Black hat thinking: clean up zombie powder, monthly water 100 thousand of the absolute transaction secrets, quick look!


Good evening, I think of black hat. Micro business, do not see other people earn 100 thousand, 1 million you have begun to doubt yourself? Read too many theories or white, only business is the hard truth! Today we come to talk about the absolute deal to do the absolute business law.

Do micro business, the face is the user. But there are too many users, there are always some zombie powder, waste time maintenance, no deal, and how to deal with it?

1. How to clean up zombie powder

The quality and interaction of people are the foundation. Making friends circle is just a step in the door. Without this foot, the sales volume is also discounted. A lot of people just come into contact with the micro business, just want to use all kinds of methods to suck powder, but, if the fans are not accurate enough, the final evolution of zombie powder is still more waste of time to maintain. So here we first teach you how to activate WeChat dead powder into a precise customer.

Elimination of dead powder

Before activating zombie powder, first of all to remove the dead powder on your WeChat, the fastest way is to use some software to detect and delete, can be searched from the website, there will be a lot, just download one according to the above method to do well. In addition to software can also be manually deleted, online there are many ways you can go to see.

Black hat thinking: clean up zombie powder, monthly water 100 thousand of the absolute transaction secrets, quick look!

The activity of robbing red envelopes

After cleaning up the dead powder, you can start activating zombie powder. Using WeChat red packets is one way to activate zombie powder. After all, people like to talk about the picture cheap, for the red packet is no resistance, so use this psychological hundred spirit, you can go to some activities, you can take a red package activity, first organize a good language, for example, to give feedback to the fans for a special campaign to grab a red bag today, the number of red packets is limited! First come first come first. After the end! Please reply. When organizing a similar language, it can be sent out in groups, and many people are usually attracted by red packets, and these people may be your active friends.

Tapping potential customers

After cleaning up the dead powder and zombie powder, you can’t realize that those of them are in demand, and those who don’t need it, you can use the copy of the circle of friends to dig your potential customers.

Black hat thinking: clean up zombie powder, monthly water 100 thousand of the absolute transaction secrets, quick look!

The best way to dig out potential customers is to cut down the pain points, make your potential customers resonate, give them a solution, or tell them that your product can help them solve the pain points.

For example: you are selling weight loss products, then the people you aim at are those who are fat, and these fat people have the pain? When you go shopping, you can attract strange eyes, find a boyfriend, and so on!

For example: you sell dental care products, then they all have those pain points? When the opposite sex is close to the opposite sex, will be seen by the other side, feel the teeth are yellow, a breath of nausea?

When you can understand the crowd that your product is targeting, find out their pain and expand it, they will resonate with each other. So dig out your potential customers, if you do not tell their pain points, it is very difficult to resonate with products.

2. How to avoid the presence of zombie powder

In fact, when you do the micro business, most of the fans you introduce will become “zombie”. In the end, the interaction between each other is too little, and your ads may be too frequent, so you can either become a zombie or a dead powder. If you don’t know how to find a topic, you can go to the website to find, know, bean, micro-blog and so on, or according to some of the user’s circumstances, hobbies, and so on, to brush his circle of friends to know.

(1) good communication skills to promote business

Everyone has a kind of cognition is that some people around you can talk very well, can make all the people around you can laugh out of folds, and some people can be stupid to speak not clear, the whole wood wood. It is also known that the sales of the mouth are all slippery, the old woman full of brown and brown spots can be said to be an invincible young girl of youth, and they are happy to pay their money to buy things. So, good things attract customers, and communication skills determine success or failure.

The micro merchants want to understand the wishes and concerns of the customers carefully, and then use knowledge, products and reliable services to sell their customers’ doubts and wishes. Different customers take different words to answer, but grasp a little, manage their customers as friends, solve their questions, can not deal with them immediately and turn him into a problem. Resources.

To solve the foundation of trust

Any transaction is based on mutual trust. If there is no trust, there will be no transaction, including our micro business. Do you want to ask you to buy products with a completely unknown stranger? Ask yourself if you don’t worry about being cheated before buying a product? Everyone will worry about it, and your customers will worry.

So, in the circle of friends, we can also build trust foundation with our friends. So what do we do?

If there is a lack of interaction in a friend’s circle, the copy is a failure. Because you can’t involve people in interaction, and you don’t participate in interaction, your relationship is always in its original state. You don’t know me, nor do I know you. So when we publish a copy of a circle of friends, we must remember to add an interactive link to your problems so that they are involved in your copywriting interaction so that you can effectively interact with them and promote feelings between each other. For this copy, perhaps your transaction is also because this copy gives you a foreshadowing.

There is also a witness to the customer. Why do most of the micro traders send feedback diagrams and meter diagrams every day? They are actually solving trust, and a customer witness is worth a thousand words. Many times, you say your product is good, how many customers you have, but you say, you say, no convincing, if someone comes out to say your product is good, then others will believe that your product is really good.

Including personal life information, in fact, is also to solve the foundation of trust, when others see you are a real person, what kind of life you live in, in that city, other people’s confidence in you increase one point.

In fact, the role of friends circle is a few points, so long as you can focus on these points to do your friends circle copywriting, then you can. It doesn’t need to be cleaned or brushed all day long, which leads to disgust and even blackmail.

After a year of precipitation, you have become an old driver, or earn 1 million of the small business cafe, if you are not, then 2018 you really have to work hard.

Black hat thinking: to cultivate your divergent thinking decryption Internet fraud, real war disclosure of Internet ash production cases, net earn partial project analysis, sharing network marketing drainage scheme. Dig inside and expose various kinds of routines.

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