What should I prepare to do the micro business well?


What should I prepare to do the micro business well?

In the last article, we said, whether it was micro or e-commerce, to promote the network king, we can rely on a number of large medium or small e-commerce platforms. One example illustrates the direction of the electronic business platform, that is, all chips. Specific to detailed reasons, there are two main reasons, the first one: through the platform, you can get the C end and B end users, so that we can expand sales channels, improve sales; second: through the public platform, we can obtain brand publicity and dissemination, for the brand in the future operation and promotion of some credit endorsement and loading. Force capital.

So today, I would like to take this opportunity to talk about what we need in the process of doing micro business. Whether it is a pit or a trample, or the experience gained, we must pay attention to the process of doing business.

First of all, one of my members asked me a question yesterday to begin with.

What should I prepare to do the micro business well?

Surely many people want to know about the above questions. Most of the people who care about the public number of our micro electricity supplier are thinking about this problem among the agricultural entrepreneurs I have contacted.

On the one hand, a entrepreneur has a skill or a source of goods that wants to do something through this. On the other hand, it doesn’t know how to make the skill or the source of the goods value, in other words, a way to make money through the skill or the source of the goods in a short time.

Without knowing how to produce value, there are two reasons. One is that the entrepreneur itself is limited in ability and resources, including limited knowledge and limited experience, so it can not be planned from a long-term point of view.

On the other hand, a lot of entrepreneurs are alone, without a team, can not form a complete business chain, and then can not form a scale effect, and in the end it can only be small.

So, from bottom to top, if you want to do a thing for a long time and make money, you need to prepare well from the beginning.

The most basic, the most important preparation

In what ways do I prepare for it? I think the following aspects are more clear to me than the practitioners.

The first of course is the most basic qualification.

As an example of the agricultural products that I have come into contact with, the agricultural products we say can be divided into two kinds, one is the primary agricultural product, and the other is not processed. The other is the primary processing of agricultural products. Of course, there are also famous agricultural products and so on.

So, when you are doing something, you must know clearly what qualifications I need to make this product. Generally speaking, people with a little business sense are very important to these things. Because you definitely want to be bigger, even if you don’t have the ability to grow bigger now, you need to be prepared mentally.

So, what basic qualifications do you need?

1, the entrepreneur identity card affirmative if true and reliable, 2, you can have debt, but can not have overdue record on the letter, 3, even if you start to do your own home potatoes, you have to be a individual business, so that the legal protection of your rights, and can also be recognized by consumers. If I want to be a team player, preferably a registered company. 4, since it is a food related product, you definitely need a food circulation permit. Although the primary agricultural products are not needed temporarily, if there are some words, is it more convincing? 5, in addition to the food circulation license, in order to more standard, you can be a health certificate. Of course, for the process, it is necessary to have a health certificate before it can have a permit for food circulation. 6, if it is a company, should there be an office, at least always have a similar office space. 7, since it is a product, whether it is agricultural products or other products, always need a brand. So, you need a trademark. Therefore, a trademark must be registered. 8, if you are like a friend who talks with me, you have to apply for a patent. If there is no patent, only the OEM, you have to sign contracts with the manufacturers or the companies that have the ownership of the products.

No, these days, a towel on NetEase’s strict election is out of order. It is because, when the NetEase strictly selected the towel in choosing the supplier, choose the most living brand of the same supplier, and the most living towel is the G20 special supply, and is the only one. As a result, NetEase strictly selected the “G20 for the same paragraph” propaganda, and finally torn up. Up to now, NetEase’s strict selection has removed the publicity instructions of “G20 exclusively for the same paragraph”. As for the specific tear force content, you can search by yourself.

These are the places where entrepreneurs must prepare and pay attention when they start their business most or when we call it business.

You can know what you have to know

Of course, some people will say, I will sell goods, and there are so many concerns. Besides, my goods are not produced by myself. They are all agents. The superiors have shown me the business licenses and quality inspection reports. They are reliable. This should be no problem, make money again.

I can not deny such an idea, and it is certain that people with such thoughts occupy more than 80% of them.

I don’t believe, you can choose to open a circle of friends and see what’s the product of the micro business brush? Then choose 10 of them and ask for a fake consumer. What are the questions? For example, I want to represent your product, don’t know where your manufacturer is, and what company is the manufacturer? If I want to do this, what I need if I want what I need. What are the qualifications or qualifications? Do you have all the qualifications to sell or produce this product? How many people are there in your company now, how many of the company’s products are there? Is there a registered trademark in this brand?

Anyway, you can ask questions based on the basic information you need above. If the answer is ambiguous, or it takes half a day to respond, it can be concluded that he is only one of the agents. It is clear that you are doing business in your conscience when you start your own business.

The single wolf battle is unsustainable

Now many people come and tell me, Wang Ye, I want to do micro business, but I don’t know how to do it. Do not know how to do, in my opinion, in fact, there are two layers of meaning, one is not know how to do the promotion of drainage, the other is the drainage, do not know how to transform.

If we look at a better micro – business point of view, in fact, you will find that he is not doing this one person, but a team. It is possible that this team is 2 people, maybe 5 people.

According to the entrepreneurial point of view, the most original to do a thing, generally three people’s collocation, the front is to understand some operation and promotion of a person, the back end is to understand the supply chain to talk about the cooperation of a person, the middle is a person responsible for the whole project development planning, of course, this person, will also undertake one of the heavy. As for the role of the post, for example, I am better at the WeChat public number and business related promotion. That is, my role in the whole project is to make clear how to do the product, how to go in the future, and to be responsible for the content writing of the public number, the maintenance of the fans, the promotion and drainage of the public number.

So, do not know how to do micro business, or people who have joined the micro business, can not do well in micro business. From the perspective of social business, they can not blame you completely. There are two reasons for you to be free.

First, the threshold of micro business is really too low. Anyone with mobile phones and WeChat can do it. So it led to a large number of people doing micro business. When there are more people selling, the competition is fierce.

The second, due to the development of the entire mobile Internet, the rise of the micro business, led a large number of business by the slogan model can make money, resulting in the industry as long as the micro business can be made to make money. Eventually, people without any ability to do it. Therefore, only when individuals are doing micro business, can they not do well.

Make a good plan for the war

Of course, you can’t do well in micro business. If you blame all of the above reasons, you can’t do well in your whole life. So, 80% of the reasons why we really don’t do well are inherent. Before you really start, you need to think about the following aspects.

First, do you have enough knowledge about the industry? In the recent time, when I was involved in the project, I found a problem, that is, those who are brave to start a business, have accumulated enough experience in a certain industry, whether it is the understanding of the industry, or the study of the products in this industry, more depth and breadth than the ordinary people.

Secondly, do you have enough resources to accumulate in the industry you want to engage in? To put it simply, in these agricultural projects that I have contacted, basically, when choosing products, they choose products that they can control. On the one hand, because you have been engaged in a certain industry for a long time, can get a lot of related resources, on the other hand, maybe the entrepreneur has a lot of this kind of product itself, can do it directly.

Besides, do you have any related projects? The understanding of the project can be divided into many kinds. To the current micro business people, you think directly, you have been in the previous one or two years, have not engaged in Taobao shops, engaged in Taobao e-commerce, how you do, what problems you met, how you solved it. Or do you have to do something like a stall or an entity store, because in the present case, the person who has passed the stall shop is sure to turn the customer into a WeChat friend of his own, and then do some marketing on WeChat.

If you recall, did not do it, and now want to enter the micro business, then I think, think twice. If it has been done, it is not doing very well. Then, you have to think, why not do well? Invest money to spend money in, do not do a good job, rely on a small circle of friends around the circle, can you do it well?

Fourth, when you start to do it, can you find a good partner. Or at least when it’s too late, can we recruit employees or find better partners to work together? Some people will think that since I did a good job, rich, still afraid of not getting people? It is sure that the person who said this sentence has not been a business company, think money is someone. Even if there is money, there are people who are useless. Do you want them?

(fifth) when you decide to do it, do you plan well for the next plan? This plan can be seen in many ways. I simply summarize how the team is set up, how many people they need, when they can find it, how many people have come, how to arrange their work, what is the expected goal of the product sales, how to get to this goal, what way to reach it, how much the path can be done, and how much it needs to be. Room and so on. When you make a plan every day and do a good job of statistics, I think, even if you get up early and don’t know what to do, just open the form and you know what to do next.

In fact, there is still a lot to think about. I won’t list one by one.

On Wednesday, I met a 30 year old Taobao electric practitioner who was a woman. Age is actually about my size, but people are millionaires, and the annual sales have exceeded 100 million. If you buy nuts at Tmall, it is likely to be her shop (not three squirrels and grass).

On the one hand, she grabbed the bonus period of Taobao’s electricity supplier. At that time, she went to university. She was also a little bit confused. On the other hand, it is, of course, insisting. Now that we have stepped into Taobao electric business, we have made nuts products. So, I have done her now. Of course, as the company continues to expand, she needs to learn more.

A lot of blindness is a summary of my work. It’s best to be able to help you.

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