Microsoft links to Dajiang: UAV technology opens to nearly 700 million Win 10 users


Microsoft links to Dajiang: UAV technology opens to nearly 700 million Win 10 users

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In May 7, 2018, during the annual Build Conference (Microsoft global developer conference), the Microsoft Corp announced a strategic partnership with DJI, a global civilian unmanned aerial vehicle and image technology leader, which was equivalent to opening UAV technology to nearly 700 million of Windows10 users around the world.

Based on the strategic cooperation between the two sides, Xinjiang has launched a Windows oriented software development kit (SDK), which extends the commercial UAV technology to the largest enterprise developer community in the world. The application program for Windows10 computer can customize the flight and control of the UAV for various applications in different industries, including complete flight control and real-time data transmission. It can be said that this is equivalent to the opening of UAV technology to nearly 700 million of the world’s Windows10 users.

It also announces the selection of Microsoft Azure intelligent cloud platform as the preferred cloud computing partner, making full use of Azure leading the industry’s artificial intelligence and machine learning services to help thousands of enterprise users worldwide obtain commercial insights that can help guide business decisions from a large number of aerial images and video data.

“Computing is becoming ubiquitous, and smart edge computing will be the next key technology frontier,” said Scott Guthrie, head of Microsoft’s global executive vice president, cloud computing and enterprise division. Dajiang innovation is a leader in the field of commercial UAV technology, and Microsoft Azure is a global Intelligent Cloud Service Platform favored by enterprise users. The strategic cooperation between the two sides will bring unmatched smart clouds and Azure IoT innovations for the smart edge computing devices, and will also create opportunities for change in the business models of agriculture, public security, construction and more industries.

Microsoft global Developers Conference Build2018 in Dajiang UAV demonstration

The innovation oriented SDK for Windows will allow developers to create a native Windows application to remote control the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), to achieve autonomous flight, real-time data stream transmission and other functions. SDK also allows Windows developers to integrate and control the load and mechanical components from third parties, such as multi spectral sensors and custom action devices, which will greatly expand the use and value of UAVs for the enterprise.

Xinjiang innovation President Luo Zhenhua said: “Xinjiang innovation is very happy to be able to reach this unique cooperation with Microsoft to introduce the powerful flight platform to Microsoft’s developer ecosystem.” With our new SDK, Windows developers will soon be able to create intelligent flying robots by deploying artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques on UAVs. This will not only help enterprises save time and money, but also further consolidate the market position of UAV technology in the commercial field.

In addition to introducing Windows oriented SDK development tools, Microsoft and Xinjiang innovation also collaborate with Azure IoT Edge and artificial intelligence technology to develop more commercial UAV solutions for users in key vertical industries, such as agriculture, architecture, public safety and so on. Using the Xinjiang UAVs and Azure’s rich cloud computing and Internet of things tools, the artificial intelligence solutions created by Windows developers can be trained in the cloud and then deployed to the unmanned aerial vehicles working in the field to perform real time artificial intelligence calculus. Moreover, the results of learning on a project can be applied to various parts of the enterprise quickly.

At present, the Xinjiang innovation is working with Microsoft, on the basis of the Microsoft FarmBeats solution, using the artificial intelligence model running on the Azure IoT Edge, summarizing and analyzing the data from the air and ground sensors, thus promoting the progress of precision agriculture technology. With the help of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), the Microsoft FarmBeats solution has made full use of various advanced sensors to detect the conditions of temperature, humidity, light and so on. The information related to farm crops, livestock and soil is displayed with visual graphic insight. Microsoft FarmBeats integrated the PC ground station professional software and mapping algorithms in Xinjiang, which can generate real-time thermal maps on Azure IoT Edge, thus helping farmers find the crop growth slow, disease, disease and insect pests and other problems that may affect the harvest as soon as possible.

Through this cooperation, the Xinjiang innovation will also enjoy the protection of the potential intellectual property rights dispute that may occur in the cloud by the Microsoft “Azure intellectual property protection program”. For Microsoft, this cooperation highlights the importance of intellectual property to a healthy and dynamic technical ecosystem, and further broadens the breadth of Microsoft’s cooperation in emerging fields, including the Internet of cars and wearable devices.

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