Does the Tencent Inc have no dreams? Which company can be in the right place every time?


Recently, “the Tencent without dreams” swiftly brushed the screen in a circle of friends. Pan raised a good question, “the dream of the giant,”. It is estimated that the question of “the dream of the giant” will haunt the people’s mind in the near future, and I have some different thoughts on this question.

At the beginning of February 2015, Zhuang Chen was speaking at the annual meeting where he went to the network. He put forward the dream of going to the net five years later: “in 2020, our income scale will be 10 times larger than it is now. I hope that where the net income in 2020 is similar to the size of today’s BAT, this is our 2020 goal.”

The dream has not yet been realized, but where to go is facing the choice of life and death. About 8 months later, where to merge with Ctrip.

Later, Zhuang Chenchao made a circle of friends and said, “in the business choice, we can take the way to abandon the other way to do the value curve alienation. In the real life work, we can only try to pull up in every direction, so as to make as many people as possible. After all, there are thousands of people and families, wealth and work responsibilities on every side.

Maybe the dream of the future is very important, but where are the 8000 employees and their families behind the net not important? Zhuang Chenchao is a good boss.

In the second quarter of 2017, the Tencent reported that the Tencent had 40678 employees and the total remuneration cost was 16 billion 17 million yuan in the first half of 2017. Thus, it was not difficult to calculate that the salary cost of Tencent 2017 was over 30 billion yuan. Dream is important, but how to let Tencent stand behind more than 40 thousand employees, Tencent investment people better, Ma Huateng is more should be considered.

The flow of thirst in the 1. giants

Traffic is a hard currency in the Internet field. Even though it can not be directly converted into money, there will be a huge flow of money, and there will naturally be people willing to pay the bill. The giant has a flow of hunger and thirst.

Google’s parent company Alphabet announced in the first quarter of 2018 that Alphabet traffic was $6 billion 288 million, up 35.8% over the same period last year, of which $3 billion 386 million was paid to network partners, and $2 billion 902 million was finally paid to specific dealership partners and others to Alphabet web sites. Strong as Google, in terms of traffic, it is also buying and selling.

Baidu’s first quarter results in 2018 showed that Baidu’s first quarter traffic acquisition cost (TAC) was 2 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of 3% over the same period last year. As the highest revenue of Internet advertising in China, Baidu is also short of traffic.

The Tencent is also very, very short of traffic.

Tencent has the two most immovable foundations of WeChat and QQ, but Tencent has many product lines. Application treasure’s data show that the number of software applications under the Tencent is 214, the game class is applied to 250, and the combination of the two is 464, except for some “half dead” applications, and more than 350 more than 350 applications are used in the operation, and the largest of them are WeChat and QQ.

In software applications, more than 100 million download applications include Tencent video, Tencent cell phone housekeeper, Tencent news, QQ browser, QQ sync assistant, national K song, daily express, daily P chart, map, QQ space, QQ mailbox, QQ reading, QQ security center, micro desktop, and a total of 14.

Downloads of more than 100 million of the games are: King glory, crossing fire line, joyful landlord, Tencent happy mahjong complete, daily cool running, daily love elimination, thundering fighter, daily dazzle, every day flying car, the national aircraft war, a total of 10.

That is to say, there are more than 300 applications such as blood transfusion, WeChat, QQ, the flow of more, the face of the 24 head application, more than 300 in the tail application, this flow is not enough. In the limited traffic of WeChat and QQ, the traffic allocation of giant companies has always been a big problem.

The value of flow in small and medium-sized companies can be used limited, but in the hands of the giant, the flow of liquidity is more means, such as low cost buying and selling at high prices, to the company’s product diversion and so on.

The more the magnate is, the more it knows the value of the flow. Call a large real estate company, not superstition buying land, afraid it is a bit difficult.

2. the Tencent who missed short video

Ari index showed that the daily average of the number of independent equipment, the headline today accounted for three, watermelon video, trembling sound, small volcano video, the total number of three of the total daily independent equipment far exceeds the headlines. Following the step of personalized content distribution nodes, today’s headlines have stepped on the short video nodes.

In the short video, Ali and Baidu are also as bad as Tencent.

Baidu, Baidu photo App upgraded to durian, durian match fast, beauty pat and so on, on-line only for a year, durian will be closed. Originally intended to match the headlines Baidu today, in the 2 version upgraded to good video, so far, Baidu in the short video area to find a sense. By the end of 2017, Baidu post bar also hatched a short video product, Nani small video.

On Ali side, the merged potato was reintroduced and announced in March last year that it was transformed into a short video platform.

AI’s statistics show that in 2018 March, the average number of independent videos per day was ninth, and Baidu video ranked tenth.

Tencent in the short video field is rather bumpy, clearly there is a micro vision in the first, but then still face the dilemma of closing, and other micro vision just closed, short video fire, watermelon video, trembling sound, small volcano video, quick hands have become “red chili chicken”, in order to make up short video short board, Tencent has to take out micro vision and fight again Short video.

The Tencent is true love for short video.

In 2016, a short video with personalized recommendation route was applied to see penguin. In August 2016, a young man’s short video community app was launched. In October 2017, Tencent cloud team launched a short video editing application called short video. At the end of 2017, Tencent launched a MOKA magic card, which features short video editing and online play. At the beginning of January 2018, a “time small video” application was added to the standard. In January 2018, QQ launched a video social application “DOV”. In April of 2018, a short video on fast viewing of the world was launched. In May 3, 2018, the “dinner video” updated the 1.1.0 version. It was estimated that the 1.0.0 version was also online soon.

On the micro scale, Tencent has tried 9 short video applications.

Looking out, the short video field is a “dead body”, the PC6 download station short video app’s special page shows that there are 510 short video software, in which there are only a few fires, such as watermelon video, trembling sound, small volcano video, quick hand and so on, most of which have become cannon fodder.

Miss the short video is the Tencent, if Tencent stepped on the WeChat node, and then stepped on the node of micro-blog, while stepping on the node of short video, Tencent is a truly divine company. For the entire domestic Internet Ecology, this is a huge disaster, a giant company once occupied NO.1 position. At the time, many websites were suppressed.

3. how to define the Tencent Inc is critical

Tencent is a game company, Ali is an electricity supplier company, and Baidu is a search engine company. This is the most appropriate description of BAT over the years. But with the investment layout of BAT and diversified development of its own business, it is hard to define BAT.

The concern to the Tencent is whether the development of the Tencent’s investment business will affect the competitiveness of the Tencent on its main business. Will it become an investment company, and will the main business of it be in decline, and will it use the diligence of investment to cover up the innovative laziness?

I think the most accurate definition should be the definition of Tencent as entertainment company. Games (2017 revenue of 97 billion 883 million yuan), network literature (current reading value of about 44 billion 390 million yuan), music (TME group valuation $25 billion) and unlisted Tencent video, which are related to the entertainment business.

As long as games, Internet, music, video and other major mainstream business still maintain a strong fighting capacity, plus WeChat, QQ two cornerstones to protect the owners, Tencent’s prospects are still clear.

A few more personal thoughts:

  • The big companies that don’t pay attention to GR are easy to meet with ceilings and constraints, and the company has already suffered a loss. In this respect, the world’s top market company, apple, has not been free from vulgarity.

In addition, PR still can not reach the height that Ma Huateng is personally responsible for.

  • Globalization, China is not doing too well, not just Tencent.
  • III. The value of the Tencent news, in addition to creating advertising revenue, also acts as a guide to the Tencent’s own business, and it is afraid that it will not appear directly in the financial report.
  • It is not easy to cooperate with the giants. If we tolerate tolerance from all departments, we will be in turmoil.
  • Is it not human to have a hobby of playing golf, drinking red wine and buying holiday hotels? In this way, Ma Yun will be labeled as a “no go to work” movie. The rich, even if the buyer is “crooked building”?
  • WeChat has more than 1 billion active users. It is not easy to innovate, and it is not easy to make mistakes. In 2016 November, Alipay launched the “circle” function, it is social innovation, but by user abuse, “circle” function quickly off the assembly line, Peng Lei also made a response to internal letter.

If innovation is wrong, it will affect 1 billion users. Who will be responsible?

  • (Tencent) there is no extreme concern about non plagiarism, such as “Li Zhi” (currently offline).
  • Many questions, Ma Huateng really don’t have to know. For example, at present, a large number of App supports the right slide in the middle of the screen (Tencent news, daily express, QQ browsers support), which is the default rule of App after iPhone X cancels the Home key, but WeChat does not support it. For example, Google browser, Baidu, mobile phone Taobao and other applications all support historical memory access, and WeChat is the need for users to collect in time, the system will not actively help you record, you have recently seen what, memory is easily lost.
  • Well, big companies pour a lot of energy into doing what they want to do, is it feasible? Maybe. In July 2015, Robin Li announced that it would invest 20 billion yuan in glutinous rice business in 3 years. Two years later, Baidu announced that it would be All in AI.

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