On WeChat, it’s not just a way to make money.


On WeChat, it's not just a way to make money.

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In March, I wrote an article, “in addition to the micro business, what are the ways to make money?” the amount of reading is more than I expected, and I didn’t think that everyone was so concerned about the way to make money other than the micro business. In previous articles, I just enumerated the ways of making money in several directions, which is the way most people can do at present. For example, do Taobao, a lot of people say I don’t understand Taobao, and how can I be able to put all my heart into it? Well, if that’s the way I say, I can only say that I can’t make money.

Last week, my friend went to the Alibaba to hold a meeting. The food category TOP merchants mainly talked about the changes and gameplay of Taobao under the food category in 2107. After he came back, he told me that many of the businesses involved were Taobao in the last two or three years, and they were all similar to husband and wife or two or three friends. After a big deal, only a few customer service and package, the core operation of the shop is to do their own.

It also gave me a more accurate judgement that it is never too late to do business. Whether it’s the business under the line or the online business, try and stick to it, and then get the right way, 80% of the chances are to be big and strong.

So today, I want to talk to you about how one person can earn millions by relying on a micro signal.

 , to understand how to make money, first of all, we need to know, we are using the micro signal, in the end what methods are can make money? Only know the micro signal in the end what methods can make money, according to their own situation to do the corresponding products and services.

1, small merchants selling goods

For this, we must be the first to think of it. After all, the public number of our micro electric home is still in the direction of selling goods.

Goods, we can be divided into tangible and intangible. Physical form refers to specific physical products, such as hickory sold by myself. The invisible general refers to the virtual class or the service class, such as the circle of friend forwarding software, which belongs to the virtual class, and the pay member that we offer the professional answers belongs to the service class.

From the way of selling, we can also be divided into C2C, B2C and B2B2C. C2C is the way that we see most of the retail sales now, the screen, the products, message or private chat – private transfer – delivery – feedback – screen. B2C, mainly by the public number as the main mode of electricity providers, through the access to micro mall to do some transactions, relatively more standardized systematization. B2B2C, this model is relatively unfamiliar. In fact, the essence is now the private micro business, that is, the manufacturer or dealer in the platform, through the micro business system, the existing supply of the supply of goods or direct forwarding to the circle of friends, and then return to the platform after the list. Similar to current distribution.

When relying on WeChat to make money, most people choose to sell physical products in C2C mode. Therefore, the final result can be imagined, not only can not earn money, but was caught in.

So  , so the first thing we teach you today is that we can not sell real products if we can sell virtual products.

For example, let’s give you an example. Around the ecosystem of Taobao, we can summarize several aspects: 1, Taobao platform, 2, Taobao sellers, 3, Taobao buyers, 4, third party service providers.

There has been a saying on the Internet that pave people earn money, and those who send water earn money. Only those who walk are losing money. How to understand? That is, Taobao platform makes money, Taobao third party service providers make money, only Taobao sellers lose money. Of course, this is just a ridicule, not necessarily entirely correct. However, from our point of view, when we have nothing, it may be better to start with the water bearer.

If you go back to WeChat, it’s really clear. In addition to the beginning of the top micro business agent model at the top of the people make money, the rest, the only person who sells software makes money, the trainer makes money, the tutorials make money. These are around the micro business in the service, can be regarded as a virtual class.

Of course, our micro e-commerce home public number is free to provide content, then why will there be a paid community and the recent access to pay articles? Do not worry, the following method of making money will give you answers.

2, WeChat public number

For most people, the public number is to read articles. However, little is known about the fact that there are too many people who earn money on the public account.

Perhaps many people do not understand why writing articles can make money. In fact, this can be traced back to the traditional PC – end era.

If you have a certain observation and Research on the Internet, you will find that almost all of the Internet products around us are free, such as the WeChat you are using. In the traditional PC era, the slogan of “free is king” has hit the world. QQ is free, Baidu search information is free, to say that the most famous is, of course, 360 antivirus. 360 only rely on a antivirus software, it has done the second echelon of the Internet industry, according to the valuation of the return of A shares, will reach $60 billion, almost 380 billion RMB. Before that 360, the market size of antivirus software was several billion a year. The 360 is free, gets a lot of traffic, and then makes browsers, games, live broadcasting, mobile phones and a series of products.

So, writing articles is the same. All the public numbers you see are free. When you get a lot of fans through free content, you can cash in. Let’s take our own account. Although our public address is free, there is no link between fans and fans. Through user feedback, in fact, fans are very eager to have a link, that is, the hope around our micro e-commerce home, around Wang Ye, to do a community, everyone can exchange and learn from each other. Therefore, we have established a paid community, so that we can better communicate and treasure.

Another example is Gu Ye, who has attracted countless fans by explaining an interesting historical story through vivid and interesting contents. And then, it’s the big ad. What’s more interesting is that Gu’s content is interesting, so you can guess at the beginning that you can’t guess at the end, so every time you have an ad, everyone looks forward to who is the final advertiser. Instead, it makes the advertisement a content. Including the last year’s Imam, an advertisement is said to have been 500 thousand.

Of course, the public number is definitely not just a rough, simple profit model for advertising. There’s an electric business. It is the B2C and B2BC patterns mentioned above. In particular, relying on the public number began to do electricity providers, the content of the electricity providers are good at.

So  , so the second trick we teach you today is to put wool on a dog and pay for it.

Many micro businesses are Bao Ma, and then there is no big skill and ability, so they can only be forced to choose simple micro businesses to buy and sell goods. But the wise man will not do it. Why? Because she wants to make more money.

I have seen a public address that specializes in how to cook food. Her public number from 200 thousand to 600 thousand took 3 months. But it took her 2 years to accumulate 200 thousand fans. Why did the 400 thousand fans only spend a few months? Because the scale went back to operation, that is to match the team. In the course of their work, they found that the people who love to see the food are not interested in where the food can be bought. Instead, they are interested in the pots and pots and pots of the food inside. So they began to sell pots and pans.

Nowadays, they can reach 2 million sales in one month, and the number of teams is 10. Without her early pay, there would be no fission of fans and cash in content.

If you are a treasure, if you are a treasure, you are already in the home, there is no income, in the premise of ensuring life, why not do some preparation, so that 2 years after the birth of the child can be in line with the society? Don’t look at the online any treasure mother, even one hundred thousand of the month, I tell you, you, you It is impossible to have her kind of treatment, because the real people who have entered into thousands or even one hundred thousand of the people, do not have time to see the public articles and watch TV programs, are busy shipping, busy packing, busy processing after sale, busy developing products, busy visiting customers under the line.

Like myself, now I have to squeeze a little time a week to write an article to share with everyone, and the rest, either to write or to reprint directly. Why? Because I am busy communicating with other people who are trying to do things, and I am busy with some of the Bulls sharing. The ultimate goal is to bring more useful knowledge to us.

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