Jingdong low-key on-line service provider service era of electricity came.


After 618, Jingdong launched the Jingdong service brand, providing home appliances cleaning, installation of household products and other services.

Jingdong low-key on-line service provider service era of electricity came.

“The entire service is in the electricity business, and some standard services are the first to achieve electricity supplier, such as nail, massage. But a large number of non – standard services have not yet realized e-commerce, such as electrical maintenance, even on the Internet, it is necessary to communicate in the field to judge what to repair and how much to serve.

Zhang Xiaolei, the director of the Jingdong after sale management department, believes that, in particular, non – standard services are completely opaque, and Jingdong launches a service provider to create a strict concept of service industry, a unified service standard and an industry to deliver the image.

Jingdong low-key on-line service provider service era of electricity came.

Billion power network understands that Jingdong has already launched two home appliances and home life zones, mainly involving two types of services.

The first is the strong connection of the hardware, such as the installation of the water purifier of home electricity, the door cleaning of the refrigerator washing machine, and so on. The household category includes a wider range, including the installation of the bathroom, the installation of the clothes hanger, the installation of the bicycle, and so on.

The second is to provide more high-quality services, such as mattress, mites, pet try, worry free refund and other services.

Take a pet to try to eat for example, the normal purchase of dog food in the e-commerce is a big bag, this kind of entrance kind of food can not be refundable, if the dog does not love to buy, it is a waste. The trial food service now provided by the Jingdong is equivalent to the ability to buy a service at a very low price. If the purchase of dog food is not loved, the service can provide a full refund.

Zhang Xiaolei told hundreds of millions of power networks, “the traditional purchase of electrical appliances on the e-commerce platform, after the installation of after-sales service and other services are provided by businesses, businesses can not provide, users need to find third party service providers themselves. These services have no entrance and display on the e-commerce platform, installation personnel and products at the same time? Or separately? How to install and repair the process can not be seen, the quality of service can not be quantified and regulated.

And Jingdong service providers first serve Jingdong platform products, will be linked to natural products, service in the front of the electronic business platform logo, entry.

Secondly, the whole process of service will be displayed information, such as the transfer of express information, users can see the latest progress of the service at any time, the whole process is transparent and regulatory. The information of the engineer’s arrival time, service time, charge and so on will be displayed in detail on the service page.

For example, when buying a refrigerator, you can choose to install the service at the same time. The service information from the next single to the door will be displayed in the details of the order of the goods, like the express process, and truly realize the full process information transparent words of the service.

Zhang Xiaolei said that in addition to individual services, Jingdong service providers are open to third party service providers, preferring service providers to enter, a little bit self run. For these service providers, Jingdong provides specialized training and information support. Jingdong service providers have a dedicated management team and have a service desk hotline in Suqian.

It is understood that at present, Jingdong service family has signed more than 20 service providers, there are very home, easy to home, China Railway Information and so on, key products have covered one to five lines of the city 95% of the market, covering six to nine line city 60-80%.

“Retail trend has moved towards unbounded retail, retail as a service. Customers’ demand for services is getting stronger and stronger, and they want to buy goods at the same time and use them with high quality. Zhang Xiaolei believes that the traditional fragmented and extensive service market can no longer meet the consumer demand after upgrading.

But the traditional service market, generally do not open invoices, workers directly on the spot price, money, extremely opaque, the Jingdong should be e-commerce, transparent market, will directly innovate the inherent interest chain and business model. It also involves the transformation of the traditional service workers. It is not easy to make the workers follow the process step by step and learn to operate the information.

At present, Jingdong also has direct cooperation with manufacturers, such as Honeywell, PHILPS, and so on. Manufacturers have always had weak management problems of offline service and interaction. Through cooperation with Jingdong, the service market management can be standardized.

Zhang Xiaolei said that at present, the profit of Jingdong service providers mainly comes from the Maori of self-service and part of the service, and does not charge any commission service for the third party service providers.

Billion power network understands that the value of service market is becoming more and more prominent. This year, there are several service items with large capital investment. At the end of last month, 9 kinds of supply chain service and integrated service of supply chain service, such as bathroom, tile, floor, furniture, and so on, have won the pre-A round financing of tens of millions of dollars. This month, home furnishing, which provides large household logistics, warehousing and loading and unloading services, has also received 50 million investment from B, the Red Star Group.

For the whole household industry, service is becoming more and more important and will ultimately decide the process of electric business.

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