Gathered in the micro shop, the global catcher is sealed, micro business in the end there is no good mode?


Gathered in the micro shop, the global catcher is sealed, micro business in the end there is no good mode?

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For the micro business, the news of the last few days has been more powerful, before the public number of the universal catcher was sealed, then the public number of the micro store was sealed, and even the micro store had been identified by the Hangzhou market supervision and Administration Bureau as a pyramid sale in May. The fine was fined 9 million 580 thousand yuan.

So many people came to me and asked, “what do you think of this thing, Wang Ye?”

So, we have this article today.

I hope that through the analysis of the recent cases of the large number of public numbers, we can fully understand that when we meet some new models in the future, we can judge whether they can do it.

One, three standards look at the new model

  1, first of all, we look at the entry threshold

The global catcher and cloud micro shop have set up a certain fee in the access threshold. The global catcher is 299 yuan. After paying, it will get some products and promotion opportunities. Gathered in the micro shop, paying 398 of the qualification of the shopkeeper and obtaining the qualification for promotion.

From this point alone, we can not clearly say that he belongs to pyramid schemes. Because for the platform, the development of the technology, the cost of the manager needs money, so we can understand it as a member’s annual fee from a business point of view. It is reasonable to receive a certain amount of expenses. Like our Alibaba wholesale platform, it is also an annual fee.

  2, secondly, we look at the money model

If the charge logic is in accordance with the first point, for the subject of the cash collection, it actually plays the role of technical support. For example, the development company of the micro commercial city has praise, he is a technical service provider, and you spend money to get my technology (the right to use the micro business). To the situation you operate, there will be no match. . If it belongs to the traffic platform, similar to Alibaba, then for the occupant side, it is to study how to play the platform and get more exposure.

Therefore, according to the existing formal flow platform, the sellers who depend on these platforms are to make money by selling the products through the difference price.

With the current global catcher and the collection of micro stores, its own positioning is a social platform, so, according to the original intention, it should be the main mode of selling goods by e-commerce. So, if there is no accident, if the sales of these two platforms are 1 million, they should all be sold.

  3, and finally we look at the actual operating mode

Through the study of these two APP and past public numbers, I got the following information.

Universal Catcher: 60 people, the manager. The manager directly pulled people back to 200 yuan and indirectly pulled back 100 yuan. There are 1000 people in LA. The director directly pulled people back to 250 yuan, indirectly pulling people back to 150 yuan. Besides rebates, there are other rebates ranging from 15% to 30% Commission and total rebate.

Shop owners: only by directly inviting and indirectly developing 100 new shopkeepers can they become competent executives. After that, every new owner he invited could get 150 yuan / bit training fee and 15% sales commission. When the number of team reaches 1000, the manager can compete for the service provider, that is, the manager.

From here, we can basically see some routines.

According to what I said above, positioning for the electronic business platform, judging the business performance of the platform is good or bad, according to the sales volume, rather than the head. If it’s a human head, a Taobao shop that has been working for 3 years may have tens of thousands of users. Is it better to drag these users into their subordinates?

Then, we see, in order to better evade the risk of pyramid marketing, these two platforms actually have e-commerce business, that is, the product itself can be sold, and then by inviting people, can get the lower 15%-30% Commission of the lower level, but the incentive, far from a direct reward of 150 yuan to the big.

So, it will lead to the home of the seller, or we say that these people are not the seller, but in order to pull the head of the head fee of the micro business planning team will desperately go to the end of the people.

Two. Why does this happen?

After a few years of barbaric growth, the development of the micro business has been gradually worn out. On the one hand, it is becoming more and more difficult to absorb powder in the micro business. In addition to the strict control and attack of the Tencent Inc, the micro merchants have been cleaned many times, and the fish in the net have become less and less.

Many micro merchants reacted, and now they are listening to less and less training in the WeChat group. In addition to a variety of ways to pull into the group, in addition to robbing a red bag to take a bubble, the basic interaction rate is zero. The difficulties encountered by micro dealers are not only reflected in La Xin, but on the other hand, those who can cooperate in the offline agents can continue to keep less and less.

The emergence of the micro business platform has solved the pain point of the development of several micro merchants. The micro merchants joined the platform without considering the problem of the products. Basically, the product supply chain management is carried out by the platform. The micro merchants only need to consider the new and selling goods. Many former micromerchants have to look for products, stock, shipments and other kinds of worry. Now, we only need to pay close attention to our own offline performance so that we can save time and improve the efficiency of sales.

A lot of micro businessmen just need to pull the offline agent to these platforms, and just pull the new divide, there are hundreds of thousands or more of each month. The rhythm of the vermicelli.

So what you think of the micro commercial big cafe is just a wall of grass. Those who are willing to follow such a fence will not go anywhere. Even I can assert, these people themselves are not to do a good job to do a good job to do micro business, he know that the product will be sold, only to pull the head to make money, the pull of the head is much easier than selling goods, so it is willing to do this in such a light mode.

In other words, these people do not know that the model of these platforms is suspected of illegal pyramid selling, but because these money are good earned, earn more, as to what kind of illegal pyramid marketing, by that time, I have already mentioned, leaving a platform to wipe the butt.

Three, what are the models to be trusted?

If the logic above, we should all be very clear, the Alibaba can do so big, aside from the fake, other aspects of the dispute is almost nothing.

Therefore, it is the first choice to do business, sell goods and choose a regular legal business platform. Of course, more micro businessmen may be done in a part-time way, with no business experience and strong operational ability, so the minimum threshold is chosen. The normal business of micro businesses is not wrong in itself. The fault lies in your superficial understanding of business.

From a long term business perspective, there are several ways that you can choose in this society and the network.

1, give up small business and other part-time jobs, and try to do the job well. I don’t believe that it is difficult to make your own ability in the work and earn 2000 more by working experience.

2, if you want to do micro business, but there is no experience, nor resources, give up micro businesses first, rely on the flow of electronic business platform. Find products worth selling, starting with Taobao and Alibaba.

3, products that are already doing micro business are agents, and their performance is not very good. They rethink the product and their capabilities. Try to rely on products at the source while improving the team and making long-term plans.

4, micro dealers do better, but boast of the so-called big coffee with more ingredients, turn back as early as possible, return to the product, and become a conscientious businessman.

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