Who should give Ma Huateng the embarrassment of the Oolong?


Who should give Ma Huateng the embarrassment of the Oolong?


Since Tencent has no dream, the Tencent has three big guys coming out to respond, namely, Martin, Tony and pony.

The responses of Martin and Tony were commented in the circle of friends.

But the pony dialogue, today, unexpectedly someone jumped out to say: this dialogue is my P!

In that screenshot, there are only two paragraphs. A paragraph is a mosaic of the head (right) to Ma Huateng issued this article, there is no other language.

In the other section, Ma Huateng’s head had a long talk.

In theory, the P is not difficult.

Who should give Ma Huateng the embarrassment of the Oolong?


From the current situation, this is said, “this dialogue is my P” truthfulness – Zhang Jun, director of public relations of Tencent, said in a circle of friends that Ma Huateng did not have such a dialogue, although the story had been deleted. It is not impossible to lose money in jail when Tencent is angry.

Who should give Ma Huateng the embarrassment of the Oolong?

This was an embarrassment to many people.

Because today, the big V and technology media in the circle have commented on Ma Huateng’s response most of them are positive interpretations.

Now, it is a Wulong.

The founder of a technology media wrote:

Who should give Ma Huateng the embarrassment of the Oolong?


In fact, I think multimedia and big V need not be embarrassed. This is not intelligence quotient.

Ma Huateng half night to the relevant department staff to write mail is to let Tencent employees see the strange thing, a story that his company did not dream also brushed a one hundred thousand plus, at midnight half past two table state, very natural.

The most important thing is that Tencent technology also reported. Most people in the market believe that they do not need to be embarrassed.

You are not ill with IQ.

Is the Tencent science and technology embarrassed now?

Actually, it’s a bit awkward. Ma Huateng is his own boss.

But the real embarrassment is not Tencent technology, because Tencent Technology issued this article before it was verified by Tencent public relations department: has the boss ever said this?

The answer is: Yes.


At this point, Tencent PR is a little embarrassed.

In fact, there is a problem that has nothing to do with dreams — there is no smooth communication channel between Tencent PR and Ma Huateng. Please note that I am not saying that there is no pipeline, but that there is no smooth communication channel.

One of my friends who was very poisonous on the average day even said, “no keso.”

After Tencent science and technology to the Tencent public relations to prove, why does the latter do not ask Ma Huateng himself to prove it? Only to say, and between the boss, or very strange work report relationship.

Personally, I want to ask Ma Huateng Secretary for confirmation. (Ma Huateng must have a secretary), but it is really not as good as keso and Ma Huateng can communicate directly at any time. 🙂

After the screenshot was discussed on the Internet for more than half a day, Ma Huateng might have been busy without seeing it, but the whole president did not go to the public relations department and tell the pony and people about it.

Is it possible that Ma Huateng or a big guy found out this thing was oolong, but he didn’t say anything and let him spread the whole day on the Internet?

The possibility is very small.


But I still feel that the most embarrassing thing is the initiator.

I used four words in the screen to describe this behavior: my mind is not right.

It is not a public, not a public monkey, to play the public with a false act.

I really hate it and others touted his behavior: fishing out a lot of V and media, drying their IQ.

Most fishing activities are undesirable. Besides, this is a careful planning to create a dialogue screenshot that is real enough.

The person not only did not know which corner did not know in which corner to do a bureau, and then ran out to say that he did, embarrassed people do embarrassing, but even “embarrassed” two words do not know how to write?

[titanium media Author: Wei Wu, partner of Tianqi amoeba fund, coaching the school of media and design at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, WeChat ItTalks]

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