How does the fresh food micro business pry 1 million 500 thousand of its revenue with 5000 yuan try?


How does the fresh food micro business pry 1 million 500 thousand of its revenue with 5000 yuan try?

This Wednesday, the WeChat applet came up with the important function of “attachments applet”. It should be an absolute bonus.

When WeChat was promoted in the early days, not many people played. Later, WeChat joined the nearby people and drifting bottles, then gradually broke out.

For the WeChat small program, it is the same. For now, the entry of WeChat’s “small programs nearby” is under the “small program”, which is relatively deep. I have reason to believe that future “small programs nearby” will definitely be placed directly in line with “friends circle”.

Because the “small program nearby” is obviously a function of the scene under the bias line. WeChat has no full blow when it is indiscriminate. On the one hand, it shows that WeChat officials want to make some different things by the micro merchants, such as whether it is possible to do an e-commerce platform, or to develop more WeChat payments by micro merchants. On the other hand, it is not clear that the WeChat industry is too clear. How the bottom will develop. Therefore, the reason why the prison micro business itself is word-of-mouth, if it is necessary to do some e-commerce transactions, then it can only be combined offline.

Since it is under line, through the line of business before the public number, in fact, you can see that the business has been keeping pace with the times, in the development of the Internet today, the volume of business will not be due to the impact of e-commerce or the development of WeChat less.

Therefore, it is foreseeable that the function of “nearby small program” will make the ecology of small programs develop vigorously: “users have small programs available” – “users, stores benefit” – encourage the market to produce more small programs, more users choose to upgrade services, and attract more users to use small programs. There is no doubt that WeChat hopes to promote the development of the small program market through the opening of this function.

Of course, I am not entirely talking about how good the small program is today, because I will not do it any more. Like the WeChat public I saw at that time, I gave a lot of instructions to subscribe numbers and service numbers, and I also wrote many articles to explain the benefits, especially for a lot of wired entity stores or several stores, and Taobao Tmall merchants. The final result is very few. So, no matter how the times develop, these people eventually return to the question: how do I catch and sell WeChat users?

Since you don’t know how to catch WeChat users, you might as well look at how others use WeChat to do marketing.

A case I want to share with you today is how the fruit store in the commercial and residential district broke through 1 million 500 thousand turnover in. Look at how “human nature” works in marketing logic, and how to make use of “human nature” to achieve an annual turnover of 1 million 500 thousand.

Human nature needs to be thought and needs to be constantly felt. If you are learning professionals, you will find it clear, but the actual operation will still automatically enter the whirlpool of “egoism”, at least one of the links will fail, causing the failure of the chain program.

When you understand human nature, you can use it in every part of the marketing, every interaction, every word, and not me, what we do, if you always emphasize yourself, no one will take care of you, because no one cares who you are, unless you can help him.

The following contents are from the Internet, compiled by editors.

This fruit shop is the original sales center in our district. Later, a portion of it was used to make kindergartens, and the other rooms were rented out for small shops. This fruit shop is one of them, which has 150 square meters, mainly deals with imported fruit. Nearby kindergartens also receive children from nearby communities, and the total number of households in several districts is more than 7200.

The method is simple, that is, adopt free strategy through WeChat. Planning these years, free strategy is the best way I use. The use of good power is huge, and the failure to use may bring negative effects.

How to plan to attract the first batch of fans?

At the very beginning, we printed many exquisite single pages. The single page theme was “imported fruits free of charge”. We do not write a few buildings on a single page, and write directly next to a kindergarten. Do not write the value of the donated fruit, how much is the direct price of the store. Then, the following fruit products are introduced, all imported, and some well-known varieties made in China. The bottom is personal WeChat two-dimensional code, scan code free to eat an imported Apple or a pitaya.

Here is the absorption of powder, and here is also a strong grasp of human nature. Why not write the address but direct the kindergarten next door? Because people are lazy, people seldom pay attention to others are the number of buildings, you just tell him the kindergarten, he will know the address. Why not write the value, but write the price? Because the price gives people the feeling of real gold and silver, and the value is somewhat empty. Why should a fruit also be delivered to the door? Because people have vanity, love face, do not run to a store to lose face for a fruit.

This is a profound grasp of human nature: suspicion, greed, and slowness. The words of modern marketing are greed, vanity and doubt.

At first, the landlady said no, it would send the shop to bankruptcy because the cost of imported fruit was quite high. I said, if you don’t, your shop will be closed within half a year. She asked why, I said that you would not close the door without a guest? Now, it is cold and clear, can sell a few pounds of fruit a day? Open the wages and rent, you are sure to be money.

Later, I told him the whole way of thinking, and of course there were some inflammatory components to make her decide quickly. Finally, she said that fruit could also be bad if it was not sold, anyway, it would be better to play advertisements before breaking down. She is also a helpless move, but also think of open.

How do you get the first batch of fans?

Some other districts have strict access control, and they start with doormen. Since the gatekeeper has eaten the fruit, he has also become familiar with the neighbors.

Next, start the order page for a month.

In the morning at the door of each district, every person sends. By the way, the shop is next to the community kindergarten. Just try WeChat and send pitaya or apple to the kindergarten. 6-9 in the morning, 3 hours, 5-7 in the afternoon, 2 hours. It’s OK to have only one shop assistant in the shop. Anyway, it’s not busy at the moment.

There are other primary schools nearby. They have time to go to school and take a few boxes of fruit. The two primary schools in our neighborhood are owners. It’s our local famous high school. In this way, single page and fruit were sent to the owners.

Sometimes, in order to change the pattern, we will purchase a batch of lollipop at the same time. Some parents are not interested, children want to eat sweets, no way, parents sweep away, receive a lollipop and fruit. Sometimes the same parents were not interested in the first two times. Later, they met more times and felt embarrassed.

Using this most stupid method, the first peak period, one day can have more than 100 people plus friends, and later, there are also three or four people, both land and land continued. Once you have a fan friend, the marketing campaign in WeChat will start. When the single page was sent for more than 20 days, the boss saw a good result and asked me what better way to do it. I told her not to worry about it and then explode it again.

Everyone who takes the initiative to add friends, we will ask the guests the detailed address, like what fruit, note, and then the time to send it. At that time, the clerks were very bitter. Sometimes they just came back from a small area, and then they had to go again.

In this way, a month has passed, and there are already 2000 fans and more than 5000 fruits.

After getting fans, how do you make the online transformation?

The next is to sell through WeChat.

In this micro signal, all the precise fans are saved by a drop of sweat. With these original customers, I carried out a strong fission with them later, and the effect was good enough to burst!

For the existing fans, we sell a soft promotion every 3 days. Never pushed hard, just released some fruit related knowledge and interests in the circle of friends – attracting them instead of pushing them hard. Every time the content is sent about a fruit’s benefits or preferential information, it can be opened up by my friends circle.

This is human nature too. If you push hard, others will block you, or even delete you. If you use interesting topics to attract them, they will be interested. This is the anger of humanity. You can’t affect other people’s work and life.

For example, we will publish a picture of a cut pitaya in the circle. It is tempting to cooperate with a text: eating pitaya often makes the constitution become weak alkaline, and the chances of having a son are very high. For example, Hokkaido cherry, put two pieces of cherry photos with water drops, with the words: the effect of eating this cherry is better than hyaluronic acid, strong supplement of natural VC! Australian cherry children will be smarter than the other children.

Different fruits have different functions and can always touch a group of people. Even if you can’t remember to eat this fruit, I’ll create your needs by releasing attractive pictures and words.

Sometimes we occasionally issue some meat, but they are not explicit. For example: I go! This apple is bigger than my chest! Or joke: so and so a guest sold a big durian to go back, second days of spirit. The old man next door, because he didn’t bring any fruit, went to kneel for a night.

Do you know that sending out such a copy will bring a smile to the corners of the mouth, so that they can relax from the countless work conditions. These scenes can make people imagine scenes, and people can easily take seats. Because 70% of the people are visual, once you open his vision system, there will be a familiar scene in his head, you are attracted to him, and then, the desire to interest and want to buy is produced.

This is also human nature, emotion determines thinking, thinking determines action, action determines outcome. This is the reason why many foreign masters are group control.

Besides, the proprietor is also a person who understands life very well. In addition to releasing fruits, she often makes fun of her own packaging, sometimes fashionable and cold. Sometimes there are scenes of purchase, job descriptions of staff in the store, etc. In this way, you can find the feeling of an old friend. In this way, you can find a sense of familiarity and a sense of consumption security.

We play a dollar game every month, send it to the circle, then send a group of notices to limit the number of participants. As long as the next 7 days to shop to buy any fruit and pay a dollar, will get a number. Add all the number of friends to a group, for example, we have enough 200 people, that is, 200 yuan. Then on Sunday, we will draw lots, record the lot of small video to the group, catch whose number, who can get 200 yuan of fruit.

This piece of money can fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the guests, he will always pay attention to progress, because everyone is in a group, joking and chatting about home. Are these people really winning the lottery? Not necessarily. This is a kind of expectation, a sense of participation, fun and excitement.

This reflects the other side of human nature: novelty, curiosity, excitement and participation. These 1 dollars can bring you closer to the relationship with some strange guests. The real live broadcast will make your relationship break instantly.

Close the relationship and make the fission at the right time.

As I said before, the proprietor asked me what else to do. I told her later that there were big moves to see if you dare play. The goal is to let fans split, so that they can help you to introduce more guests. How do you fission? Emotion + interest.

This is human nature, another point of human nature is “love”, but love needs to be stimulated. For example, I said there was an earthquake and I needed donations. You may not know. But I send you the picture of the earthquake and the tragic situation of the children. It will inspire your love and compassion. If you have money in your hand, you will give out some of it. This is love in human nature.

We are already familiar with the truth, what we have done to bring happiness to all of us, and how we work to bring good fruit to everyone. It is not easy for a woman to take a couple of girls to take care of a shop. So you just need to move your fingers forward and tell other friends to have a fun fruit shop, which is not difficult. But there must be some temptation of interest. Otherwise, why do new guests come?

So, we put forward the idea of the introduction:

To help us invite 10 friends and WeChat, I will send you a free card. This free card is agreed on a certain day, you can get a free 60 yuan of fruit, and in the time before the free day, you buy a 12% off fruit. Meanwhile, the friend you introduced will also get 60 yuan of fruit free of charge. It’s all in your name.

We have written the technique of speaking, as long as the guests directly forward to friends, we will do a good job of note, who is introduced to record, to facilitate the latter express thanks.

The design of this free card, in addition to the guests to the free day full of expectation, will stimulate them to buy fruit many times during the waiting period, they will continue to pay attention to the situation in the store, the chat topic in the group is more enthusiastic.

Here we use the love, greed, idiot and vanity of human nature.

In about ten days, WeChat has increased more than 1500 friends. This is the effect of fan fission. The business in the store continues to operate as usual, and marketing activities are continuing. Later, the demand for customers increased, and the store also developed fresh juice, door-to-door and other value-added services, but also a great source of income.

The business of the mobile Internet is to talk about it.

According to the author’s account, the shop was very good in the later days. The whole North City, as long as there are clusters of local communities, have their community fruit shop, is also a small celebrity in the local.

In fact, business is good, life is also good, can not leave the deep grasp of human nature, you have to change the position as far as possible to think, when you are in a certain link, what is your perplexity, what pain, what results you desire. My experience is that when you are half asleep, this kind of inspiration will suddenly appear.

Then you can design your proposition based on the results of these transposition thinking. In your opinion, we should surprise our guests and make our guests full of expectation for the future. This design should be filled with every link, the circle of friends, the interaction and the interaction each time. In this way, the success of your sales process is predictable.

For the micro business, it is a person who operates. If you don’t even know the least human nature, how to do business well? For those who do not know how to add fans, they may not be a material for business. Because business experience is made, not shouted.

If you are already engaged in offline food and beverage, entity wholesale and retail and other micro merchants, more should be from the perspective of marketing, from the WeChat official point of view to think about the problems they have encountered, and then focus on it, do business. Whether it is the WeChat personal number or the WeChat public number or the preparation of the WeChat small program, you have to have a strong executive force, and then have a tacit team of cooperation to succeed.

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