Why is your product so good that it can’t sell it?


Why is your product so good that it can't sell it?

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I have a colleague, now called A, who manages a private microsignal in his company that exists as a customer service number shared by the dry goods. The specific form of dry goods is to invite some people in the field of agriculture to share with them. The people who want to listen to the class need to add the customer service number, and then pull the group. Finally, the customer service number will send the live address to the group.

Now, my colleague A has a problem, that is, when the guests share the day, although the group of people still have communication, but the communication content is relatively shallow, the speaker is not much, and he operated the customer service number in the group, it is very embarrassing, can only send a group of rules and so on. .

Why can’t you put it in a word?

I think it’s the two reason.

  1, because this number is in the image of the customer service, so from the point of view of the user, his duty is to maintain the order of the group and do not need other functions.

  2, the person operating the micro signal, in the group sharing the theme of the related industry does not have enough deep knowledge reserves, unable to have a deep interaction with the group of friends.

So he turned to me and hoped that I would speak in this group so as to be able to expose more of our public platforms and attract others’ attention.

  just when I saw the group, I found a problem, so I got the theme of today.

The following content is the focus.

  first of all, I saw customer service number AIT, a group of friends, said he wanted to advertise every day. So I made a backward persuasion against his advertising campaign.

Why is your product so good that it can't sell it?

Why is your product so good that it can't sell it?

This kind of behavior is staged by every one of us every day. Of course, sometimes, this is effective, but most of the time, it should not be effective.

As I have said before, our groups are actually dry stock sharing groups, and all are agricultural people who want to learn knowledge. So, I said the above.

  then, at his point, I also sent a picture of a peach like him in the group and asked if he was tempting and willing to buy it after he looked at the picture.

Why is your product so good that it can't sell it?

Why is your product so good that it can't sell it?

At  , he immediately entered another conversation with another character.

Why is your product so good that it can't sell it?

As a matter of fact, we should have understood it.

Why is your product so good that it can't sell it?

Every one of us knows that we want to buy something, unless it is a product immediately immediately. In general, the seller says how the product is good. We all keep a skeptical heart and compare it with one another.

If products are not needed, they will be directly ignored if they appear before us.

But when we do business in our own business, we seem to forget these things. Instead, we blindly raise our products and belittle others.

In our public funding platform, I can say that 99% of people are saying how good their products are and how bad others are.

 , but they overlook the fact that everyone’s tastes are different for food.

So, there’s so much food in China. If it is only pollution-free, pure green or organic, even if it is a good product, then Chinese agriculture can not make a brand.

After all, China is big and rich, there are not too many places to be polluted, to find a place, to rent a place to produce non polluting products, and then to show that their products are the best, others are inferior, in fact, it is a very easy thing.

In fact, all products need to be understood from three aspects.

First, what is the selling point of the product itself

Perhaps you will say, now, what are the selling points of agricultural products? You see, last year only a few families were making passion fruit. This year, it is already rotten street. In the final analysis, they are all products that come out of a place.

Is it true?

If there is no selling point, then the agricultural products on our platform can not really go on. So, for illustration, I take the example we have done directly.

Recently, a yellow peach project has been introduced. And the advertisement in the upper group belongs to the same kind. The final raise is 615 thousand.

In terms of amount, it is not too high. Maybe some people send more quantities in a day. The reason for this discussion is to explain how we can mine two products.

  for example, the latitude 30 degrees north of the yellow peach base is recognized as the best fruit producing zone in the world. My name is directly planted. Here is my peach.

 , the annual sunshine time is over 1722 hours, the average temperature is 17, and the annual precipitation reaches 1500MM, which provides the uncomparable advantage conditions for the growth and sugar accumulation of fresh edible yellow peach. It is particularly emphasized that these data are not elsewhere.

Most of these ecological and natural environments are available for the current agricultural situation in China. Therefore, relying solely on the natural environment is not enough to highlight two points of the product.

So, you need to add another two points.

  for example, fresh, it is speed. Then write this logistics advantage. “5 kilometers away from Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao Highway export, airport high-speed rail can arrive in 90 minutes, logistics conditions first-class.”

In addition, we all say that the product is good, but many fresh startups are bought by the farmers. In fact, you can’t control the products. In fact, there are no pesticides. In fact, the farmers have been playing early in the process of growth.

Therefore, this time, we need to highlight the contents of products that you think are made by yourself.

Most of the fruit industries in China are “farmers + cooperatives” or “enterprises + farmers”. The advantage of this model is that the industry can be built quickly. However, because of the decentralization of land management, it is difficult to realize the standardization of products. The quality of the year is not the same. At the beginning, after repeated thinking and rehearsal, we finally decided to explore a new road with the model of “circulation of its own land and the common management of farmers”.

When our product highlights are almost the same, we need to match the second directions.

Second, think from the point of view of the consumer

In fact, every one of us is a consumer. What is the specific angle? What kind of peaches do we want to get under our own consideration?

From my own point of view, if I eat yellow peach, it may be for the taste. So, I want to be a little bigger and the price is moderate.

But some people want to buy yellow peach for salad or fruit platter, or after buying it, they will eventually sell it to consumers in the shop. So for them, it may be sweet and crisp, and good quality.

Therefore, from the perspective of different consumers, you will think that my product actually has many uses. Then, we can tap potential consumers through different usage scenarios.

Yesterday, I saw an article about new products that might become explosive products in the future.

Among them, in recent years, crayfish is very hot, the scale has reached 100 billion level, but has not yet formed a big brand. Then from this single crayfish, it is derived to eat the crayfish scene, and then push back out, the future can form a word of mouth spread or around the type of crayfish, eat up the consumption of time products.

From the beginning of the melon seed, to the later duck’s neck, and the nuts of the last few years, the end to the present crayfish is born in a scene with social attributes as a link. Therefore, from this perspective, we can create hundreds of millions of scale products around different scenes.

The third point is to dig some selling points from their own perspective.

Many people are neglecting this point. And our platform is precisely for this is the best.

“Looking back over the past 6 years, we have searched nearly 20 planting areas, with nearly 80 thousand kilometres and 5000 mu planting area, which is only sweet for this harvest.”

At the beginning, I wrote about what I did in the last 6 years. This sentence, can be directly to the consumer a bottom, that is, I this peach, is my own, since 6 years ago, and not a little, is a concept you do not have an area.

There are two points to be excavated from one’s own experience: one is the past bull experience, the other is the past experience. You can only choose two extremes, not choose the middle, because the story in the middle is too much to listen to.

You are more trusted by the passing experiences of the past. In the past, we will sympathize with you and may support you. But the experience is not to cry for help, but to fight back.

Of course, in fact, there are still many two points to be excavated. At present, I am also thinking that besides the bright spot, the problem of operation is more. If you do not match the professional operation team, I think, even if there is such a bright spot, your product is very difficult to sell, because it is now an era of greater than the demand. At the same time, it is the era of diversified channels.

I want to buy a kilogram of peaches, which can be bought directly at the fruit shop. I want to buy cheap peaches. I can also buy them on Taobao.

So, here, I think of a small and beautiful fan economy. After all, we can’t include everything, all the products in our catalog, and not everyone is satisfied. Then the only thing we can do is to maintain this group of consumers who are now supporting you and fully operate around the existing users.


There are a lot of reasons why we do not sell products properly. From the source of the source to the intermediate channel, from the product packaging to the after-sale treatment, from the operation to the customer maintenance, every point needs to be deeply excavated to match the fine operation. I do not exclude the micro business, especially the high – force micro – business, I will look at his circle of friends instead, because I can learn how other people operate and sell goods.

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