How do micro merchants break through the moon


How do micro merchants break through the moon

It’s a very important threshold to do micro business. You have thousands of monthly income and tens of thousands of monthly income. Therefore, the industry will generally distinguish between the monthly entry of millions of newcomers and micro operators familiar with the important signs.

It needs to be pointed out that the monthly income of over 10000 refers to net income rather than sales. Then, to what extent can we get over 10000? We can simply estimate:

Suppose the unit price of the product is 200 yuan, the gross profit is 30%, the customer is buying two times a month, then a customer can contribute 200*2*30%=120 yuan for one month. Not to consider, the cost of artificial and promotion, to realize monthly gross profit income over 10000 yuan, at least 10000/120, about 84 customers, sales of 84*200*2=33600 yuan.

I don’t know. It’s the next jump. To achieve a pure income of 10000, we need more than 80 stable buyers, more than 30 thousand yuan per month. If many customers buy it once, we don’t have to repeat the consumption, and some customers who repeat the purchase do not have to be able to buy two times a month. Then we need about 100 customers to achieve 50 thousand. The sales volume of yuan or so will ensure that the monthly net income is over 10000.

Through the simple and inaccurate estimates above, we have found the fact that although the monthly entry of over 10000 sounds not high, it is still difficult to do. A lot of micro businessmen clamor on the Internet that they have entered more than 10000 months, even the monthly entry of one hundred thousand, in fact, most of them are in the blow of cattle hide, or direct sales as part of the monthly.

Of course, we can not deceive ourselves. If we really want to achieve a monthly income of over 10000, what aspects should we start from?

In fact, we must admit that if we rely solely on our own sales, it will be very difficult to achieve over 10000 monthly income.

To achieve the monthly turnover of over 10000, we should start with 3 aspects: raising the price per passenger, increasing the number of customers, and building a distribution team.

Raise the price of the guest

Case: there was a time when some cheap snacks were very popular in micro business channels. These snacks include melon seeds, candy and so on. The retail price of a bag is between 10 yuan and 30 yuan. Because the threshold of agency is very low, and the price of products is low, it is easy to sell. Many people have started snack food business. But after a long time, the snack traders died, and eventually they stayed for snacks.

In the above case, since the prices of these snacks are cheap and sell well, the threshold of the agent is not high. Why does the majority of people do not go on, but the high retail price of imported snacks have survived? The key point is that the price of these snacks is too low.

Let’s do a calculation. If one customer can sell 4 packets of snacks in one month, the average price of each package is 15 yuan, Maori is 30%, we 100 customers, so how much can we make a month? Gross income is =15*4*30%*100=1800 yuan. Is it beyond your imagination?

But to achieve 100 stable customers, each customer to buy an average of 4 times a month, such a workload is not low! Basically every day will be very busy, but so hard to earn 1800 yuan, it is estimated that most of the micro business is difficult to stick to. These micro merchants can not do it, not because they can’t make money, but they make too little money. They can’t maintain the basic needs of life at all. This shows the importance of the customer’s price.

Customer price is too low to do well, but it seems too high. There are also many problems. The biggest problem is that customers will not buy.

In addition, we have to mention that the majority of the micro merchants are college students, housewives and ordinary white-collar workers, all of them are civilian classes, that is, the purchasing power is limited. If you sell products in the micro market, if the unit price is around 100~300, the product is the most easily sold in the micro channel. And the gold price range also has a declining trend.

Think again, why does this product begin to get red in the micro business channel at first? One of the most important reasons is that the price of most mask products just falls on this golden zone.

Therefore, if we want to achieve more than 10000 monthly turnover, we must select the suitable products for customers. If the product is not selected, the unit price of the customer is too high or too low. Even if we work harder, it will be difficult to achieve this goal.

A high frequency product

The so-called high-frequency products, that is, faster consumption of customers, requiring a short period of time to repeat the purchase of products.

A customer can buy a TV set for 5 years. A customer buys a cell phone, and at least 1, 2 years. These are typical low-frequency products, which are not very suitable for micro channel purchase.

Specialty products, children’s clothing, skin care products, these are typical high-frequency products, most suitable for micro business channels.

Increase the number of customers

If you want to achieve a monthly turnover of over 10000, the number of customers is too small. Although the micro channel has the characteristics of high customer stickiness and high repetition rate, there still exists a certain rate of customer churn.

The reasons for the loss of customers by the micro business channel:

Dissatisfied with the product, after buying it, they do not think they want it, then they will not buy it again.

Impulse consumption, calm down and feel that the product is too expensive and will not buy it later.

In short, there are many different reasons, which will cause customers to not repeat consumption, and thus lose. So it’s not easy to maintain customers, let alone increasing the number of customers.

So, how to constantly improve the number of micro business customers?

The first is to maintain a good old customer

Old customers are the foundation of micro businesses. They must not be taken lightly by selling, or ignore them.

The second is to make use of old customers to do a good job of fission marketing

Method 1: take the old belt new. Design a number of means of sales, such as: “old customers introduce new customers, once the successful delivery of a product”, “old customers introduce new customers, after shopping can enjoy 5% off discount” and so on.

Method 2: make use of the old customer’s circle of friends. Deliberately planning a number of communication activities, such as some pictures or some product copywriting, let the old customers share the circle of friends, and can also accumulate gifts and the like, and so on.

Again, it is necessary to give up and promote the promotion

Many people have a very strange problem doing micro business: they only want to invest their time and energy, but they are reluctant to invest money in promoting.

Here again, I warn you that we must be willing to throw money to do promotion in the early stage of micro business. Although the method is very important, but the method is not omnipotent, it is necessary to use other means to assist, and promotion is the most important part.

At present, many public numbers, web sites have special advertising services for the micro business, in these channels to smash money to do advertising, whether it is selling products or looking for agent effect is very good. We do micro business, after finding the knack, we must advertise desperately and accumulate a large number of customers in a short time.

Advertising can not pursue short-term gains and losses, but must be considered in the long run. Sometimes you may lose money in the short term, but in the long run it will make money.

Building a distribution team

The so-called build a distribution team is to find someone to act as their agent, then agents sell goods for you, and earn money together. The above mentioned price and increase the number of customers are only the auxiliary means to realize the monthly income of the micro merchants. At the core, the most fundamental means is to recruit agents and build up their own distribution team.

At present, the most popular phrase in micro business is that micro business has already gone through the stage of grass-roots solo, and has entered the stage of teamwork. The team operation here means distribution team.

How to recruit agents

To recruit agents, we first need to know what kind of agents are agents, what agents think and what agents need.

First of all, all those who want to do micro business are sure to learn good methods and earn money. This is beyond doubt. So they tend to look for products that are profitable, and find a powerful and effective home.

Popularly speaking, the agent’s demand is nothing more than 3 points, a better way, a better product, better home.

Knowing this, we are very clear when writing soft agents for agents and communicating with potential agents.

The first is to highlight your strength: to express how much sales you can do a month and how much money you can make; show your position and influence in the micro business industry.

Second, highlight your personality and service: use cases and other agents to show that you are very patient for your home, and you are willing to share the profits with your next family; it is important to emphasize that you will train your next family regularly, and teach a lot of good methods and skills to the next family, rather than tucking it in.

The final point is to emphasize the fire and the best selling of the products: a lot of cases to show that the quality of your product is very good, the effect is very good (really good), to prove that many micro businesses are selling your product, your products are very popular in the micro business channels.

As long as we have grasped the above 3 core elements, we can make free use of the specific practices.

The article is from: China micro business research center

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