Big data “overweight” under the precise advertising, why produce accurate scam?



Sources understand notes (ID:dongdong_note)

“We can match the user’s Internet marks, APP use habits, the device identification code and number on the phone. We have the user information, including age, sex, general address, the habit of using the mobile phone, and the content of browsing, so as to ensure accurate delivery!”

“Is it true that you do not need to make two corrections to your data?”

“You can rest assured that the accuracy of our data is high, and we have massive data base to guarantee it. Now our technology has been through the mobile end and Web end data, in the past so many years we have accumulated more in the Web end of the data, and now with the mobile phone end, can fully implement the match with the launch environment and demand.

“That’s the price?”

“This must be discussed according to the specific amount.”

The above dialogue is purely the same. Don’t be seated.

Ma Yun once said in the program “win in China” that “free is the most expensive thing in the world.”

He wants to tell the public that a lot of free marketing or products on the market seem attractive, but then users tend to pay for the free acquisition, and the cost is sometimes very high.

It looks more tempting with big data ads

Perhaps many people can not understand the meaning behind this sentence. The experience of Liu Jia, a junior college student in a university in Guangzhou, has been an example for more than a month.

“See an advertisement on the navigation page and say that you can get one of the best mugs by taking part in a survey, because the cup is pretty good, and then the table is filled.” She told her to understand notes, and in order to avoid being harassed by the investment institution that was initiated by the survey, she filled her own trumpet in the phone number column.  

To Liu Jia’s surprise, she really got the mug in a week, and, for a while, she didn’t get a call or a sales call, which helped her to sell her “conscience” marketing.

However, from two weeks ago, she began to notice something different when she was surfing the Internet. Whether it’s a browser navigation page or a few hot information platforms, you can see a lot of “long” advertising push like news, and the headlines are bluffing.

Big data

“The title is” after the resignation of the small couple in Baiyun District, the parents are surprised by the savings, “and” the man and the courier brother invest “, and he resigned three months to buy Mercedes Benz. Too God. Because Liu Jia rented in Guangzhou Baiyun, so to see such a title, can not help but always want to look at these “side events”.

Liu Jia said that the content of these news is to introduce a kind of investment method called “a certain micro investment”, one hundred yuan from the investment, the proceeds calculated on a daily basis. The “business” operator is exactly the one that sent the mugs.

Although the page is covered by various screenshots of “successful cases”, rough layout and clear “praise” make her feel that this platform is having problems. The key is that this is still the case, and she begins to worry that her personal information is not only taken up by the investment platform, but may also be sold by the marketing agency.

Zhang Hao, who runs a shoe store in Huidong, also revealed to himself that he had encountered a very strange thing recently. In fact, it searched for a “block chain investment” in the web page, and the result was “information” similar to the investment advertisement.

“I should also be planted on big data. I would like to see what web pages will appear in investment advertisements, and the headlines are too tempting.” It is easy to see that the news headlines he often cites are remarkably similar to those described by Liu Jia.

Understand the notes, the two people, although the situation is similar, but the difference is that the “little two of the white clouds” turned into “the small two of Huidong”; “man and the courier brother” turned into “Nim Shan’s selling little sister”… And the layout of the page is roughly the same.

“It should be precisely based on the different regions in our country, the precise orientation of the content and heading. And it is caught in the middle of a lot of news, and even if it doesn’t start in the first place, it will be attracted at a glance. After hearing the experience of understanding the notes of Liu Jia, Zhang Hao had some insight, but he stressed that he saw a similar “news”. The pictures were all beautiful women, not little brother and beautiful boy.

Although Liu Jia and Zhang Hao have not suffered loss of property because of similar marketing push, it is really annoying to see such advertisements both in browser navigation pages and in information applications.

And what they are more worried about is that in the Internet world under large data, all people will be “transparent” in inadvertently, and personal privacy can not be guaranteed.

Then, will anyone be fooled by such seemingly crude and crude big data advertisements and invest in these projects?  

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