WeChat software, which is dominated by micro dealers, is on the verge of death?


WeChat software, which is dominated by micro dealers, is on the verge of death?

It may be that WeChat friends are aware of the mix and destruction of social ecology. WeChat began to start a bloated personal social system. First, it launched the “3 days of a circle of friends”, and later launched to help users screen “unusually connected friends” function, by screening list friends for a long time without any intersection. WeChat friends will be tagged out one by one, and WeChat users can choose to delete these zombie buddies.

In fact, before WeChat hands-on, users have found a device to clean up WeChat friends – Zombie cleaning software, and these software help many WeChat users to regain a relatively clean circle of friends circle, then how do these powder cleaning software walk into the vision of micro credit users?

Cleaning up zombie friends swept the WeChat circle.

In recent years, many WeChat users’ friends dialog boxes will receive a kind of content “clean powder, do not return……” The group news, such test zombie information, WeChat users in the habit of high-frequency use, has become a business target profit targets. So this group of news gradually began to write from the original user, and became a promotion link with third party powder software. It is reported that there are three main forms of the promotion of powder cleaning software in the form of group hair, one is to add a small signal to WeChat users to add friends consulting products, that is, to promote the form of a friend of WeChat. One is with the public number to induce other people’s attention, that is to promote the public platform of WeChat; another kind of platform links directly with the software, click on the platform. Then it is popularized by third party software.

In fact, before the WeChat powder software has not been online, in addition to the initiative to give friends a group of news test zombie friends, there is a way to establish a WeChat group testing users to be deleted by friends, but WeChat set up only 200 people a group of messages each time, for friends more users, to reach all friends. The purpose of the group messages must be repeated many times, it is because of the inconvenience of the individual cleaning operation, so that the huge industrial chain hidden behind the simple powder clearing business gradually emerges.

Cleaning up zombie powder technology is essentially authorized to login WeChat PC terminal or web page and then use plug-in software to do the operation. After authorized software operators to operate their own WeChat, the process of cleaning up zombie powder can be displayed synchronously on the mobile phone and web page. For example, if a friend deleted himself, whether a friend had been shielded from a friend circle, it could be marked out in the WeChat label bar, and finally the zombie powder had been deleted.

As a derivative business model that helps WeChat users to solve the problem of too much zombie powder, the software grabs the psychology of two types of consumers, one is the ordinary people who want to “lean and lean” to the list of WeChat friends, the other is a micro trader active in the circle of friends, as a micro business, because the capacity of friends is limited, To ensure that WeChat lists are “good quality” friends, micro dealers must regularly clean up zombie friends to add more “effective” users.

As a result, a large number of user needs and lucrative hands to attract a lot of users to join in one of these, a number of micro businesses to become software agents to promote the agency fees to the peer promotion, and other businesses directly on the Taobao shop selling, open Taobao input “zombie powder” keyword, above the sale of powder cleaning powder Software vendors are everywhere, and the means of cleaning are extremely abundant. Looking at the development of the powder cleaning software, this seemingly inconspicuous “plug-in software” is being spread by the viral transmission of mouth and mouth, and then laid a huge chain of interest hidden behind it.

The two profit model exposes considerable income, but the market saturation makes it difficult to continue.

In the powder cleaning software market, the profit model is mainly divided into two kinds. One is to get paid by the service of cleaning powder for users. According to the different number of friends in WeChat’s address book, the price is different. For example, some kind of billing standard is 15 yuan for the number of friends below 1000, 20 yuan for 1001 to 2000, 2001 to 3000. It costs 25 yuan, which is relatively direct and effective in gaining profits through selling the powder software service.

Another profit model is to authorize agents to promote software. As mentioned earlier, most of the people engaged in the sale of powder cleaning software are micro business agents or Taobao merchants. These people get profits through agent promotion products or Taobao stores selling software services. Take the micro business agent as an example, the agent level of joining the promotion business is divided according to the amount of the amount of joining, for example, the recharge 8998 yuan can become the national general agent, the recharge 4998 yuan becomes the two level agent, and so on, can be reduced to the three or four, five agent by analogy.

However, even if there is a seemingly substantial return, the promotion of clean powder software has actually gone the same way as the micro business model. The exploitation at the level is quite serious. In general, the profit by the hierarchical agency is very thin. In essence, only the upper agent can get the objective profit, and the rest of the bottom agent “climb up” in the promotion business is very common. The reason is still closely related to the continuous influx of micro businesses.

As mentioned earlier, there are ordinary WeChat users who can use powder cleaning software, as well as frequent micro dealers who clean up zombies. From the use of frequency, the micro business group is the “regular guest” of the powder cleaning software, the market will also aim at the vast group of micro merchants, to a certain extent, to a certain extent, the micro business is “supporting” the huge market. However, due to over reliance on the existence of micro dealers, the software has exposed its weakness in viability.

First, the huge market attracts many micro businesses to join, and the market has become saturated. More obviously, it is hard to go through the way of selling it to the peers through the agent software. The marketing of the powder cleaning software has fallen into the dead cycle “you sell me,” and the so-called “brave” win, but the software agent is no matter who “Yong” is useless, because it can’t find the source. The market is gradually saturated, and the flow bonus is no longer.

Secondly, the businesses that promote the software are micro businesses, but they rely heavily on the existence of micro businesses. If the micro business eventually declines, it also means that it loses the customer group on which it depends. Then the ending of the powder cleaning software will be accompanied by the decline of the micro business, and the upper limit of the WeChat friend is 5000, which is enough to meet the needs of a common user, so it is difficult to walk the ordinary user channel again. Let’s go.

It is conceivable that after the influx of many people, the powder cleaning software has fallen into the awkward situation of a sharp reduction in the source of the source. In addition, in addition to the weakness of the ability to survive, the software also faces a decline in the market reputation because of low service quality and the “swindle” hat.

Seeking vitality and going astray, “improper” becomes the pronoun of Qing powder.

In fact, the original intention of most enterprises is to help users clean up the powder, but in the process of development, they go on the “fork”, or the software technology is not mature enough, or use the improper means to gain the benefit, so that it faces the dilemma of “the old rat crossing the street, everyone shouting”. The reason for this negative outcome is related to the shortcomings of the software and the operators behind it.

On the one hand, due to the fact that bug is too much, the software is in an awkward situation with poor user experience. Because of the limited technology, this kind of software that helps to clean up zombie friends has a lot of bug, such as the phenomenon of false deletion of normal friends, the change of WeChat password and the phenomenon that can not be logon. The situation appears.

On the other hand, the market environment is not yet mature. In the blind pursuit of profits, the industry’s prevalence of fraud is prevalent, and users’ trust is missing. As mentioned earlier, the clean up zombie software on the market is basically based on the development of the web page WeChat interface, so WeChat users will be required to scan the two dimensional code remote login page interface, which means that all the privacy contents such as the friends list, notes and chat records of WeChat users are all exposed to other people’s eyes. It is this huge loophole that makes users face the risk of Internet fraud and account theft.

Through the operation of the user’s account, the software service party can unilaterally carry out unjustified operations such as flock fraud information, open the search engine to enter the “powder cleaning software” key words, all over the sky is to remind the dust cleaning software is the negative news of the fraud. Even if there is a company that really helps users to clean up zombie, the phenomenon of fraud by manipulating other people’s WeChat is more rampant, and it has basically been bad for the reputation of the “justifiable” platform, and the powder cleaning software has become a stigmatized word that leads to the increasing vigilance of the Internet users. Business is becoming more and more difficult to do.

Another thing I have to mention is that the use of plug-in software to clean up the behavior of zombie friends will disrupt WeChat’s operating environment, so it will be suppressed by WeChat officials. Not only that, the sale of powder cleaning software itself belongs to the service of the edge of the ball, is not allowed by the official WeChat, the sale of external software is suspected of illegal operation, illegal operation is also the case.

WeChat is gradually taking the initiative, and the software will go to the brink of death.

With WeChat testing the “often linked friend” function online, I can’t help but question, does this mean that the WeChat software is going to be laid off? From the trend, it is not conducive to the survival of the powdered software, but the WeChat’s function actually reveals that it is returning more initiative to the user and letting the user manage. Good friends are more convenient. In addition, it should be noted that WeChat, which is not often associated with the function of friends, can only test three aspects: no single chat in half a year, no reply to his friend circle in half a year, and a friend without a common group, and these screening conditions are not so accurate for WeChat users, and the users are still not. The law directly finds out who has deleted me.

However, this does not mean that the function does not impact the powder cleaning software, and it still reduces a considerable portion of the guest source of the powdered software. After all, the so-called zombie powder does not only refer to the deleted friends, but also refers to a group of people lying on the list of friends that have no interaction for a long time. And for ordinary WeChat users, the cleaning of zombie powder has not been that big desire, the micro business group also lost the initial passion, WeChat is enough to meet the needs of a part of the people.

Therefore, if there is no more advanced technical means to join, and still maintain the original bug stage of flooding, then the powder cleaning software is not “drowned” by the mouth water of people, that is, to dry up in the rare river bed. And as we all know, QQ also has the function of viewing zombie friends. By clicking on the tools on the main menu, the friend manager, you can see the last time to login for a friend, and those who have not logged in for a long time are basically zombie users. In the future, with the increasingly comprehensive WeChat function, perhaps one button to look at the deleted friend is not far from us, or the quick function of removing the list of friends as long as one side removes the list of friends, like QQ, then the road of the silverware’s nuggets to the end.

As a result, the WeChat cleaning software, which has been all the rage, has gone through a comprehensive explosion to the accelerated decline, and now it is more likely to usher in a large earthquake with a loss of passenger sources. Undoubtedly, when WeChat has gradually mastered the initiative of powering the powder, its business will be greatly impacted. The sharp loss will make it face the risk of withdrawing from the market.

Anyway, as WeChat gradually becomes a symbolic social tool, it seems a common thing to clean up zombie powder, some people take the opportunity to make a full bowl, some people are late “missing the opportunity”, but as WeChat begins to attach importance to social ecology and constantly optimize the purification function of the software itself, clear powder Software will surely accelerate in the illegal operation of “not up to the table” and become a history.

Liu Kuang, using Zen Buddhism to understand the Internet, WeChat public number: liukuang110

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