Micro business promotion essential thinking: understand human nature marketing, let orders fly all over the sky.


With the advent of 2017, Internet marketing once again reached the peak, from Taobao to WeChat, still have a huge Internet army to join, and at present, most of them are mostly micro merchants, low cost, high income, earning thousands of dollars per month is not a dream. But is this really the case? Is it really easy to make money by doing micro business? Here’s a brief analysis for Cen Huiyu.

Micro business promotion essential thinking: understand human nature marketing, let orders fly all over the sky.

Before many of the small business friends found the author through the Internet to consult how to make orders rise and make money quickly. Most of these businesses have a feature: low cost and big idea. In the eyes of this part of the small business friends, think that it is only necessary to find an internet promotion master, let it help promote, spread out a part of the bonus to the promoters, can sit and wait for the money, the idea is very good, but the real sense of bone, who will be willing to give you free publicity workers? Remember before there was a small salesman selling weight drugs friends friends Friends, through the Internet to promote the weight loss drugs, the general dialogue is like this.

Micro business friend: can you consult and promote it with you?

I: please say.

Small business friend: Hello, I am doing weight loss medicine, want to use WeChat or Internet channels to promote my products to my customers, let more people buy my products, our product quality is very good, I can guarantee… (the introduction of a product of thousands of words)

Author: so who do you know who needs your product?

Small business friends: as long as the fat people will need me to lose weight, because I have to lose weight medicine is a professional agency R & D agent, and the price is very favorable (here to introduce a few hundred words in the advantage of the omission product).

I think it’s not complete, because there are a lot of ways to lose weight. It’s going through a layer of screening. Many people choose exercise and diet, healthy and no side effects. So what you want to do is not let the user know how good your product is, but use a case to stimulate the user’s needs, so you want to screen out the fat. … (interrupted)

Small business friend: you are not in this industry, may not understand our industry, as long as it is fat, want to lose weight quickly, think of us before a colleague, do this weight loss medicine is good, and most of the customers are fat, and our weight loss medicine, generally can be reduced in the short period, and do not rebound… (again omitting hundreds of words)

The writer: OK, you can do what you want.

This kind of chat is not only one time, a lot of small business friends treat products and even back into the flow, but if you ask him where the customers are, he is not clear, chatting and talking to the product introduction, fundamentally ignoring the most important thing to do micro business: human nature.

Micro business promotion essential thinking: understand human nature marketing, let orders fly all over the sky.

Before the return to the topic we discussed, the human marketing explanation is more convenient to understand, do micro business in the end not make money? It is also convenient for friends who want to do micro business better understand the job.

Most of the business is a waste of time, the money is almost a small profit, and there are some small businessmen to make money in the low profile, so do small business make no money, all you see if you have the way, how to judge the way? Just look at the micromerchant what he usually do, if you send out his daily ad in a circle of friends, then This kind of micro business is very little money, of course, also have money, here may give a friend just a small business to pour a pot of cold water, but this is the fact, the Internet age, is the people who understand the people can not understand; now most people choose to do micro business is to make some extra blocks, escape from the nine to five day work day, relaxed and relaxed play. Mobile phone money, so can do a good job?

Micro merchants really don’t make money? The answer is of course NO!

I also remember a small business friend, also to do the promotion of weight loss medicine, but in his circle of friends almost see no advertising, more is a few real life trends or examples, but people are easy to break the moon, why? Is because people know human marketing.

Before exploring human nature, you may think about some of the questions I have summed up, and think of the answer in my heart. If you don’t think about it, it still doesn’t depend on human marketing or as a porter marketing.

1. how good is your product? (of course, I know you will be very confident about your product).

2. the dependence of your product on user demand is not strong?

3. what kind of impact does your product have on users?

4. have you considered what users really want?

5. users want to know the part of the product most?

6. do you have your product?

7. where are your demand users?

8. how to get the required users to pay for it?

9. do users in demand afford the level of product consumption?

10. where is the advantage of your product than the peers?

These ten questions are the most basic questions, in fact, there are many problems, but fear that people are not easy to understand, the most basic problems are listed out. Recently, I have a friend to do a similar to buy a rise and fall of the platform, is a beautiful sister, but also let me understand the platform, let me help promote, her promotion, her promotion, her promotion In the same way as most of the way of promotion, the WeChat group issued advertising information, the circle of friends published life dynamic (women), of course, according to the author’s knowledge, she also made a lot of money. She gave me a word that made me deeply affected: you see, this is the profit that my friend put in yesterday. Why do I have a deep impression on this sentence, from “friends” two words, I believe that a lot of small businesses recommend their products to friends more easily than to recommend products to other unknown customers, friends, whether from the friendship, or from the needs of life, you still have a very high reputation value, this is also before us What they call “human nature”.

Second, my friend also added a lot of people who do not know, and also have a good turnover rate, mainly through the float bottle, shake a shake and the nearby people crazy add to people, add 50 every day, a beautiful woman suddenly add you, you certainly will not refuse, by chatting to the users to pay, the user’s idea is also to please “beauty” “,” not real investment, if the product is good, when the investment, will invest, the product is not good, the customer will be black, this is the usual thing, the user is not silly. So the ultimate purpose of the user is to please beauty, not really investment, this also causes the user’s not long, but it also contains “human nature”, this point does not do too much explanation, everyone to experience.

Micro business promotion essential thinking: understand human nature marketing, let orders fly all over the sky.

What is human nature? Simply is the essence of human nature, what is human marketing? That is, the marketing strategy of the essence of human nature. For example, I have always been frugal, and there are few opportunities to buy clothes. In a shopping mall, because of the lack of experience in buying clothes (can be compared to the blindness of the user to the product. ” I met two guide buyers, the first buyer would say, but the things are not on the point. Whenever I look at one more clothes and two eyes, the first guide will introduce me in detail. This dress is good in quality, new, and produced in XX, many people like it, and as for the back, I don’t remember; and The second guide is much smarter. Whenever I see more clothes, I say, “do you like this one? I think this is good, especially with your height. It must be very handsome. You can try the fitting room first if you think you can.” It was just a casual look, the result of psychological satisfaction, just take the fitting room, in fact not know how good, but when out of the shopping, the guide said that you wear this dress really good, to be honest you say, the quality of this dress is very good, and is the new import of South Korea, the most suitable. Your handsome boy, and the price is not expensive, the original price is 589 yuan, just today we do activities, only 320 yuan, you do not want to see such clothes you will not want to miss it! The guide is still drunk in the full of praise, and then decisively payment.

What do you see from the above examples? The writer sums up one sentence here: understand what you need and know what you think. And everyone can’t help but have questions, are these and doing micro business relations? Of course, there is a relationship, of course, remember, today, the sharing is thinking, not practical methods, only the thinking is open, the way to make money is more natural, I always think that thinking is greater than practical. Next, we should make a summary of how to make use of human marketing to better do micro business.

One, more valuable product selection

If you have not formally done the micro business, still choose the product, may as well focus on this point, because a good product has an irreplaceable impact on the future rate of cooperation, the product has the value of the user, so that the product can be better sold, many people think that the product can not be sold out, because of the promotion power. The reason for the lack of degree, and then to find an promoters can solve all problems, in fact, the idea is too naive; a good product contains these features: the user’s dependence on the product, the product price is the user’s consumption level can bear, can make users repeat consumption, the quality of the product itself is high. These conditions are very good judgement, if you do not know how to judge, you can contact Cen Huiyu alone.

Secondly, there is also a point that the product do not do a mess, I have a student, but also do micro business, sell women’s things, face mask, cosmetics, clothing, even snacks are sold, I also gave advice not to sell so disorderly, the result is said that the more the better the production of varieties, so that the better, this can be better To meet their requirements, the author is very speechless, thinking carefully, she said no reason, but after half a month disappeared in the circle of friends, as for the reason I do not say more here.

Micro business promotion essential thinking: understand human nature marketing, let orders fly all over the sky.

Two, understand the correct way to promote the order to fly all over the sky.

Not the micro business is not good to do, but most of the micro business use the wrong method, many micro business products are very good, but there is no good customer resources, a big reason is that there is no correct way to use the promotion, a real understanding of the use of human marketing master, the general consideration is not only the product, more is the user. The real idea, a lot of micro merchants choose social group advertising, in exchange is to be kicked out of the group chat, why do they do such a rat? I can only think that such a lazy way of promotion, only to dig themselves, and then jump in, because he does not want to spend time to understand the true ideas of the user, The effect is almost negligible. Then the problem comes again. How can a better user not exclude himself?

1. be patient, not to be seen by the customer

As a micro business, patience is essential. You have to be as patient as a girl. Don’t let the user see through you is an advertising dog. How do you do it in the first step? Don’t think of yourself as a product salesman at this time. This is an exchange with a friend as an eye. At the same time, understand the customer’s basic care. The biggest difficulty in this step is to become a friend of the customer and to be the staff member of the decision making of the customer, so as to stand on the United Front with the customer.

2. understand the appropriate praise of customers and promote cooperation

Appropriate praise to the customer is also an important hub to quickly pull into the relationship between the two sides, but to grasp the scale, do not appear too affectation, we can take the example of the author’s clothes to think, first of all to explain the position, make the customer feel perfect, and then add products such as tigers, so that customers will not have a product. The feeling of repugnance.

3. share your own stories and attract customers

Do customers like to listen to your chatter, or do you share some small stories? What kind of way do you prefer to know about the product? For example, take the weight loss product before you can start with a fat person to complain to the customer. Cool, just need to say a few words, there will be a crackling customer over there, there will be a turning point, but it is good, I before the help of friends, the success has been reduced. At this time, the customer will not be able to sit, I can assure you, you will not be able to sit, or the customer will ask you how to do it, or let you recommend a friend to know him. It is very necessary to know more about the effect of a weight loss drug than as a result, so it is necessary to understand the basis of a story that resonates with the customer.

What is said is how to correctly communicate with the customer, all these are accurate customers, if there is no customer, and how to promote the promotion? There are many ways to promote, but do not take the way to publish garbage, if you say that there will be no other than harassing advertising, no other. Try to do the following:

1. take a part of the time to visit the Post Bar

I like to visit the bar, one is to have a large number of accurate customers, and a large number of promotion experts, one can understand what the users most want to see, for example, we can also go to search, from [weight loss bar] most of the diet diary, this is the vast truth. Users want to see, if you do not understand what the user really wants to see what it is, may as well go around the post, you can not go to [stock bar] see, you share is not the experience of stock speculation? So, take more time to visit the post, no mistake.

Micro business promotion essential thinking: understand human nature marketing, let orders fly all over the sky.

2. know how the user wants to see the final effect

Before you buy a thing, the most important thing is quality. If you continue the crackling oral guarantee that the quality of the product is good, then you will wait for the customer to pull you out. If you solve a user’s doubts about buying a product, it is a case that shows the final effect of the product and thus stimulates the consumer’s consumption. Of course, the higher the case is, the higher the individual’s credibility, the higher the transaction rate will be.

3. know more about the knowledge of Internet promotion

Most of the small business is not good for the reasons for the lack of Internet promotion skills, and even some micro businessmen do not want to invest. You want him to invest some money to open a net shop, or to make a website to make a good image, and like his life, fear of investment how to return? Of course not only only refers to money investment, but also own time. And learning investment, now do a good job of micro business, just two conditions: a steady stream of new customers + sticky strong old customers = micro business long-term profitability. By constantly accumulating and expanding their income, we can achieve a monthly turnover. As for how to constantly tap new customers, there are too many ways. Here we do not elaborate. Today, we focus on “human nature” thinking.

Micro business promotion essential thinking: understand human nature marketing, let orders fly all over the sky.

4. know how to talk with customers and turn potential customers into precise customers.

The so-called human nature is to integrate the most basic feelings between people and people, if they do not attach importance to this point, so the so-called “talk” will become the piano, the consequences of the customer play the piano can be imagined, how to talk to customers better? The first step, try to find out what the customer has not solved, second steps to explain their own There is such a problem, and then aggravate the consequences, the third step in explaining the steps to solve them, the indirect promotion of their products between the second step and the third step, to introduce the recommendation, and then the third party identity and customers to introduce the product.

Summary: there are still many ideas about the promotion of human nature, but looking at the number of words, it is close to five thousand words, and no one will finish the estimate. This article is to elaborate on a thinking mode of doing micro business, less practical, as long as the thinking is smooth, and in connection with the actual action to do micro business. The effect of the letter is much stronger than the death advertisement. I hope this article can help you. At the same time, if you can’t solve the ten basic questions of the author’s question, you can also find me. The above is only Cen Huiyu’s personal view.

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