What would it have been like to buy Apple stock before buying you iPhone?


What would it have been like to buy Apple stock before buying you iPhone?

The legendary investor, Warren Buffett, said Thursday that his Berkshire Hathaway (Berkshire Hathaway) bought 75 million shares of Apple shares in the first quarter, with more than 240 million shares. Apple’s stock price hit a record high on Friday, with a market capitalization of $932 billion 800 million.

Of course, if the retail investors buy Apple stocks earlier, the investment returns will be astonishing. According to the US financial news channel CNBC, if investors did not spend 599 dollars in 2008 to buy a new iPhone 3G of the year, that is, the second generation of iPhone, but buying Apple shares and holding the stock so far, including the stock price increase and holding the dividend, the market value of these apple shares will reach 4260. The growth rate is more than 6 times.

Although Apple’s stock performance is good, any stock can win or lose the market, and past earnings do not predict future performance. After the announcement of Apple’s earnings this Tuesday, some market analysts worried that iPhone shipments could go further down. But Buffett believes that Apple’s long-term investors should not be obsessed with iPhone’s short-term sales. He said on Friday: “it takes a lot of time to figure out how many pieces of iPhone X sold in a single quarter. This is exactly the same as the sales of blackberry phones 10 years ago.

If you buy the company’s stock at the IPO in December 12, 1980 and hold it up to the present, investors have gained an even greater profit. Apple’s initial public offering was $22, assuming $2200 to buy 1 hand (100) Apple shares on the day, and after 4 shares, the purchase of Apple shares had turned into 5600 shares (in 1987, a dismantling of two, a two in 2000, a dismantling of two in 2005, and a seven in 2014). According to the record high closing price of $183.83 on Friday, the $2200 of the year has changed to 1029, 448, and the return on investment has reached an astonishing 446.9 times, even if it did not include Apple’s annual dividend.

Apple shares rose sharply on the Nasdaq stock market on Friday, closing in the Nasdaq stock market at $183.83, rising 3.92% from the previous day, creating a record closing price. According to the stock price, Apple’s market capitalization has reached 932 billion 800 million US dollars. Apple’s share price will rise by 7.2%, and it will become the first company in the history to have a market capitalization of $1 trillion. (compiling / Ming Xuan)

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