The pay for Elite Men’s content is the girls’ paying face.


Content payment can change itself, and it can also become a star paying face. Carrying all this is actually a member function.

In April 26th, Fan Cheng Cheng’s micro-blog triggered social discussions. Fan prime minister is Fan Bingbing’s brother, the star big V with about 3 million fans on micro-blog, an idol player in the girl’s hot idol show “idol trainee”, and the big discussion is a “paid reading” picture published by him.

A screenshot of the network shows that a pay user for a self portrait of fan prime minister has reached 80 thousand people. On this screenshot, “60 pieces can see the original map, 80 thousand people pay it, up to 4 million 800 thousand in the morning, 4 million 800 thousand after sleep, and the brain pulverized powder to pull the Chinese economy.”

The pay for Elite Men's content is the girls' paying face.

The entertainment eight diagrams is the best topic that can drive social discussion. This screenshot is a product of micro-blog. People have some ridicule, “the original stars are all lying on the money.”

However, this star “pay to see the face”, in fact, is not micro-blog just online new features, in fact, in fact, early in November last year, micro-blog CEO Wang Gaofei, ID for “come and go” micro-blog account has been introduced in the micro-blog product. Among them, 60 is not the cost of looking at the star self portrait, but the cost of opening a V+ member for half a year. After users open a blogger’s membership, you can see all the content of the blogger. Last year, micro-blog introduced the functions of V+ members – “V + members can see more video, live, pictures, The content of the article is paid. “

The “V+ member” of a blogger means that users can enjoy “paid content free watch, article + short video + live”, “exclusive light application – timing dress, support appeal”, “peripherals selling – exclusive peripheral, micro-blog limited purchase”, “community privileges – exclusive privileges exchange area” Such privileges.

The pay for Elite Men’s content is the girls’ paying face.

In this screenshot, people first questioned whether the 80 thousand people in the picture were real data.

Fan Cheng Cheng is about 3000000 micro-blog fans, but only 20 thousand of the micro-blog fans, such as TFBOYS and Lu Han, are generally micro-blog fans about 40000000, studio about 4000000, and official backers with 1. 2 million fans. Fans usually want to participate in a variety of meetings, and always pay attention to fan prime minister. That is to say, the proportion of fan prime minister in this part of the crowd is higher, so the fans who are willing to pay will probably not be so much.

As for micro-blog officials and fan prime minister himself and the company, it has not confirmed the data. Micro-blog issued a bulletin yesterday, referring to the cooperation, emphasizing the function of V+ members, denying the data:

The pay for Elite Men's content is the girls' paying face.

Judging from the current communication effect, it can only be said who knows who made the marketing figures.

However, it is no matter whether the data is true or not. People who eat melon have already completed various discussions. PingWest’s interview with several male and female friends around her is almost the same, and they generally believe that this is the fans economy.

“Well, for our fans, it’s enough to support XXX even if we can’t see pictures.”

“I ask you a question, if Yui Aragaki opens a V+ member, open portrait… You’ll have to buy it. “

“In a group oh…”

“Your Knowledge Q & A, paid reading, and selling anxiety are just the same as those paid by our stars.”

Last year, micro-blog CEO Wang Gaofei just sent a micro-blog introduced this function, in just 6 hours, the 88 yuan paid member package sold over 1000 copies.

This year, Fan Cheng Cheng is just a “pay face” micro-blog, and began to say “4 million 800 thousand after sleep.”

For micro-blog, members and groups have become a social breakthrough.

Although the star “pay face” will make people feel that there is a “want to want to feel crazy,” but from the current state of view, the role is still there.

The “pay face” of celebrities will also remind people of the earliest QA product launched by micro-blog. Micro-blog has been trying to get users to pay for it.

Micro-blog has a special interest in paying for reading. Its attempt to pay for reading began in 2015.

In 2015, micro-blog launched a long subscription subscription function for users: users can read high-quality content transferred by professional users. A year later, micro-blog has also launched a red bean liVe pay live – the product positioning is to provide a new live broadcast tool for a large number of vertical V and knowledge network red in the micro-blog platform. At the end of 2016, micro-blog launched a paid question and answer product – you could pay questions for the major V you think, and pay the price they set up, while other fans can pay for it.

For any content platform, the incentive measures for big V can not only improve their retention, but also encourage them to produce better content, and better content can interact with the ordinary users of the platform to form a closed loop to create a better community atmosphere.

The pay for Elite Men's content is the girls' paying face.

Since November 2017, micro-blog has started testing V+ exclusive micro-blog members. According to PingWest, the stars of the V+ exclusive micro-blog members have Luo Dayou, Li Jian, Mao not easy, Ma Boqian, Zhao Tianyu, lolhua seven sons (fan Prime Minister Justin Zhu Zhengting Bi Wen Jun Ding Zeren Li Quanzhe Huang Xinchun), SNH48, and other stars and so on…

The V+ exclusive micro-blog members of star idols can view paid photos, give priority to comments, and enter micro-blog groups with exclusive stars as group owners.

Earlier analysis suggested that the form and logic of V+ paid membership are similar to those of small ring. Take the small circle (knowledge planet) for example, the big V can organize a paid community / group, and users can get into the larger V group and the group members to achieve a smaller, more focused discussion. While micro-blog tested V+ members in 2017, similar social products broke out on all platforms.

In 2017, the new version of micro-blog’s online version changed the message bar. The message hurdles of the original comments, forwards, points, and private letters and micro-blog groups have been changed to notifications + chat, private letters and micro-blog groups are placed in the chat column, which is intended to improve some social attributes.

For micro-blog, membership fees are intended to improve information flow and become a means of changing the V, and the micro-blog membership is a chat social breakthrough.

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