How can the block chain subvert the world without reliable exchanges?


The emergence of bitcoin has led to the rise of digital encryption currency. At the same time, the block chain is favored by entrepreneurs, big companies and capital markets. As each country actively promotes the development of block chain technology and application, the block chain is rapidly popularized and developed around the world, creating a good development momentum and environment for the block chain industry.

However, when people are optimistic about the development prospects of block chain, there are endless problems of block chain exchanges.

  frequent occurrence of block chain exchanges

In 2018, there were two block exchange transactions stolen in just 3 months. In January 2018, Coincheck, Japan’s largest encrypt currency exchange, was hacked by hackers, and the $530 million value of digital currencies failed. In March 2018, the world’s second largest exchange of currency encounters had been attacked by hackers, causing a large number of user accounts to be stolen.

One side is the exchange frequently black, the other side is the situation of the block chain trading market, the Voight quantum community Voight quantum business expert point out, after years of research on the block chain found that the exchange network is attacked, the incomplete block chain technology itself will also cause network transaction blocking. In addition to the reasons of local, French currency, language, investment environment and so on, the infamous exchanges are localized, separated from each other, lack of membership, lack of liquidity in digital assets, the inadequacy of the currency of the local users, the large amount of money, the globalization of the digital property and circulation, and the suppression of the digital capital. The natural attributes and advantages of free flow of the world.

Voight quantum community launches global through chain

In order to build a more stable and reliable block chain trading market, the Voight quantum community aims to achieve a more stable and reliable block chain trading market. Through the construction of a central block chain exchange, the global chain model can achieve cross exchange transactions to achieve greater user groups, higher income and more risk resistance.

The global link will provide users with more secure and convenient block chain asset exchange services, aggregate global quality block chain assets and create a world-class block chain asset trading platform. Exchange users will also be able to gain higher liquidity, preferential prices, and participation in multiple transactions, without the need to replace their customary trading platforms, and the global link will also become a general currency for the exchanges within the alliance, widely used in all exchanges around the world.

The biggest feature of the global link in the Voight quantum community is that, on the basis of the global link, the key writing of GUC tokens overturns the leaky framework of the previous exchanges, the solid foundation on the whole, the establishment of global liaison, and the security, stability and convenience of the exchange. Make a contribution. After the alliance members sign up to join the alliance, the alliance will produce synergy effect.

1. Through the establishment of a centralization exchange, the exchange alliance links the digital asset exchanges and makes it possible for real time and zero trust cross exchange transactions. The exchange alliance will adopt the new technology combining the “payment channel” and “cross chain swap” to achieve this goal.

2, the exchange of the operating nodes will form the decentralized exchange and become the backbone of the exchange alliance network. All transactions and expenses will be settled safely and in real time.

3, “payment channel” is a new technology based on the public chain (such as bitcoin chain), which can achieve real-time and quick transfer and payment. Transactions and other metadata will be encrypted and will only be visible to the exchanges involved in the transaction.

4, cross link swaps can achieve zero trust transactions between two assets, such as BTC and ETH. Atomic exchange guarantees the “cross link nature” of asset transactions, that is, all steps take place wholly or completely.

Super nodes recruit City partners

Block chain is the core technology of bitcoin and other virtual currencies, and still has unlimited potential and application market. Voight quantum community technology core team includes the former Microsoft technology center chief architect, the global block chain technical expert team, the former Microsoft financial service senior consultant, the former Microsoft China Technical Service Department Senior Manager and so on, the all-round comprehensive block chain quality personnel, creating the financial miracle.                        

The super node based on block chaining technology is equivalent to the securities company under the exchange, and it is important to manage and drain retail investors. The super node partner of the Voight exchange is being recruited, the super node partner will hold the exchange token, enjoy the transaction fee bonus, the sponsor of the digital assets on the exchange, the cost bonus of the upper currency, and so on. The super node contracts are signed a year and one year. After the expiration of one year contract, the super node has the right to transfer or buy back from the exchange after an agreement with the exchange; the exchange gives the corresponding reward for the first supernode each month.

Miss the 2016 stock market, miss the 2017 bitcoin, don’t miss the 2018 Voight exchange super node partner recruitment, the next super node partner will be you?

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