One hundred million fans of the future, Luo Tianyi, how in the game, always dressed as passers-by?


Luo Tianyi suddenly became a very popular existence recently. Nothing else. She went to CCTV and sang a song on the hot cultural show “classic chanting”.

Maybe a lot of people are not familiar with the singer, Luotian.

One hundred million fans of the future, Luo Tianyi, how in the game, always dressed as passers-by?

After all, for the two dimension (mainly for games, animations, cartoons, novels), she is an unknown existence.

Who is Luotian?

Simply speaking, it is through music production software, with special sound source library, in the hand painted 2D image or 3D image to deduce the virtual idol of singing.

As for breaking the dimension wall, it is achieved through the technology of 3D holographic projection and so on.

Generally speaking, the recognized global idol should be born in Japan in 2007.

Perhaps someone will think of the song of “green onion” that was hot in recent years.

It may have been heard that the virtual singer has opened many thousands of concerts around the world, and it is on the spot; others may have seen the news that the annual income of the first sound is no less than a red line.

To Luo Tian Yi, is the most recognized Chinese Virtual idol. Apart from a large number of songs, and in the reality of singing, she is still in close interaction with Kentucky, Guangming, and the branding, and even endorsement in 2017.

As for income, at the end of 2017, at least 26 virtual idols in China (14 when the year was born), she was the only one who was able to “support herself”.

Then the question comes, the friend asks the fool, such a hot virtual idol is IP, but why are there almost no sense of existence in the world of two – dimensional games?

It’s not completely out of the question.

At least for now, it’s not hard to find out that more than ten games have been made in the future of IP, and mainly in music – subject games.

As for the rising star Luotian Yi, although there is no personal game to play, it is also implanted in a variety of games, making a lot of endorsement fees.

The problem is that such IP, no matter when it is the protagonist or the guest of friendship, does not make the game fire.

There may be a lot of reasons for gossiping. But I think the virtual idols of the two – dimensional world, despite the huge base of their fans, have a high degree of coincidence with the players, but they can’t break the “isolation belt” of the game industry.

Nothing else. You’ve seen a number of real stars endorsing games, making your fans a game player.

The most common, no Jordan Chan, Louis Koo and others, repeatedly in the network pop-up ads for a web game soliciting scenes.

However, what if the real stars were implanted in the game?

Most of them seem to appear as a NPG, with his own name or classic film and television image, to distribute the following tasks to the players, and can not do much more.

The reason is simple. There is no way anyone can switch.

The fictitious idols with stories and lives have little difference from real stars except live beings.

As a result, they are unlikely to appear in their real roles in films or games, but to play a role.

Playing roles in film and TV is easy to say; playing roles in games is a bit ugly.

In particular, the virtual idol itself is virtual, and then play a virtual image similar to Mario and sonic boy.

Under double virtual reality, it is even more illusory. What

Most of the work done by fictitious idols is a singer’s job. Something that can be deductive is very limited.

Otherwise, it is claimed that there are billions of fans in the game world. Why do they always mix in the music circle?

(published in the 190 issue of the column “happy travel notes” May 4, 2018, the people’s post and Telegraph)

Zhang Shule people’s network, people’s post and newspaper columnist, Internet and game industry observers.

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