From the bookkeeping tool to the financial center logic of the unicorn company “China intuit”.


In the process of comprehensive transformation of China’s economy from high speed growth stage to high quality development stage, the whole society is actively exploring and constructing the driving force of transformation growth. The nineteen major reports of the party put forward the three transformation of high quality development, from quantity chasing to quality catching, from scale expansion to structural upgrading, from factor driven to innovation driven. The Internet technology industry has grown into a new force driven by innovation.

This year, the “2017 chinese Unicorn enterprise development report” issued by the torch center of the Ministry of science and technology, which has been released by many units, has pushed the unicorn company to the focus of public opinion. It is understood that the industry decided that the unicorn company was established for a period of not more than 10 years, with an estimated value of more than $1 billion and not yet listed. Most unicorns are the most representative and highly growing enterprises in emerging markets, with outstanding R & D and innovation capabilities.

From the bookkeeping tool to the financial center logic of the unicorn company

As a new Unicorn company, the handy technology, rooted in Shenzhen, has rapidly developed into the largest personal financial flow entrance in China through more than 7 years’ development. The user scale of the series of products is over 300 million, the market share of category users is close to 70%, and the revenue and expenditure of the managed users are over 5. There are more than 3000 bills per minute on the platform. The company has made a profit in 2016.

Professional genetic achievements lead

Prior to the introduction of the products, there were more than 180 app accounts in the market, but no one had more than 500 thousand users, and the industry was extremely dispersed. In 2010, after two months in hand, it came out in the competition of more than 180 peers and entered the top of Apple’s financial list. It has become the first bookkeeping app with user scale exceeding 500 thousand, 1 million, 5 million, 10 million, 1 hundred million and 2 hundred million.

In contrast, the first iOS version of the mobile terminal APP fast accounting and the earliest launch of the Android version of the mobile terminal APP super finance and other products in the key indicators are not competitive. The decisive factor behind this is to keep in mind the professional genes of the founding team in the financial field.

Before I do it, the founder has taken a year or so to examine the financial software at home and abroad. In foreign intuit, the financial and personal financial integration of the enterprise is done, and all of them have been very successful. This shows that the personal demand for money management has something to do with the business, and everyone is trying to understand it.

Gu Feng itself entered the financial industry as early as 1995. It has been 20 years. He worked in the banking system, and he also developed software for more than 10 years in Kingdee software. He has been the president of the Kingdee Research Institute, the general manager of the Internet business department, and the deputy general manager of the golden butterfly. Other founding team members also have the background of professional financial software development.

At present, the oligopoly pattern of China’s life financial mobile app market has been verified in developed countries such as the United States and Europe.

Intuit is the largest personal financial software provider in the US and Europe, and its market value is more than 40 billion US dollars. Since the founding of the last century in 80s, after the desktop Internet, mobile Internet and other different times, users, technology and market environment has been changing, but the market position of the stealth champion can be described as a rock solid, with a market share of up to 70%, has kept his similar products on the market.

Similar to the development track of Intuit, the professional financial background has also allowed the technology to be the first in China’s personal financial management mobile app industry for 7 years.

From the bookkeeping tool to the financial center logic of the unicorn company

From the fourth quarter of 2017, data from Yi Guan showed that a series of products (with handwriting, calf) were close to 20 million, more than the total of the latter ten, which had become the largest personal financial flow entrance in the country.

Personal finance goes into the fintech intelligent hinterland

Because of the dispersivity of the traditional financial chain and the randomness of the choice of financial services, no commercial bank can manage all the assets and liabilities of the user, nor can there be a third party payment enterprise that can cover all the user’s payment behavior, and it is impossible to have a loan company becoming the constant liability choice of the user’s life.

The financial technology applications such as large data mining, data model optimization, hardware and software terminal induction, biological recognition and payment security are expected to build a more intelligent financial service ecology. Fragmentation of the financial chain has also led to fragmentation of data form.

Relatively speaking, the aggregation of personal financial flows by bookkeeping financing tools has become a counterweight to the unilateral effect of fragmented financial services. The natural structure and integrity of personal financial data, as well as the financial preposition of finance, let the financial technology get rid of the linear vertical application that is now thought to be the center of the transaction, and transform it into a user centered horizontal intelligent interaction, which provides clear rules and sufficient evidence of trust.

Gu Feng believes that in the increasingly fragmented financial services chain, the complete and continuously updated financial data and credit data will provide the most comprehensive picture of personal financial needs. The continuous iterative financial data model completes the integration of the financial chain when matching financial services for users. The smart matching of financial transactions based on personal finance and the automation of financial services are effective safeguards against crowd mismatch. With the further development of financial technology, professional financial management will further strengthen the central position.

“China intuit” layout of financial and financial science and technology

According to industry data, the general growth of personal wealth in China makes the change of personal financial structure tend to focus. After the improvement of the quality of consumer finance, the demand for financial services drawn by the change of financial structure is expected to become the major incremental market for future personal financial services.

At present, the hot consumer finance is the main demand of improving the quality of personal life and consumption structure, presenting temporary, small and dispersed characteristics. Financial finance, on the contrary, is the main demand of family financial security, asset allocation optimization and wealth preservation and appreciation, showing the characteristics of strict, large and centralized.

The generalization of financial products and the aggravation of fragmentation of financial services chains will significantly enhance the urgency of personal financial management and the pattern of financial centralization. With the growth of personal wealth, the use of financial instruments has become increasingly necessary. In the complex personal financial environment, people will be more dependent on the intelligent services of financial instruments to make timely and reasonable financial transaction decisions.

It is understood that the two main products of the technology are readily recorded and calf are building individual ledger centres and personal credit centers respectively. Compared with intuit, it has a more deep approach to the product end. Through business accounts, tourist books, decorating accounts, wedding books, car books, and other accounts system, the financial center accounts for a living scene, gather a business model and form financial services from a single life scene to financial services. Closed loop.

And calf helps users to centrally manage debt accounts, including credit cards and loans, and is currently working to manage all personal credit records, including water, electricity, gas, provident fund, social security and other personal credit records, and become a one-stop credit stewardship.

Gu Feng said that the growing complexity of China’s personal financial environment and the rapidly growing middle class group are making financial management increasingly demanding. We will increase investment in big data and artificial intelligence in the future to create more intelligent financial management experience for users.

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