20 billion is just a small goal! American hand in the Alibaba: this time it’s going to play big


Today, Tmall is a market that can not be ignored for the manufacturers of home appliances. The “2017 first half of China’s digital household appliances trend report” published by GfK shows that in 2017, China’s household electrical appliances and consumer electronics market share will account for 29%. Tmall’s intelligent and customized products are the main force to support the rapid growth of the online platform.

In 2017, the United States created a “speed of beauty” on Tmall, breaking through 10 billion in just 7 months and completing its sales last year. Next, there will be a big move on both sides.

20 billion is just a small goal! American hand in the Alibaba: this time it's going to play big

Fang Hongbo, chairman of the US group, left a secret meeting with ALI CEO Zhang Yong.

On the morning of August 22nd, in a quiet and secret club in Hangzhou’s XiXi Wetland, the Taiji Zen Institute, Fang Hongbo, the chairman of the United States group, and his accompanying group met with the Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong and Tmall executives.

“Both sides are at a very high level of attendance.” Close to Tmall, in addition to the meeting on the list, in addition to the CEO, the vice president of the United States, vice president Wang Jinliang, the general manager Wu Haiquan of the United States, the general manager Liu Xungong of the United States ander logistics, and Tmall electric beauty home president of India well, Tmall general manager Tian Li attended the meeting.

“Both parties are enjoying their fruits and drinking tea, and they are very relaxed.” Outside speculation, the United States will further cooperate with Tmall further.

20 billion is just a small goal! American hand in the Alibaba: this time it's going to play big

A reporter gave evidence to a middle level in Tmall. He did not disclose the details of the talks, but said: “a month ago, the United States signed a strategic cooperation with Tmall, and this year sprint 20 billion yuan sales target. This meeting is not just about the sales level, but the two sides will have the possibility of deepening cooperation in globalization, new retail, IoT, logistics and so on.

“The scale of the online industry is very imaginative, and this year will increase the existing investment in Tmall business.” The staff of the United States revealed that the future cooperation direction, on the one hand, by Tmall out of the sea to sell the national goods to more countries, the other side with the assistance of logistics and service system cooperation, seize the three or four level market for new demand.

In addition, the US flagship store has about 2000000 fans on Tmall and has become a major “invisible gold mine” in the United States. The decision making period is long, and we need to maintain long-term communication with potential consumers.

Based on Tmall data bank, the United States will have the global digital consumer operation capability. “Who are they, where they come from, what they need?” these questions can be answered through data banks and touch them.

Alibaba group’s latest quarterly report shows that Tmall’s digital home appliances grew by 50% over the same period last year, while maintaining the leading growth rate while leading the industry. The establishment of Tmall electric city’s advantageous position is “benefited from the new retail strategy”.

Through the big data of Tmall, the design and production, distribution and sales of products from consumer demand are providing a high speed new track for the giants.

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