WeChat small programs resurrected the traditional PC games


During my lunch break, my colleagues would gather in the restaurant to play chicken eating. But for users who are so fragmented in my time, it is hard to find a long time to play a big hand game like chicken and King glory. Moreover, these hand games frequently occupy 1G’s cell phone storage space. For me, this 64G Samsung S9+ is still somewhat stretched.

WeChat’s small program saved me a lot of storage space, and the small Games launched in December 2017 made my phone no longer need to download and install games. On the way of commuting to commuters, not to play with the glory of the king, to eat chicken, or to open a WeChat for a few jumps, one of my friends had even played more than 9000 points.

WeChat small programs resurrected the traditional PC games

The significance of WeChat games is not just that of WeChat’s official launch, but also the revival of traditional PC games.


Apart from jumping, I was playing the most important part of Tencent’s “happy Tank Wars”. No matter the voice or the pattern of confrontation between the two sides, I highly restored the battle of tanks that I used to play when I was a kid. At that time, all the Games needed special cassette tape to plug into the game console and connect the TV and game handle. In order not to be found by parents, there are various ways to cool the TV set. The remote controller should be placed in the original position to show that it has not been moved.

In game cassette times, in classic games, there are super Marie, soul fighting, tank war for war, and of course the most classic Tetris and snake.

After the popularity of PC, these retro emotional games soon went to the Windows platform through simulator, redevelopment and operation. We can continue to play these nostalgic games on PC.

However, the PC era resurrected the most commonly used “simulators” of these classic games or Flash, which do not need to be installed, open a web page, and load a good Flash plug-in to play. After experiencing the feelings, turn off the web page, open the Word document, and leave no trace, pretending that nothing has happened. For example, we are familiar with the ubiquitous 4399 small games.

WeChat small programs resurrected the traditional PC games

In the age of smart phones, the demand for time and entertainment for users has become more and more popular. Not only is the handout of the Jedi survival, the king’s glory, and the 2048, the phenomenon – level games like the travel frogs show that the demand for lightweight games is far from full.

It is not difficult to transplant those lightweight games on PC to mobile phones, and more importantly, the game entrance of 4399 small games. The people urgently need the game hall like the 4399 small games in the PC era. These classic lightweight games can only be revived only if they are truly integrated with game plug-ins and web plug-ins that can play games.

This game hall is more suitable for WeChat with more than 1 billion monthly lives. As a game carrier, WeChat’s small program activity has exceeded 400 million. And in essence, WeChat and its small programs have nothing to do with the browsers and web pages of the PC age. The idea of using small programs to play games is similar to the Flash game we have played.

The WeChat small program has become a new game hall. In this game hall, you can not only play the classic Russian square, tank war, the fate of the emperor, but also the happy bucket landlord, mahjong, and bullet king on the PC. Of course, you can also play Gobang with WeChat applet.

WeChat small programs resurrected the traditional PC games

Therefore, WeChat game is more and more like the previous game hall, like the simplified version of the 4399 small game. No matter playing chess or playing mahjong, there is always one for you.

Social contact

Thanks to WeChat’s social ability, WeChat games have a natural social property from birth, which is also a big advantage for WeChat’s small games to distinguish from traditional web games. After all, “playing games is not the point. The most important thing is to play games with you.”

The reason why WeChat games revived traditional PC games is one of the most important reasons for social interaction. Your childhood buddy is now almost impossible to move a small bench to sit around you back to the classic tank war, but through WeChat, you can invite him to play a small program of tank war without any cost. Such game experience is impossible for Flash plug-ins.

WeChat small programs resurrected the traditional PC games

The elders who often forwarded to each other in the WeChat group were finally able to turn into a small program, called the relatives and friends of the WeChat group, and together with a small program, “rubbing” mahjong and playing the landlord.

As for the two days of the hot discussion of “the WeChat game is the zombie group Savior, or the group chatting Destroyer”, it can only rely on the constraints of the owners and the self-discipline of the members. Because WeChat games play social games, WeChat group will become the expansion of WeChat game hall.

When you find that the elders in the family no longer give you “these things can’t eat!” he is likely to be busy playing the “joyful landlord” on WeChat.

WeChat small programs resurrected the traditional PC games

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