If you want to do it, you can’t stop it.


I believe that the modern era of this micro business, friends circle has been made in the circle of friends, even double socks have to move to the circle of friends, no matter how other people think, the author is to make all the ads black, the friends around also have a part of the micro business, but the way of the big division is published in the circle of friends secret secret The words of numb, believe that those words are also most replicating, I am dislike to this kind of lazy behavior, can’t we change a new way?

If you want to do it, you can't stop it.

And today, what you share is how to publish an ad in a circle of friends. Once a user doesn’t want to invest time to see an advertisement, what’s the meaning of the promotion? Since you want to see the advertisement, why don’t you think about how to show the user more easily? This is the copywriter and the ordinary micro business. Let’s make a difference.

The author has recently been studying her skills, and I found that the method inside is almost the same as that of the user. When you are good to a girl, the girl will often send you a good card to be included in the spare tire, of course, except you are very rich or Yan Zhi. In a very high situation, on the contrary, when you chat with a girl in a humorous form, the girl often produces a high interest index for you. In the traditional idea, many people think that a girl can be moved to a girl as long as it is good enough for a girl, but a girl with a little beauty is not lacking at all. Such a good person, and the way to treat them is naturally a good card. Similarly, around the user, whose circle of friends does not brush ads to do micro business? If you want to be included in the spare tire ranks, please continue to advertise!

The first step: the advertisement to be released should be better

Do not know you have found, a lot of friends circle brush advertising, most of the center is around the product and the lack of taste life emotion, which is also most people do not want to see the reason, the following to illustrate.

Example 1:

General sunscreen advertising language: summer sun, a bottle of XXX sunscreen let you travel easily, now sales promotion price, only XXX yuan, please contact, only 3 days.

Optimizes the copywriting advertising language: the summer scorching, can not resist the temptation of travel, Xishuangbanna I came, I almost forgot to bring XXXX sunscreen! Or else to be black! (a photo of the tour will be attached)

Example two:

General clothing shop slogan: a small shop promotion activities, the whole ten percent off full court ten percent off, only the last three days, seize the rush to buy!

Optimization of copycat advertising language: it is said that we should go to the XXX shop to promote clothes shop to see the clothes.

Example three:

General weight loss product slogan: lose weight quickly, do not exercise, do not diet, just buy XXX diet pills to ensure 7 days of effective.

Optimizes the copywriting advertising language: a month as much as 20 jin, I eat a meal will not be fat? (here is the author’s desire to be unable to stop, if no one asks you how to reduce the drop I will send a red packet to you)

Example four:

Generally speaking, the slogan of buying shoes products is: buy and sell a brand of sports shoes.

Optimizing copywriting slogans: I heard that lovers do not send shoes, otherwise they will break up, but this silly wooden boyfriend actually sent me XXX sports shoes.

2. is also worried about what to do tomorrow’s mountaineering campaign, my boyfriend actually sent me XXX sports shoes, I believe tomorrow’s mountaineering trip will be very successful.

At the same time, three examples are given to show that, even if you can do something about it, then we can analyze these three examples. The first is to integrate the interest in life, to explain the things in life, and to be concerned about by the users; the second point is to integrate their own personal emotions and opinions. Focus on the details of the description, third is the indirect recommendation of the product, rather than direct sales, the difference between the two is that one is to kill one is to kill one is to kill, to play the glory of the king knows, both of the effect is the nature of the other, from one thing to another, a good copy of the project, a good plan. It must be integrated into the color to drive users’ emotions and resonate, so that users will be willing to invest time to be sold by you.

If you want to do it, you can't stop it.

Two. The three elements that make the copywriting more colorful

1. learn to tell stories: a person who will not tell a story, is not a good advertising agent, many people begin to complain, I am not good, how to tell a good story? The story is not good, will not go to see? A pile of passages, more than a few times, no one will come down, no one will come down, one day, one day, one day, one day, one day, one day, one day, one day, one day, one day, one day will, one day, one day will, one day, one day will, one day, one day will, one day will, one day, one day, one day, one day will, one day, one day will, one day, one day will, one day, one day, one day, one day, one day will, one day, one day will, one day, one day will, one day, one day, one day, one day, one day, one day will, one day will, one day, one day will, one day, one day, one day, one day, one day, one day, It takes one hour to read novels. In one or two years, you will be able to write a classic martial arts novel. Believe in yourself.

2. learn to modify with the modifier: parallelism – rhetorical rhetorical – Metaphor – exaggeration – hyperbole – Double – repetition – contrast – synaesthesia – and so on. Pupils know that you will not find a tofu hit first. After a story, the best thing is to learn to use these modification techniques to make the advertisement full of reading. Fresh vitality.

3. with the help of the truth: when you do the advertising, we must follow the truth and not exaggerate, thus increasing the trust value of the advertisement, and take the mountain climbing to give an example. The mountain climbing naturally needs a pair of suitable sports shoes. If you promote the slippers, the promotion will be a little funny.

Three. How do we import our products from the story?

Like what it said above, from one thing to another, you need two media to succeed. If your advertisement is to sing a single play on your product, then it is sure that the effect will not go well, then there will be a certain relationship between the two things, the nonsense will not be said much, and the following examples are as follows:

1. contrastive introduction

Example 1: eat a lemon sour today, or change the sweet cherry, it’s only 5 pieces on the Internet.

Example two: the pixel of the mobile phone is poor. Fortunately, the boyfriend brought his 2 million pixel XXX cell phone.

Example three: This necklace from a boyfriend is good, but it’s not as good as the XXX that the boudoir delivers.

From the above example, it is not difficult to see that at the same time, in advertising, there are two references to compare, the role of advertising is wide, not direct sales of products, so such as promotional discount can not appear, the purpose is to let users finish, and publish their own ideas to intercross, thus increasing The big deal rate.

2. story offset import

Example 1: bought a white dress on the Internet, but it feels unpleasant to wear, not with the color of the skin. It seems to apply a XXX mask in the evening, otherwise you can’t go out tomorrow.

Example two: buying a piece of clothing on the Internet is a little small, and it feels like it is going to burst. It looks like it is going to lose weight through XXX diet pills.

From the above example, it is not difficult to see that the story reverse a big reversal, not the regular out of the card, such an advertising effect is often very big, thought-provoking, you can try it yourself.

3. presentation of story introduction:

Example 1: today, I found out that a lot of people had played XXX umbrellas to block the scorching sun.

Example two: today, passing XXX cosmetics shop, found many people to grab the new XXXX cosmetics.

Example three: find that many people buy clothes today and go to the new shop. Who would like to go with me?

The statement of a simple thing is often very good, simple and easy to understand, far more stronger than dense advertising, the highest level of advertising is to let users do not know you are advertising, once the user knows you are a dog, then you have no interest in communicating with you, let alone what the interaction.

If you want to do it, you can't stop it.

Four. Advertising should set some simple questions

At the time of advertising, some simple questions can be put forward. The purpose is to let the user participate in the interactive discussion. In the case of my recent circle of friends, I have recently been exposed to some income maps in the circle of friends, but not how to do it, there are many people to take the initiative to consult, which is also the above. If you want to do it, you can’t stop it. You can also ask some questions appropriately. In the above examples, you will often see that there will be some question marks.

Five. How do micro merchants better absorb powder?

The above methods are based on the user base, but many friends ask questions, no fans do what? Fans need to accumulate through the promotion, this point is not urgent, most fans are divided into three categories, the first kind is the high quality fans. In general, you can try to do self media promotion, but this kind of fan is also the most difficult to find; the second is a common fan, that is, a potential customer, he may need your product, but now it doesn’t need, just understand it; the third is a bad fan, usually by sharing a red packet to seek attention but Fans who have no interest in the product are very easy to get such fans, but what is the use of them?

The best fan is to let others actively add you, rather than blindly add the people nearby, and then carry on the high time investment chat, most people know that you are not able to communicate with you, because the micro business depends on the accuracy of the fans. To promote the promotion:

1. group to promote group promotion: now WeChat and QQ group are more fire, and the exchange is very active, can try to add a few groups, and then use the front method for advertising, believe that the effect is good, but the first half of the month must be kept in the group active, mixed face ripe, do not come in and do not wait to send advertising, want to send ads, want to send ads, want to send ads, want not to send ads, want to come in, to send ads, want to send ads, want to send ads, to not come in ads, want to send ads, want to send ads, want to send ads, want to send ads, want to send ads, want to send ads, want to send ads, want to send ads, want not to send ads, want to come in, to send ads, want to send ads, want to come in It’s just like having a chord with people in the group to advertise it. It’s just like chasing a girl, and even though the ultimate goal is to reproduce, you tell her at the beginning: I’m good, let’s get together and grow up together! Believe that a girl’s slap will not get you North.

2. to do content sharing promotion: now on the Internet to promote, most of the Internet to do promotion, most of the content around the content, and the content is absolutely not simple advertising, but indirect promotion, the emphasis on some things, such as you are doing skin care products, may wish to share some real cases, but then indirectly lead out the product out, the detailed effect is not Often good, and then is to share the channel, for the micro business, you can do a website and self media to promote the promotion, the effect is good, although the early need to invest a little money, but a good later effect is very good.

3. related forums and post – bar promotion: related forum and post bar sharing is also a good choice, because these places on the Internet exposure is very high, but to pay attention to the way. About promotion is no longer said here, Cen Huiyu wrote a lot of related articles, you can take a look at it slowly.

Summary: This article focuses on the new way to advertise micro merchants. Many micro merchants make garbage content in the circle of friends. They have been put into the cold palace by the users, and then do not understand what they have done wrong. I believe this article can have a new extension thinking to the friends of the micro merchants.

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