Can you break away from the game’s cottage cycle by blasting WeChat’s “little game”?


“My house is flattened, and my brother is vengeance!”

“This game is so cruel. Why do I need to come in hand?” “

“Are you still playing and jumping? Believe it or not, you can’t jump me!”

“The cat eats the fish, the dog eats the meat, and comes together to beat the monster!”

Can you break away from the game's cottage cycle by blasting WeChat's

I’m sure all of you here have been suffering from WeChat games in the friends circle and group chatting recently. These sharing cards tend to be accompanied by poor, clicked advertising, which often echoes in my mind, “open a Kun, evolve all the swallowing”.

Reminding others not to continue to forward, it seems to be nosy and tearing up the face of the face; no matter what it is, they can only allow them to pollute their own pages and eyeballs, so that those who are dissatisfied with these ads fall into a dilemma.

Similar to the Tencent series of collages and WeChat films, they can freely transmit and share prices, which is hard to say – although Tencent has been bans to induce sharing, there is a double standard in the task of promoting small programs.

The magic of sharing

Maybe friends do not have the meaning of forwarding, and push the ads to the group. It’s only a few privileges in the game, such as the resurrection of the score after death, or just a ten second forced waiting time after each game.

It is a good deal to buy a game with an unimportant share and save it for more than ten minutes. They then voluntarily stepped into the trap of developers – making players almost no cost to the operators, but enough to make them empty handed for countless free advertising.

Can you break away from the game's cottage cycle by blasting WeChat's

The mechanism that promotes people’s forwarding can be summed up as two kinds of “loss aversion” and “stone in the sword effect”: “loss aversion” means that human sensitivity to loss is much higher than that of acquired sensitivity, which means that people are disgusted with loss and will take any possible way to retrieve the loss.

Many “free games” use this, and they will not simply end the game after the player fails, but rather hang a “forward and resurrection” countdown, while giving players the hope of “Resurrection” and the threat of loss scores. The result is erased, and the player can continue his score to continue the game, which is undoubtedly an attractive option.

Can you break away from the game's cottage cycle by blasting WeChat's

The sword effect in stone strengthens the motivation of forwarding. The famous game designer, Jesse Sher (Jesse Schell), proposed the theory that the games with challenging and social charts are like the British legendary “stone Swords”, attracting everyone to try the challenge, and the highest score player is like King Arthur, who can pull out the sword, to be in a social circle. It is a great pleasure to win praise from others, gain social fame, and win. Almost all small Games meet the requirements of “stone sword”.

Players do not speak in their mouths, but the body will be very honest and try to get into the list again and again. In order to have one more chance to hit the high marks, they are willing to advertise the game.

The viral marketing skills used in small games are not new. The combination of behavioral economics and game design has long been popular. Almost every “free game” that can be downloaded from the market can see the same design. Game developers will deliberately bring pain to players: endless advertising, steepness. The difficulty of ascension, and the loss of points is once again three reminder.

It’s so effective that all the problems can be solved with only money or free advertising, so that the revenue created by “free games” is always far ahead of the buying game. Even so, even in the case of “free games” in the case of viral marketing, it is still the most disgraceful way to integrate almost all the means that can make people forward.

Can you break away from the game's cottage cycle by blasting WeChat's

Sharing games to single groups can avoid harassment to others.

Although users who are familiar with WeChat can be forwarded to a “file transfer assistant” or a “single group” of only one person, they can neither disturb others nor enjoy the bonus provided by the game, but after all, according to the proportion of the total number of people, AppSo (WeChat search AppSo) is concerned and therefore learned to use all kinds of WeChat. The number of skilled people is still a few, and most of the small gamers will still be silly to forward it to various group chatting with the guidance of the game, successfully pulling down the WeChat user experience of all.

Shanzhai cycle

In fairness, if you ignore the annoying induced sharing, ignore the video ads, ignore the wrong words in the copywriter, ignore the bad performance and feel… Most small games are still very interesting in playing.

But when I grew up in 4399 and 7k7k immersion, it was clear what was behind the interesting thing: if a game developed in the short term had a mature and interesting game, it would probably be the result of a plagiarism.

Can you break away from the game's cottage cycle by blasting WeChat's

A contrast between a small program game and a “original”

This is the fact. The most popular small games can see the familiar shadow: “Helix Jump” of “happy ball” Voodoo, “greedy snake touch the square”, “the snake is hit by the snake”, “the strongest shot” copy of Ketchapp’s “Dunk Hoop”, “the strongest sprinter” copy of Ketchapp’s “flying knife”. “Challenge” and “the strongest 2048” are, without a doubt, the same family’s “2048”…

As for the hottest, the most powerful bullet, it is, as expected, the “micro innovation” of Ketchapp Falling Ballz. You should not forget that the ancestor of the small game “jump one jump” is the Ketchapp “happy jump bottle” with a little chisel to carry the product – although in time after the east window to achieve cooperation on the car to fill the ticket.

The first few fresh online games are exposing developers’ feelings. For example, there are several small games that copy the same idea, such as “login” and “landing” in a page for two weeks before being repaired, such as the naming of “the strongest XX” with the random sense of the XX movie series.

Even if not very careful, it must be found in the above paragraphs   Voodoo and Ketchapp’s multiple appearances, drawing on their small games for half, and repeated names to highlight the “greatness” of the two games for the world. The two games studios, set up in 2013, have become a reason for the “learning” goals of many small game developers – they are the king of leisure games.

Can you break away from the game's cottage cycle by blasting WeChat's

Voodoo and Ketchapp are the top ten manufacturers in the US. The source is: apptopia

According to apptopia’s data, Voodoo and Ketchapp took up 48% of the App Store leisure games downloads and 7% of their total income last year, and they all had similar game development strategies: a simple game, a lively style of painting, a quick iteration of production, and a design to promote the player’s self selection. After the accident was bought by the game giant ubiso in September 2016, Ketchapp’s high revenue was a malicious purchase of Ubisoft against Vivendi.

But Rome is not built in a day. As a game giant, Ketchapp has an unruly past. In fact, their starting home can not be separated from the Shanzhai games. In 2013, the studio just set up, Vietnamese developer Ruan hardong’s “Flappy Bird” game, “Flappy Bird,” hit the fire overnight, and then the start-up company’s Ketchapp and other ordinary Shanzhai studio nothing, riveted crazy skin, within a few months developed the 7 Shanzhai “Flappy Bird” game, Including “Grabby Bird”, “Flappy Fish” and “Bird in the Dark” and so on.

This crude mountain village just lets the studios live silently, really let them appear in the people’s vision, is almost everyone has played “2048”. Of course, “2048” is not Ketchapp’s work, but a web version game released by Gabriele Cirulli.

Because in the process of making use of Asher Vollmer and Greg Wohlwend co developed the game “Threes!”, he conscientiously put the game code open source on the Internet, to show their “reformers” rather than “original” identity. And because of the unfamiliarity with mobile application development, Gabriele did not make mobile version of “2048”.

Can you break away from the game's cottage cycle by blasting WeChat's

“2048”, which simplifies operation and details and takes free play, has easily conquered its prototype “Threes!” in competition.

Ketchapp did not give it a chance, and they quickly made and put up the mobile version of “2048” based on the source code released by the Gabriele Cirulli, because the code was open source, and they guaranteed that the experience of the game and the web page was almost identical except for the fixed ad column that was added below.

The next story is that people are immersed in the challenges and joy of “2048”, but they do not know that the game in his mobile phone is a poor plagiarism, and Ketchapp has made a full bowl with a built-in advertisement.

Can you break away from the game's cottage cycle by blasting WeChat's

Developers of “Threes!” issued “Twitter”.

On the other hand, the first Threes! Developer, who pioneered a similar game, saw the imitators of the wind, and their elaborate games went from bad to depression. On the Twitter, “we think that imitation is the greatest appreciation, but the ideal imitation should be after we go down the mountain,” It’s not when we just put a flag on the mountain peak. It’s really a complicated feeling, and we’re still happy for the love of Threes! But it doesn’t make us want to develop this exquisite little piece of work anymore. “

Can you break away from the game's cottage cycle by blasting WeChat's

Ketchapp’s “Skyward” undisguised “tribute” to the monument valley.

For the first two or three years, Ketchapp has been showing the image of “big Shanzhai”. They have no scruple to play with intellectual property protection. The famous “Monument Valley” and “super Mario”, and Runhadon’s new work “shake the plane” are all their “reference” objects, not to mention later one by one. Independent developers came out to accuse Ketchapp of plagiarizing their ideas.

Charges are charged, money is made to make money, in the environment of the lack of patent protection in game design, with free downloading, cross promotion and induction sharing (as in today’s small games), most of the Ketchapp games have very high exposure and downloads, which can be said to be alive and free.

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