Watch a cola marketing means feel, micro business can make a fortune.


In this “machine” cannot be lost in the time, one in the hand, the world I have, a lot of people also started the Internet promotion, among which the proportion of micro merchants is higher, and at the same time, the micro merchants also occupy the majority. Why do I have no choice to do micro business, because I know that a person wants to do a bit hard, and no In a marketing training opportunity, I learned some marketing knowledge in a marketing training opportunity.

Watch a cola marketing means feel, micro business can make a fortune.

Remember that training, the most impressive to the author is the promotion marketing of a famous brand cola. Do you remember the activities of a few years ago. Whenever you get “another bottle” of the bottle cap, you will be happy to exclaim, and then change a new bottle. Instead of expanding the effect, it increased the cost, so the coke product planning manager came up with a way to build a vending machine in the subway, the bus station, the school gate and other places, and the vending machine was not a common vending machine, but a higher vending machine, a person. It is impossible to finish the coin at all. It needs a person to carry a person to carry out the coin, and the coke bought by the vending machine is much lower, and the market price is 4 yuan, and only 1 yuan and two bottles are needed here.

When this program is implemented, many people think this approach is crazy. Human nature is always the way it is. It is a silly act to think of an impossible thing. When others succeed, it is silly to follow others and ask a silly question why others can make money. I lost my money.

When this kind of vending machine is introduced, the response is very big. It is the crazy thing that caused the attention of the user. When the user is looking for the help of the user, it is already cheap to get a bottle of coke when the user is looking for the help of the user. People, and easy to help others, can get free coke, why not? Many people ask questions again, this is not an increase in the cost of products? I can only express the helpless, how do not invest in the promotion of good promotion effect?

Of course, this is just a training sharing experience, and I think this is a good idea, and a coke is already a brand name, then let’s analyze the reasons why others are so successful.

Watch a cola marketing means feel, micro business can make a fortune.

1. the product has a wide audience: it is easy to find that a cola has a wide range of recipients. Most people, except some special situations, do not resent this product. A lot of micro merchants always complain about doing small business, and then look at his products, the audience is poor, what weight loss drugs, skin care products, men’s clothing, learning appliances, just the accurate face of a group of users, plus online competition ability is not as good as the line, do not feel the direction is not a few, a lot of micro business do Most of the reasons for the bad are limited by the audience of the product.

2. product consumer price is not high: a bottle of coke is only a few yuan, the consumer’s economic level to live, many do micro business, always turn the eye to the quality and price of the product, a product sells thousands of good, who will be willing to spend money to try? The higher the price, the lower the user consumption try, a lot of. Micro business is not good, a large reason arises in the positioning of products.

3. willing to invest in money and time: from the above example, it is not difficult to see why businesses dare to reduce the price of commodity prices. The reason is that they know the investment will be rewarded, the bold attempt does not have the effect, but nothing does not have the effect, here I also want to spit the slot, many previous micro merchants. Looking for the author to consult cooperation, and they often put the effect on the mouth, as long as the effect, money is not a problem, when let her investment promotion, and do not want to invest, this kind of white wolf cooperation way is really annoying, I stressed that many times, the promotion is not the sale of the life of the product, product marketing or not. Well, a lot of the time to look at the market demand and the product itself and competition, and many bosses naively think that as long as they do the promotion, it will be able to save a lot and go to the peak of life, of course, some willing to try to invest, maybe already successful. In a word, you don’t even dare to invest. What kind of money do you want to earn?

The above is the author of this study of some personal views and summary, then for the micro business, how better to do better micro business? I have summed up some methods, you can try it.

1. to share activities planning: every commodity, can do some sharing activities, if each commodity cost is not high, can be shared to a friend to reduce the price, and also give a piece of goods to the shared, so that the promotion of the effect. What if the price of the goods is expensive? For example, skin care products, a bottle of more than 100 how to do, the complimentary cost is too big, so may wish to share the 10 friends, and then the ten people to share the micro letter group, in informing everyone, random send a 0.11 yuan of red packets, who robbed the most, and then share to 10 use. Household, after sharing a bottle of skin care products, such a word, and can be sold when new users enter the group, everything to buy products only need to share, can be discounted to get the product, and also have the opportunity to get free products. This way, to reduce consumer vigilance, second is to increase the exposure rate, fission exposure, although the cost increases, but the promotion effect, later making money is just a bit sooner, many people are not willing to invest in the early stage, and then have been unable to accumulate customer sources, so forced to transfer, a lot of people. Say no money, no investment, then I just want to say, if even make money, investment, learning to other people to guide you, coax you to consider, then you are suitable for poor. Poor people are not terrible. They fear that their hearts have been obliterated and dare not stride forward.

I remember Ma Yun seemed to say, “I walked forward when I was poor. People told me that the road was too long and could not go, but I had changed my car in the middle of the road. Others told me that the front was the big river, the car was not going, but I had changed the steamer at the edge of the river, and other people said to me that the front was a cliff and was in the direction.” No doubt before going to death, and when I reached the edge of the cliff, I changed into a plane.

For those who do not understand the promotion of marketing, and do not invest, all day say you can bring me a lot of effect, I invest in what effect, I can only say: wish you good luck!

2. users to cross the way to build: many do micro business, there is a thinking misunderstanding, their idea is to let the accurate customers add them, and then get a deal can be calculated as the effect, I believe that people often buy things in a treasure, when a treasure came out, online shopping was questioned by the majority of the crowd, online shopping is unrealistic. And now? Every product promotion has a period of empty window period, facing the empty window is the most fearful, when others are free to tell you the direction, not to go to investment to execute is the most terrible, in a treasure shopping, I believe everyone is often concerned about the review area, this is also the author’s emphasis on social networking. The key.

Watch a cola marketing means feel, micro business can make a fortune.

A customer group, can let people reduce the vigilance of shopping, can also promote the transaction rate of order, not a businessman, not a good businessman, no matter what to do, the relationship determines how much you make money, if you do not even a customer group, then you do not consider doing micro business, sooner or later.

Many people have doubts, the customer base has been set up, how to attract the group? If the customer is to send the negative information in the group, I want to ask, which is bigger than a little negative information? Too many methods to attract the group, willing to invest in the brain is easy.

The positioning of 3. products should be accurate and accurate: the author made an interesting survey, and asked why they chose a product when they asked why they would choose a product. The product positioning determines the difficulty of the later transaction. The product positioning takes into account the user value audience, the user’s economic consumption face, the product duplication face, the market competition difference surface, the product quality face, the user trust surface and so on. Many people think it very simple, you only need to do it today. To bring 5 accurate customers to me, I will give you money, but ignore the user factors, do the same as the principle of micro business and SEO promotion, whether or not it depends on the needs of the user and the saturation of the market. About the location of products, the article before the author has said a lot, and there is not much to explain here.

4. to do the preparation of the Internet promotion: want to expand the influence, do not limited to the WeChat promotion, do a good job in the Internet promotion, WeChat public number, independent official network, social group, the media, SEO, competitive price all need contact, if only the users are limited in WeChat, that kind of effect is not strange, do not ask There is no time to explain what to do.

5. to tap the user to hit the sexy feeling card: mining the user is the most difficult step to do the micro business, to see a lot of good methods on the Internet, but the lack of due persistence, before a micro consulting author, after a certain time explanation, I actually complained that I just want to know how to do a good job of micro business, what promotion and so on and so on. I said, I just want the client to make a deal with me. At that time, I had a blank mind, so she gave her a task to add some women to her group. She naturally rebounded to add a group of ads? What’s the use of quasi customers? Do you have anything to do with it? It’s not necessary! When I just want to explode a rude word, it’s better to send money to you by other people.

You might as well try to see if you can mix the social groups according to the customary habits of the users. The real marketing promotion is not effective in one or two days, without the patience to give up early.

The reason why you recommend to the group social, one is to learn sales words, talk to the customer like a girl like, many people will find that when the customer after asking the price, the customer is lack of topic, so is the beginning of the end of the deal, and the reason for the reason to mix face, many reasons are to increase credit, no trust value, you What about business?

The rest of the 6. is the day after day: after sharing some of the methods, many micro merchants ask, are there any more simple, faster and less investment methods? The author suggests that you buy a bowl to collect money. To do well in micro businesses, it is necessary to persist day by day. It may be two or three days, possibly two or three months, and possibly two or three years. Therefore, it is not urgent and urgent. At the same time, many friends in the WeChat circle to release some promotional activities and product introduction, on this point, I suggest that the circle of friends share some case maps, and the number of words do not too much, or you know is advertising, direct skip.

The above is what Cen Huiyu shared today, what I learned through some channels, and then share it with everyone, I hope to help you, do not like to light a little!

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