The live broadcast platform is abandoning Lu Benwei


After a round of “ban” and renovation, the live broadcast circle finally recovered calm.

Just half a month ago, the Ministry of culture and tourism organized a centralized law enforcement inspection for the network performance and the online game market. The 4939 direct seeding applications were checked, in which the live broadcast of the game became a new disaster area. The live broadcast of the tiger teeth, the live broadcast of Dragon Ball, the live broadcast of the flag of war, the live broadcast of the fighting fish, the NetEase CC and so on were listed.

“Policy will only be late, but never absent”. For the live broadcasting platform, the era of “strong supervision” is already an indisputable fact.

The misfortune of the Lu Benwei, the pots of the platform

After the “100 sowing war” in 2016, there are as many as more than 200 live broadcasting platforms in China. After the prosperity and chaos, the policy supervision has finally fallen to the direct seeding industry. The first to bear in mind is not the live broadcast of the game, the yellowish checked Peepla, the cross platform blessing.

But Lu Benwei’s opening event became a symbolic sign of “live supervision”. 55 open (Lu Benwei) in the “eat chicken” live on the 29 kill to raise questions, then Lu Benwei online held a fan meeting, abetting fans to use insulting verbal attacks to query the open up owners. A fines of 1 million and a pause in the live broadcast were given, which was thought to be better than that, but the exposure of “focus interview” made the event ferment further, and Lu Benwei was given the same fate as God bless.

Frequent opening and violence, eating melon people pointing the spearhead at the same time at the same time, also began to question the inaction of the live platform, even involved in the chaos behind the interest chain:

1, game host abnormality of the way to get red.

From silent to about 4000000 fans, the “Xleft Tinker” has only been used for half a year. But in the evening of April 17th, Tinker knocked out 12 players and was prompted by “You have been banned from STEAM (you have been banned by STEAM)”.

Myth again ended, but also refraction of the game live deformities of the red way: or technically perfect, that is, the so-called flow of self; or get live platform support, short time quickly upper. These two elements interact with each other, leading to the 80% of the resources of the live broadcasting platform being used on a second line anchor.

2, the seduction of the game owner’s income of the sky price.

On the Internet, the value rankings of game owners have been handed down, and white, intelligent and Miss have been passed on for more than 100 million. After all, the tiger tooth has already made a three year price of one hundred million, and the contract gold of the fish dug the white is up to 2 hundred million. Seemingly low industry threshold, the temptation to make money without leaving home makes the game anchor team expand rapidly and fall into a vicious circle of barbarism.

To a certain extent, the host has a large number of fans and popularity, is the main source of the content of a live platform, taking the host is equal to the market share. However, the rise of the anchor’s price may not be a good thing, it directly interrogates the live platform and profit mode and industry atmosphere.

3, the profit model of the unbalance of the live game.

The IPO of fighting fish and tiger teeth makes the outside world have a chance to see the clue of the live game. In the revenue structure published by tiger teeth, the revenue of live video is 94.7%, that is, to get revenue through selling virtual goods, the most common is the virtual gift.

At the same time, it also indicates that the platform is heavily dependent on famous anchors, and there is no doubt that more and more hosts have increased uncertainty in the context of opening or value folding.

The representation of the anchor, the demonstration of the platform

The direct broadcast platform is obviously unwilling to tie up the fate with a few anchors, or because of self-protection, and has changed the mindset of omission.

Fish fighting is a typical example. After the outbreak of the Lu Benwei incident, the fighting fish official responded in this way:

“Fighting is a platform, the responsibility of the platform is the organizers and monitors, not the players of the game, whether the game host is open or not, the platform has no technical strength to judge, and can not be used as a referee. Unless the anchor himself acknowledges, or the official official confirms that he is hanging up, the platform can not punish a anchors at will.

The implication is that the fish is resolutely opposed to opening and hanging. At the same time, it argues that there is no responsibility and obligation to decide whether the anchor is open or not. That is the game maker’s business.

But after the new round of strong supervision, the attitude of the fighting fish has already undergone a 180 turn. For example, on the positive energy channel of the fighting fish, a series of live representative figures of Wuhan’s “moral model” have been broadcast. It is easy to guess the intention of fighting fish in response to rectification.

The live broadcast platform is abandoning Lu Benwei

Earlier than the fight fish to make the demonstration is the famous tentacle live, in the live industry group of magic, public express the value of live broadcast platform is not only to create happiness, but also the spirit of energy transmitters. In the middle of April this year, the tentacles led a direct seeding of nearly 20 anchors to Jinggangshan for a positive energy exercise. In the 4 day event, it included precision poverty alleviation, Long March, and field training.

In the form of “direct live + public welfare”, with its own platform and host resources, Zanthoxylum Zanthoxylum is in the form of public welfare, and the concept of “green live” is given in the final of “singer”.

The game anchors who have taken the time to understand the meaning of the live broadcast platform. The direct live broadcast of the touch is to “be a host of positive energy,” PDD promises to donate 2 million hope primary schools on live broadcast, and “one sister” Miss in the live broadcast platform of malicious competition, advocating industry positive energy; DNF anchors baby Xu Xu baby to help police capture QQ fraudsters and so on.

Perhaps there are some shows of suspicion, but also can smell from the “turn” flavor. There is no reason why the game is not broadcast. The outbreak of live broadcast can not be separated from competition and demographic dividend, which is full of signs of barbaric development.

The most subtle one is the relationship between the host and the platform. The live platform is often defined as a brokering company with a similar entertainment circle in the parent’s posture. The live broadcast is obliged to listen to its command, while the host thinks that it is only a contractual relationship with the platform, and has the right to choose freedom and job hopping.

The result is that the whole live circle is flooded with negative news, the malicious dug between the platforms, the fickle and disarray of the anchors, and more and more people open their eyes and cause bad money to expel good money. It is undeniable that strong supervision in policy is the opportunity to speed up the standardization of live broadcast.

At least from now on, the live broadcast of the tentacle calls the anchors to learn the red spirit, and already has a signal to change the relationship between the platform and the host.

In the end, values and systems are doing evil

What kinds of values have products and attract anchors and users.

Tencent has invested in fighting fish and tiger teeth, and has completed the D round of financing at the beginning of the year by more than $120 million, of which Google has become a new investor. Behind these capital operations, it is inevitable that the game will affect the market pattern of live game. Fish and tiger teeth have been IPO, and the tentacles have completed 90 million of the accumulation of users. The live game will gradually change from barbaric to elimination.

At the moment of “strong supervision”, the broadcast platform of the game is determined to abandon the Lu Benwei, but it should not be confined to the behavioral level. The influence of the value concept is not one day, and the adjustment system is much easier.

For example, strengthening content supervision. To know the quick hand, today’s headline in touch with the red line, began to recruit artificial editors, the game live platform also needs the content of the audit, better than to take precautions.

For example, the content classification. The lack of inherent advantages of the game live in this area never, game type, anchor style, user age can be used as the classification standard, once Alipay launched a joint tentacle live biometric payment, to prevent minors watching live content, beyond the consumer behavior recognition range.

For example, promote industry standards. The anchor determines the source of the platform’s traffic, rip off the farce and open the chaos, and reveals the immature industry, so as to become the biggest hidden danger in the industry. It is necessary to introduce relevant measures to contain the phenomenon of maliciously raising the price, and at the same time appeals to the emergence of third party organizations, similar to the broker companies that protect the interests of the artists, and promote the standard and virtuous circle of the industry.

The basic game is that the live platform of the game is not the host of mistakes such as Lu Benwei, but the wrong values and chaotic system setting, which is the “fate” of the rectification.

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