How is millet passing through the dark forest of the Internet?


It is widely known that Xiaomi submitted the listing application to the HKEx, and it is now speculated that the valuation period will be between $70 billion and $100 billion.

The current Baidu valuation is around 87 billion US dollars, which also means the millet listing, or will have the opportunity to surpass Baidu, become the third most overvalued Internet Co after Ali Tencent.

At present, all comments are concentrated on the latest revenue data released by Xiaomi, and the scale of the relevant market to estimate the value of millet. However, I do not talk about the cost and the market scale, nor do I want to estimate the value of millet. Instead, I want to reexamine the strategy that millet has come to today from another angle.

One thing to note is that in the past few years everyone is looking at the headlines, the US regiment, the TMD three, the US regiment and the drop of war, the war of takeout and the takeout of the US regiment, the headlines and the war with the Tencent, and any action of these giants, which can be the focus of attention.

But only millet layout can not get too big eye, but also can not pose a threat to any other giant, as if millet is placed in another parallel universe on the Internet, which is quite interesting.

In his early years, the Lei Jun talked about his millet business. The dark forest theory in Liu Cixin’s “three bodies” has given it a lot of strategic thinking, and now, in retrospect, the Lei Jun has actually practiced some of the rules.

So how did millet cross the dark forest of the Internet?


What is the dark forest theory

Here is a brief explanation of the dark forest in trisomy.

The expansion of civilization requires material, but the quality of the universe remains unchanged.

As a result, there is only a destruction between civilizations in order to capture more resources and no trust between each other. Once a civilization is exposed, it will inevitably be destroyed by other advanced civilizations.

Civilization must learn to hide and develop itself. It is the only law of existence.

Let’s look at the millet.


TMD war ceaselessly

Millet is in the outside

The word “TMD” was invented in 2016, and M represented the US mission, ignoring millet alone.

It is worth noting that the millet and the United States group was founded in 2010, the headline was founded in 2011, the drop was set up in 2012, the four companies have been set up about the same time.

In terms of valuation, the valuation is more than $30 billion, more than $50 billion, and the headline is $50 billion, and millet is currently valuing $70 billion directly.

So it is very interesting that the same time of creation, millet has the highest valuation, but it lacks the sense of existence most.

Every move of the TMD three giants will involve relevant BAT related interests, and be exposed to the whirlpool and become the objects of BAT or to draw or attack.

But millet no matter how exposure, will not bring pressure to its competitors, even after the back of the OV department, HUAWEI mobile phone, and did not take the strategy of imitation millet.

Everyone is a rival, but not a complete opponent.

Millet seems to have got a diamond shield, not afraid of any exposure.

The headlines, the US regiment, the drop, any next action will encounter multiple suspicions and encounter counterattack.

For example, when the headline entered the society, micro-blog immediately felt the fear, and in turn launched the information stream sniping headlines, and the Tencent had to roll back the strategy that had been given up by the strategy, after the headline was successfully flirting with short video.

In addition to attacking all the markets Ali longed for, the U. S. regiment, in addition to attacking all the markets that Ali longed for, finally took the 1/ 3 order in Shanghai this year, while the drop side also expanded rapidly and launched the flood alliance and integrated the entire industrial chain.

And looking back at the millet, it seems that there is still no opponent, its every move of the layout, in addition to a number of small companies feel pressure, the giant will not treat it as an enemy.

From BAT to TMD, no one ever thought of moving Millet’s territory. What’s the matter?


Underneath the dark forest

Re-examine the strategy of millet

Millet selected a path to hide itself.

First, choose high threshold business to avoid the threat of overexposure.

Headlines, the US regiment, drops, it is essentially a low threshold of entrepreneurship, although the three have occupied the window time, has the first advantage, but because the threshold is too low, so once exposed, it will inevitably encounter encirclement and suppression.

For example, the information flow of the headline is imitated by all news platforms, while the interest headlines under capital catalysis are born, and the momentum is undiminished.

But millet has chosen a high threshold of mobile phone business, which involves a very complex industry chain, and has a huge risk, not ordinary companies can intervene, so no matter how much exposure the millet won, it will not be as comprehensive as the TMD imitations and threats.

This is a bit like the field of travel. Sharing bicycles can be catalyzed by capital, but the production of new energy vehicles is not achieved by capital alone.

Second, choose non platform entrepreneurship, avoid platform type, you die, I compete.

Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, headlines, and the United States mission are starting businesses by building platforms.

The platform has a Matthew effect first, and the strong always eat everything. A mountain can not be two tigers is a common thing. Ordinary users need only one platform.

So the competition between platforms is the competition between you and me.

On the other important side, platforms can also penetrate each other without expansion. For example, Tencent’s WeChat, with the help of many spells, Jingdong and small programs, has greatly promoted the scale of electric business and embezzled Ali’s market.

The information flow of the headline, for example, first cut off a part of the Baidu advertising market. The micro headlines cut off part of micro-blog’s market, shakes sound, watermelon video, small volcano video, and cut off a part of the market.

Wait no longer.

But the first choice is to sell the mobile phone, not the service platform, and the mobile phone market does not exist you die, I die of the relationship, everyone do, as long as it is not too bad, there is always a chance to continue to live.

Millet to avoid your death of my dead platform competition, and BAT, TMD are platform, and the millet is not competitive relations, as the platform, the BAT, TMD will never have the opportunity to touch the market for the most of the millet.

Third. Through the advantage of the mobile phone, the platform is set up in reverse

Lei Jun’s cleverness is to bypass the competition of the platform through mobile phones, and at the same time he rebuilds several platforms through the advantages of millet Mobile Forum.

First of all, the e-commerce platform, after the success of the millet handset launched a large number of intelligent hardware products, copied the cheap strategy of millet mobile phone, and eventually accepted by the market.

Then is the financial platform, which is the mark that will inevitably be born after the success of its e-commerce platform. As Ali’s ant gold suit, Jingdong’s Jingdong finance, but the imagination of the finance depends on the electric business and has its upper limit.

Again is the IOT platform, millet intelligent hardware shipments in the world’s first, the future once the IOT once again become a tuyere, this is any enterprise can not imitate surpassing things.

At the same time, the main business of millet is the continuous “selling”, as long as “good goods” can let it survive, form a platform, this non platform competitive survival strategy, but also bid farewell to the platform type survival rule of life, but also the evolution of the Lei Jun individual.

Millet has become a new species of the four different species, and the most magical part of this new species is that it bypasses the most intense competition in all the tuyere, but secretly completes its own evolution through some kind of concealment.



I do not know how the thunder army will explain the dark forest law of the three body, but it is sure that it has applied its ideas to the strategy of millet.

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