Why can’t we see Windows at Microsoft developer conference?


No one cares about the Microsoft developer conference.

At the beginning of the month, the waste heat of Facebook F8 is still on, the discussion of information disclosure is still unknown; the upcoming Google I/O heat is more high, and the various color prediction articles have already occupied the prominent page of the media. Microsoft is sandwiched among them, not like a market leader with the same market value.

In terms of market capitalization, Microsoft’s performance is much better than that of Google and Facebook. Trapped in the scandal of information leakage, the market value of Facebook has fallen behind, while Microsoft and Amazon are catching up with and surpassing Google, which is second only to apple. And that’s true, and Amazon, on Wall Street, is talking about Amazon. They say Amazon is going to reach the peak of $one trillion before Apple, and Bezos makes Americans feel particularly relieved.

In the eyes of people, the most popular technology companies are “GAFA”: Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon, and Microsoft, one of the top five technology giants, seems to be fading out of their eyes.

The “developer” conference

In May 7th, the Microsoft Developer Conference (Microsoft Build) was held in Seattle, which might be a real Developer Conference – on the first day of a presentation, few consumer related products were released.

In the most important Keynote segment of the conference, the third CEO Satir NADELLA, together with a number of speakers, has released Microsoft’s latest progress in the fields of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and virtual reality.

From beginning to end, hardware is not mentioned, and even Windows rarely appears. Near the end of the link, Microsoft has released a Windows 10 application “Your Phone”, which users can do to check the phone files and send and send text messages in the Windows 10 computer. In addition, Microsoft said that the Timeline (timeline) functionality that has just joined Windows 10 will be landed on the iOS platform through the app of the Edge browser, and the Microsoft Launcher on the Android platform will also be added to the same functionality.

Why can't we see Windows at Microsoft developer conference?

These are the first day’s Keynote, all of the content of Windows, after the first day of the morning agenda, and only these simple new product releases have been the most widespread concern.

At the end of the Keynote link, a tech journalist could not live with tweet to ask, “the Windows store did not do it, Groove Music was completely dead, and the Windows notebook was not as good as the keyboard with a problematic MacBook. What does Microsoft have to do with the consumers?”

Why can't we see Windows at Microsoft developer conference?

Consumers are eager for surprises

Every spring, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and Apple will hold a two to three day developer conference that calls the world’s close collaborating developers to explore the direction and details of future platforms and products.

In addition to the simple technical discussion, product release is also an important part of this kind of conference – in fact, the opening session of the first day of the conference is the focus of media and ordinary users. Google I/O releases updates of its applications and Android systems every year, and sometimes brings some surprises of hardware. The same is the same for Apple’s WWDC.

Why can't we see Windows at Microsoft developer conference?

On the recently concluded Facebook F8, many people were disappointed. They think Facebook is “not so cool before”, and it’s hard to say that Facebook’s original “dating” function is the most important new release of the whole conference.

In contrast, Microsoft’s Build conference is even more disappointing from the user’s perspective. In addition to the partial update of the Windows application mentioned above, only voice assistant Cortana and Amazon Alexa cooperate with ordinary consumers. As for the technology of mixed reality (MR), which is often used to show off technology, only two enterprise level applications have been updated this year. The experience of consumer end is not mentioned at all.

The difference between product distribution and functional updating of consumer groups is the biggest difference between Microsoft Build conference and previous years.

Where is Windows going?

At last year’s Build conference, the release of Windows almost occupied half of Microsoft’s new products, not only the software updates on the platform, but the new design style of Windows, Fluent Design, is also one of the leading roles of the conference. Microsoft said on the same day that Windows will usher in the “creative update” in the fall. Since then, Windows is no longer an independent system, but a service that will be updated in the way of upgrading the patch.

Why can't we see Windows at Microsoft developer conference?

The two major updates each year excited many Windows fans, but such changes also mean that Windows’s status in the Microsoft Corp has changed. At the end of March this year, Microsoft announced the restructuring of the Department. The Windows department was divided into two sectors, including “experience and equipment” and “cloud computing and artificial intelligence platform”. This reorganization was regarded as a milestone in Microsoft’s internal adjustment. It was generally believed that this was led by Nadella, Microsoft threw open Windows, reshaped the emperor. An important step for the country, but Nadella himself has different views.

“In the final analysis, Microsoft is a Windows company. In an interview with The Verge, Nadella said that the tone was very similar to his previous two CEO. In Nadella’s plan, Windows is the foundation of Microsoft. It should be deeply rooted in Microsoft’s various business lines as a low-level service. What exactly is Windows? It always manages a pile of hardware resources, whether on the server or in the client. We want users to understand that for Microsoft, the most important thing is that we can serve our users well on all devices. “NADELLA said. Cross device experience is the new goal Microsoft has been pursuing after realizing that Windows can no longer be the only choice for users.

Is it old, or is it mature?

Through continuous investment in the field of cloud computing, Microsoft has created a cloud service product that is not inferior to Amazon. It is able to share a slice of the market in cloud computing services; and to make the company’s software as a subscription type Microsoft 365 service, Microsoft has the ability to retain customers. For the current Microsoft, it is not the sales of Windows and Office suites, but the benefits of cloud services and subscriptions.

Unlike other dazzling technology companies, Microsoft does not display products that cater to the media and ordinary consumers this year, and even the most popular MR technology, Microsoft has used it to develop enterprise applications that can be put into practice.

Now Microsoft has its own choice, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and mixed reality, which are Nadella’s definition of Microsoft’s future, rather than accusing Microsoft of “no longer young”, and that Microsoft was really “mature” after a few years ago.

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