How do the micro merchants do? Let’s see how the old ones drive.


A few days ago, someone asked Cen Huiyu how to do a good job, and then I asked him how he used to do it. This friend said that he usually sent a friend circle to advertise and so on. Experience to share with you some experience and see how the old driver who drives the month is driving.

In the afternoon, I received a courier phone call, saying that my baby had been sent to me. I could hardly conceal my excitement and my thoughts fell into the last few days. IPhone 8 has been officially released a long time ago. Many impulsive young people have been hungry and thirsty. Rich friends have prepared bills, and friends who have no money want to sell their kidneys and buy it first, look at the vivo cell phone on the table, shake his head and shake his head, and then write an article; suddenly a friend sends a note. The message is basically the same: sweep the code plus her, and send her mobile phone free of charge (the key is to get iPhone 8, free). Then I sent a picture with a two-dimensional code. I looked at it and put it down. This kind of advertising hit too water. How would my old driver turn over the car? And the friend sent a word, “true!” the author still doesn’t believe it, and you really got it? And he sent me a picture of his handheld cell phone. So I thought, anyway, it’s free. There’s no harm in trying it out.

So with curiosity, she added the micro business. Although her head was beautiful, I still insisted on the principle of self. After adding, the small businessman asked to send out what I had just received, then a screenshot and a phone call, when I knew that the friends were coming. Is the micro business manipulation, suddenly feel the look of the pit, after repeated inquiries, the micro business friends also stressed the random free delivery of mobile phones, mailing no charge, delivery to the express delivery company, anyway, why not try it?

Then I wait for the arrival of this mystery, although I do not expect to get iPhone 8 free of charge, but to get a miscellaneous mobile phone is also earned, it is the goods to pay, should not be pits, only to pay 39.9 yuan express fee. Courier arrived late in September, got the mysterious box, couldn’t restrain its excitement and wanted to run to the room to study the mystery.

It turns out to be a box of cosmetics!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do the micro merchants do? Let's see how the old ones drive.

But since all the items have been received, it is a pity to throw away, but the male use of cosmetics is not suitable, so a refreshing gift to the goddess of love, not long, the goddess took the initiative to find me, said the cosmetics are good, where to buy, so the author found the micro merchant friend, the author and the consultative Friend, consultative After consulting, you only need to send free copies of ads to a box, feel good in buying, group buying and so on. Later, I bought several boxes for the goddess, and I didn’t know whether there was any increase in popularity. )

The story goes to the end of the story. First, the old drivers are all marketed. They have to admire other people’s means of doing micro business. It is not difficult to see why others can break the moon, and most of them can only send advertising marketing friends in the circle of friends. The difference between the two lies in the hard work of a student. You can say that you can’t do these things, but you can’t help thinking. At this time someone will say that this method is out of date, you are marketing because you are a new driver, now this kind of advertising is directly shielded, then I would like to ask, the method is dead, but the thinking is alive, can not give a three? What is the most important problem for the purpose of the group to solve? It is not the degree of trust. Question? How to solve the trust problem of mass information is left to us to ponder.

In fact, how to do the micro business? In fact, the micro business seems very simple, but it is hard to go to the blue sky, you go to the old driver to ask the method, others may not tell you, even if you tell you, you may not also do it, it also confirms an old saying: do not worry about the last train, because the success is not crowded on the road. The following is my personal experience to give you a detailed analysis of Cen Huiyu’s personal view.

1. the understanding of the micro business is very important

What is a micro business? Everyone’s understanding is different. Some people think that they sell things in the WeChat circle. Others think that it is part of the e-commerce. Some people think that the micro business is through the micro channel marketing, and some people think that the micro business is the tool to make money with the mobile phone. There are three difficult points, such as products, promotion channels and marketing services.

2. the audience must be wide and accurate

Many friends who do micro business think that as long as the promotion is done well, money can be made, of course, the money is not in the minority, but it is not enough to make a good promotion. In many cases, we need to take into account the audience of the product. As the cosmetics in the story, it is very wide for the women and friends. That is, it is very wide, that is, It is the marketing of men, and there are women in the home, and the audience has a wide range of users. At the same time, the product positioning is also accurate. Cosmetics can play a valuable role in the hands of every beautiful woman. The key is how to make the purchase of the key words.

How do the micro merchants do? Let's see how the old ones drive.

And the best choice of customer consumption faster, and in the short term will repeat the purchase of products, such a product advantage is not lack of customer source, and suggest that the price is not too high.

3. understand the principle of value exchange to do well in marketing

I don’t know if you have found such a phenomenon, whether it is a micro business or a business, many people require customers to buy their own products, but ignore an important principle of value exchange, such as the current enterprise to do Internet promotion friends often meet, the boss is to order, you only bring the order It is good, but how does the value do not make the user interchangeable? As a marketing person, it is best to think about what I can bring to the customer, so that the user will be willing to cooperate with me, not wishful and willing to buy the customer. As the story says, the value of the product itself is good, and it is free (free of charge, no free know, 39.9 of the express fee is paid), the price of investment risk is not small, such value input can allow users to set up the desire to buy two times, if your own product is not worth the value, then think so It is also difficult to do a good job in marketing.

4. quality is the foundation, price is the key word, and finally the service.

I know the product marketing, from the quality to the price, and then from the price to the service stage, as we all know, 84 years, Haier refrigerator introduced home, which happened a very classic story, here is a long story short, because the customer complaints, said that the quality of Haier ice box product quality defects, so the boss through After inspection found the situation is true, the refrigerator is smashed, and then tell the staff to improve the quality of production! And in the 00 years, Haier has come to the fore, at this time, the standard of living standard of life, although a little money, but still save a point of mind, and therefore gradually from the quality of the product to the quality of the change to the demand. At the price, there is still a lot of industry in the price war, but now as people’s living standards gradually increase, many people tend to choose which of the service, after all, the price advantage is also close to the end. So many people now say that our advantage is that the quality of the product is good or the price is low, which hardly drives the mood of consumers.

5. dare to invest to study

How to do a good job? If the micro business is only your sideline, or you just want to send ads in the circle of friends, it’s not necessary to see this. The most important thing to do is to find the right way. It’s very important to learn a set of business models that belong to your own. Everyone in business needs a belief in investment. If it does not let money flow, it will be as safe as a pool of water. Many people see people make a lot of money by doing micro business, but they do not know how much money others have invested in micro business, and if they do not do well, they think the bonus of doing micro business has already been done. In the past, we can’t do anything now. In fact, if you find that the small business friends around you are still sending ads in the circle of friends, then the potential of the micro business is still huge, and the trend of the Internet is very clear now, the smart people have already studied how to join the Internet to do the micro business, if you are now. Still do not understand how to integrate the Internet, you might as well go to a standard website to share your content.

6. increase the number of users

Want to make money to need to have the user, and the user needs continuous accumulation and maintenance, want to realize the income of ten thousand million, the user quantity is the most basic, although the initial user quantity is relatively small, but as long as the product is good, in combination with some reliable promotion methods, believe one or two months can break the plight, if you want to get rich overnight, return It’s about buying lottery tickets. How to popularize it here is not explained one by one. It is good to select a few key points.

A. takes advantage of the cheap psychology to carry out the fission promotion

The above story is just a way to make use of the consumer’s desire to make a fissile promotion, and many people think that this kind of promotion will be lost and the loss is normal. The first step is to train new users and select users with low value. Now the precision powder is so hard to suck.

How do the micro merchants do? Let's see how the old ones drive.

The second step is to drive new customers with old customers. From the above story, it is not difficult to see that they are developing new customers with new old belts, such as groups buying discounts, or inviting a friend to buy coupons, and so on how to design these slogans. Second, we can make use of the friends circle resources of old customers, let old customers publish about the content of the product in the circle of friends, many people begin to spit the slot and now friends circle advertising almost do not look, I can not say the naked ad ah, can release some paragraph soft text, for example: the boyfriend is very intimate, I bought XXX makeup. It also means buying a discount with others, but I don’t know if it’s true or false, but fortunately, this product is not bad. Then let the customers shine on the sun before and after the use of contrast. I believe this information is much better than a long string of words. Is it possible for other girlfriends to stimulate their boyfriend?

B. must be willing to smash money for promotion in the early stage

Before a small business friend asked the author how to do a good job of micro business, I let the first to do a website, and then put the case on the website to promote, although in the short term is a loss, but for a long time it is profit, to some large platform to do some soft marketing promotion, or to the social group to send red packet powder, these Steps need investment time and money, so the problem is coming. If you want to do well in micro business, are you ready to invest mentally?

C. recruitment agency distribution

Recruitment agent is also a good way, the agency requirements are nothing more than a few points, good products and good promotion methods, and good home, otherwise other people can not make money and do what to do with you, but the agent has a premise, that is, their own money system mature, all day to see a lot of micro merchants want agents, think agents, think all day, think Let agents help them sell products better, but why don’t you think you don’t earn money? Why do people participate?

Summary: This article focuses on the author’s story to analyze some methods of doing micro business at present. The method is dead, but the thinking is not a constant. If you want to do a good job, we need to combine the quality of the product, the advantages of the product and the advantage of the service. Help. These are just Cen Huiyu’s personal views, and I don’t like to spray them lightly.

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