In the cross-border electricity supplier, the king koala, NetEase, started a micro business.


Recently, the speed Research Institute issued the “2016 sea Amoy e-commerce market report”. The report indicates that China’s sea naughty market is entering a period of growth, and the customs of the users are gradually developing. In the industry, koala, NetEase, has dominated the market share of Hai Tao’s electricity supplier with a larger advantage.

In the cross-border electricity supplier, the king koala, NetEase, started a micro business.

The speed Research Institute data showed that in the domestic market of the sea, NetEase Cora took the first place with 20.8% of the market share, although it was not quite different from the subsequent platforms, but it was also shocking enough to stand out. Because compared with Tmall, Jingdong and, the advantages of NetEase koala are not large. And NetEase koala like vertical sea electricity supplier, small red book, ocean terminal, and so on, the market share is at the end of the market.

In fact, since last year, NetEase koala has launched a strong offensive against the market. In the second half of the collective sprint of the e-commerce industry last year, NetEase Kola joined the platform of double 11, black five and double 12, strengthening the concept of “foreign goods”, playing a personalized marketing strategy, and setting up the first achievements in the sales of the core free trade zone.

And recently, NetEase koala has made new moves. According to reports, NetEase Kola recently launched the “micro shop owner recruitment plan”, began to recruit individual shopkeepers throughout the country, to help NetEase Cora on the sales platform on the sea, mainly in WeChat promotion and practice, the final method of payment is also paid by WeChat and UnionPay. Judging from the way of settlement, this measure has little difference from traditional micro businesses. Not only that, it is also evident in the way of sales. There are two main ways to motivate shopkeepers to sell the NetEase. One is to enjoy the sales income of the sales products, up to 50%. At the same time, the shopkeeper can also invite WeChat friends to be shopkeepers. If friends have been invited to buy the special products of the shopkeeper, the original store owner can get 200 yuan directly, and then the workload is based on guidance and training. Performance can also be rewarded with 25% of the good shop profits.

The NetEase’s “micro shopkeepers” plan has aroused rapid response in the industry. As a large offshore platform for ecommerce, the NetEase Cora intervened through the model of the shopkeeper, evading the risk of pyramid selling, and at the same time, it began to impact the traditional micro business and the purchasing industry. It is undeniable that this mode will soon attract a large number of shopkeepers to enter and become another growth point of NetEase koala. But the only thing to note is that such a similar form of direct selling is likely to cause a user’s repugnance, although there is a powerful platform endorsed by the NetEase, but once the purchase of goods is linked to the income, it is difficult for the user to be surprised.

I don’t know what the other platforms are going to do.

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The fast track research institute is an authoritative data research and analysis organization under the speed road network. Committed to the domestic Internet market industry data statistics and analysis and prediction.

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