patient cutting off the field, the chip completed the shift from the high to the lower position. In September 19, 2017, the stock market went out of the first trading board for 6 months. The stock has been completely activated. The following day, the stock has been completely activated. Crazy attack. Three, we need to pay attention in actual combat: 1, strong stock is not equal to the strong stock, such as the strong stock at the end, although it is strong but does not have enough space; 2, the stock of accelerated operation must be in the vacuum area, but the stock of the vacuum area does not necessarily accelerate to rise; 3, vertical comparison of the stock itself, The strong probability of strong historical stocks will continue to be strong in the future, and the share of the near time has the greatest impact on the current trend, but it is necessary to pay attention to the habit of continuing to be weaker than once. 4. The rate of super short success in the rising trend is far greater than the downward trend in the big plate; 5, strict stop loss, if the trend is always along the direction of the least resistance to speed up is the truth of the super short line transaction, and that strict stop is the soul of the super short line transaction. Comprehensive: Chongqing Dong Jin investment advisor Co., Ltd. Yang teachers remind investors to do short line transactions must be clear two functions, time and space, first make clear the concept of short line, can clearly match the stock selection. It must be kept in mind that the stock price always runs along the direction of the least resistance to accelerate the operation of the core theorem! Of course, we have to admit that the challenge of the super short line to the human nature of the investor is no doubt abnormal, because you have to do it every time you have to be able to stop and lose it, and the stop is the most important part of the deal! It can be said that it is difficult for the average person to do it. This determines that most people can not make profits in this way. This is the fact that we can not change. I wish you all a smooth investment and a good source of money.

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