Inventory: AR marketing ten years of development history, those who stand out from the classic case Top 10

Marketers are no longer restricted by the physical world to promote their brands. Augmented reality will become a key component of marketing and consumer experience. As a highly innovative way of attracting customers, the augmented reality market is expected to change marketing within 3-5 years. The magic of AR is that anyone with a smartphone or tablet can access the integration of the real world and the digital world. On the cover of the 2009 issue of Esquire magazine, Robert Donny used AR technology to promote the new film “detective Holmes”, the first AR marketing attempt of the graphic media. The history of AR marketing is accompanied by the evolution of AR, and the golden age of “Pok e mon Go” after 2016 is all over the world. In the past ten years, especially in the past two years, a lot of influential AR marketing cases have been produced. The author has collected ten representatives of them for reference. Top 10 Kohler AR blending laboratory highlights: beyond the screen, the introduction of AR glasses combined with intelligent interaction creative coefficient: the coefficient of transmission: the influence coefficient: the influence coefficient: the AR mix lab launched by the brand of sanitary ware brand, the originality lies in the introduction of the AR glasses and the intelligent interaction. In view of the limitations of mobile phones and other screens, the AR practitioners have been moving the real world as an interface to develop products that break the limits of the screen, such as the larger AR smart glasses in the corner of the field, and make the more natural interaction of voice, gestures, body movements more natural. In the Kohler AR mashup lab, users wear AR smart glasses, customize bathroom product components through voice and touch boards, and project them on the wall to improve consumer shopping experience. With the gradual maturity of AR intelligent terminals, it will replace mobile AR as AR marketing carrier. Inventory: AR marketing ten years of development history, those who stand out from the classic case Top 10 Top 9 IKEA AR shopping application highlights: AR “pre experience” goods, reduce the cost of decision-making coefficient:] the coefficient of transmission:] the influence coefficient:] the Swedish furniture home appliances brand IKEA in the AR layout for several years, based on the ARKit based AR application IKEA Place support consumers before shopping, Place the products with the same specifications as the real products in the specified position to pre test the matching degree of the products. AR marketing is not uncommon at present. Commodities have been involved in various types of goods, such as cars, watches, clothing, cosmetics, etc., but they are limited to mobile screen, 3D scene recognition and reconstruction, and can not simulate the feeling of real goods. However, compared with the current webpage information such as 2D picture and video, this method has to be a great progress, making the retail business move from two dimensions to three dimensions. Hendry AR watch, SAIC AR car, Jingdong AR shopping experience can be remarkable, here the reason for choosing IKEA as the representative, is because from the current scene, the furniture products are obviously more imaginative, living environment, style difference, personal preferences are also very different, high immersion goods pre – Experience is upgrading the way of consumption, and perhaps all commodities will be “pre experience” in the near future. Inventory: AR marketing ten years of development history, those who stand out from the classic case Top 10  
Top 8 OPPO O-Video bright spot: the earliest UGC AR application creativity coefficient: the coefficient of propagation: the influence coefficient: the impact factor: the surprise creative application is launched in 2014, supporting the user to customize, at the same time playing the real interaction, users can take photos of any object and superimposition Video, recording. The personalized content of the content is one of the direction of marketing, increasing the sense of participation and stickiness of the users. The AR application has been personalized in the broad sense. At that time, it was introduced as the main application of the OPPO conference, but it was limited to the market environment and network conditions at that time. The application did not lead to a large scale of communication response. However, up to now, there has not been a typical case of UGC AR. Inventory: AR marketing ten years of development history, those who stand out from the classic case Top 10  ,
Top 7 Starbucks AR marketing highlights: AR+ new retail, the whole link penetrated the creative coefficient: the transmission coefficient: * * * influence coefficient: from last year to now, domestic Starbucks has carried out a number of AR related marketing activities, in December last year in Shanghai launched the world The largest AR coffee roaster, covering two layers of 30 thousand square feet, uses 3D object recognition technology to hide AR clues in more than a dozen key locations in the store. Customers use the AR scan function and immerse the story of “from a coffee bean to a cup of mellow coffee”. In the new year, Alipay also launched the “AR sweep” friends play adorable welfare activities, people participate in millions of levels. Starbucks’s AR marketing is worthy of affirming the full process integration of experiential retail, allowing AR as a tool to permeate all links and increase the richness of the content. However, at the moment in Kentucky, McDonald’s, Han root DAS, Yili and many other top retail brands involved in AR marketing, Starbucks does not highlight content creativity. Inventory: AR marketing ten years of development history, those who stand out from the classic case Top 10  
Top 6 Disney magic AR advertising screen bright spot: AR+IP detonating line scene creativity coefficient: the transmission coefficient: “influence coefficient:” in the world famous for its own infectivity and transmission, a large group of highly recognized cartoon images become the best AR At the beginning of 2011, Disney has been introducing AR advertising. During the 83 year old memorial day of Disney Mickey Mouse, there were various animated images of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, snow white and so on on the streets of Manhattan, New York, American cultural center. The pedestrian station can interact with these classic images on the floor of the AR marked on the floor. And joyfully make the usual “slightly out” behavior. Famous IP, dominant location and creative interaction are the important factors for attracting AR users. It is difficult to confirm whether Disney is the founder of the AR interactive big screen, but the obvious phenomenon is that the various types of AR interactive big screens have appeared in the subway, square, museum, exhibition hall and other crowded offline occasions, breaking the output of the offline advertising and the form of the user being moved, and increasing the sense of participation and infection. Power。 Inventory: AR marketing ten years of development history, those who stand out from the classic case Top 10  
Top 5 AR camera special effect highlights: influence of global women’s AR product creative coefficient: * * coefficient of transmission: influence coefficient: in popular AR products, the AR special effect camera, represented by the United States map and Snapchat, is wide enough to increase the human face. All kinds of sprouting, cool effects and photo taking become a trend of self timer. At present, this series of products and all kinds of live broadcast products have been generalized. In July last year, Mito was announced to be the first partner of the Facebook AR studio Beta early beta, providing three AR camera effects. Facebook founder Zuckerberg once said, “in the future, artificial intelligence, AR, the global Internet will become the core of social networking, and AR technology will grow into the most powerful social platform in 5 to 10 years.” This cooperation adds more entertainment attributes to social interaction. For the marketing industry, this strong social networking, entertainment and high viscosity AR marketing will also be the main direction of attack. Inventory: AR marketing ten years of development history, those who stand out from the classic case Top 10 TOP 4 Pepsi Cola X Coca-Cola AR packaging highlights: marketing “bag” to walk the creative coefficient: “coefficient of transmission”: “influence coefficient:” Pepsi Cola and Coca-Cola beverage brands never stingy on packaging to do marketing ideas, 2013, Coca-Cola British company and Spotify, a streaming media music service platform, turned coke bottle into a music player, users downloaded a AR application and scanned a coke can package with a headset to support the top 50 British songs. Pepsi launched Emoji expression AR cans in 2017, opening different types of facial expression animation through the “AR sweep” on QQ. Coca-Cola’s “nickname bottle” in 2013, the “lyrics bottle” in 2014, the “word bottle” in 2015, etc., carry out personalized brand promotion at different stages. The addition of AR elements extends the information capacity, brand value and communication cycle of packaging, and is now becoming a regular AR marketing mode. Inventory: AR marketing ten years of development history, those who stand out from the classic case Top 10   research by
foreign Hayden Research Institute shows that 45% consumers buy products after reading 2D’s printed materials, and 74% of the consumers will buy commodities after experiencing the AR in their products. The purchase rate has increased by nearly 30%. Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola are the leading brands in marketing. The domain has the function of a certain vane to drive the normalization of AR marketing. The AR marketing activities of the two brands have triggered a lot of topic discussions. TOP 3 Oreo AR game highlights: a cookie can unlock 18 games: ‘creative coefficient assumes: propagation coefficient assumes the influence coefficient by. If the common mobile phone terminal AR marketing is defined in the picture and animation of these two elements in the framework, and Alipay, Austria Ollie light wind Taiwan the launch of the Marketing activities have integrated products and games to truly achieve “food that can be played”. Oreo’s multi flavour biscuits, crackers, crunchy rolls and other products can unlock AR games in different shapes and shapes. A total of 18 games correspond to the game ranking and the corresponding incentives. Super traffic idol Wang source’s endorsement is also one of the causes of this activity, the data show that, as of now, Sina micro-blog has attracted 240 million people to read, 13 million 822 thousand discussions, Oreo brand ambassador 630 million reading, 35 million 357 thousand discussion, @TFBOYS- Wang Yuan single advertisement micro-blog turn Hair 10 million 190 thousand, triggering a large number of fans interaction and two consumer communication, also hit the history of snacks list sales NO.1. Oreo AR games can be seen as a turning point in AR marketing. After the new technology bonus is gradually disappearing, marketing returns to the comparison of creativity, while AR provides an effective way to release creativity and enhance participation. Then, AR marketing will be more valuable in consumer upgrading and new retail sales. Inventory: AR marketing ten years of development history, those who stand out from the classic case Top 10  
TOP 2 Alipay AR 5 highlights: a typical case of Fu and creative new year activities coefficient: * * * retrofit the propagation coefficient by the influence coefficient assumes: the winner assumes * 2018 new year is undoubtedly the largest Alipay, “AR Ji Fu” in the popularity of the audience It goes beyond any previous AR activity. The author believes that this activity is also a universal market education for AR in China, so that the term “AR” is no longer familiar to ordinary people. This activity is technically good, and the accuracy of recognition has caused a lot of slots, but this does not affect the attraction of the activity. New year, blessing, red packet, collection and interaction are enough to trigger the whole people’s climax. It is easy to find that after a while, collection activities are favored by brand owners, such as ofo yellow car. The essence and ultimate goal of AR is to realize the superposition of virtual information in the real world, that is, everything can be “swept”. The word “Fu” everywhere can not be seen as a small progress in the life and normalization of identifiable objects. Inventory: AR marketing ten years of development history, those who stand out from the classic case Top 10  
TOP 12016 Rio Olympic Games QQ-AR torch 14 bright spot: the largest scale since the history of the Guinness world record, the AR marketing creative coefficient: “QQ-AR” transmission of the torch, user scan

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