Does micro business do bad business? Listen to what he said!


Does micro business do bad business? Listen to what he said!

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I haven’t written articles for several days. It’s time to order chicken soup. Oh, no, it should be called reason. Today, Mr. Wang himself wrote about how to do micro business in 2017 and how to do micro business.

If it is a friend of my private micro signal, or a friend who has been paying attention to my public for a long time, I should know that I sell nuts, the main camp is our Ling’an pecan, after all, it is planted by ourselves, with the advantage of goods and price. So, I have always advocated that if you don’t know what to sell, start with the most advantageous resources you can get yourself.

Can you do the micro business in the end?

I sold nuts, which started around 2010, and it was going to be at college. At that time, most of the students were going to make money, or by sending fliers, KFC and so on to earn some part-time jobs. So, in addition to making fliers, Kentucky Kentucky house delivery, and hotel temporary attendants, I will get some of my own pecan for sale every year to September.

At that time, people who sold the goods like myself did not really have much. After all, the mobile Internet was not so developed. The most popular website was estimated to be Renren. Sina micro-blog, or later on fire. Smart phones are not so popular, and most of them are functional machines. I am more likely to try them. Taobao bought Motorola Android mobile phone. When I got my cell phone, I couldn’t get it at all. It was too advanced.

So, for me, apart from selling pecans in school, of course, we need to expand other channels, so we chose Taobao. It was almost the Taobao that opened in 2011, but unfortunately, it didn’t last. If you look back now, you will find it a pity. If you had insisted on doing Taobao, you would be rich now.

  so, the first question is now in 2017, can micro business still be able to do it? My answer is yes, boldly do it. The reason, from my experience above, should be able to understand. If you look back on 2017 in 2020, if you don’t do it, you will surely cry like I do now.

Which people are doing micro business?

Of course, the micro quotient in 2017 has also entered the deep water area, and it can be done without doing anything. Otherwise, why do you only know three squirrels after 2012?

  since we can do it, we will continue to dig out. What kind of people are we doing now?

  first of all, the office workers are doing part-time jobs.

 , followed by Bao Ma, because there are plenty of time to spend at home.

  then the students, because of the lack of money.

  moreover, Taobao sellers are doing it because they want users to settle down.

  finally, the self-employed shop owner is doing it because he wants to expand more business.

You may wonder why I can sum up who is doing micro business. Because you have seen the research data of micro quotient, you may think that 80% are all students of Bao ma. Why are there other people?

This is the power of the data. My micro electric home public number, up to today, has also accumulated 18 thousand fans, right, you are one of them. Our paid community has also accumulated nearly 200 members. By analyzing the data of fans and members, we came to the conclusion that 80% of Bao MA students worked part-time, but eventually became cannon fodder. The remaining 20% of the micro quotient achieves real micro quotient.

Why  ? Why do 80% of them become cannon fodder? The answer is actually very simple, because they are just starting to do business with nature.

What is to do business with sex?

In front of my own experience, as you can see, I almost did my own business in 2010. Although so far, no wealth, but enough to see two words: persist.

Adhere to the original intention of doing business, insist on the dream of being a nut brand, but now the dream is greater, and hope to continue to adhere to more healthy agricultural products besides nuts.

And you, I think, at this time, you should close your eyes and think about when you started to want to sell the goods. If you didn’t guess wrong, it was 2014, late, maybe yesterday. Then think, what is the original intention of selling the goods in the micro business? Well, it seems to see other people who do the micro business make money.

What is the original intention of my business?

 , because my family has no money for me to study, and if my parents earn money in the countryside, I can only rely on some hard work to make cement bricks. So, as a college student, I have grown up, if I can earn 300 of a month’s living expenses, I can give me less than 300 at home, even if I don’t need it at home. This is the first reason.

  the second reason is for my own dream. What kind of feeling is that when you know the first time a rural baby comes to a big city like Hangzhou, especially when it lives in Hangzhou for 2 years, and is more likely to be able to fall in the city of Hangzhou. But, you know, for the current housing price, you have worked hard for a year, and you can not buy a toilet. When you know these realities, what other reasons do you not insist on doing?

  so, when I did this business, I never envied others to do well, and never care about another Taobao and nuts, and how much a year. Because how much he lost is nothing to do with me.

Until now, I have not made a fortune, because I am not jealous of the rich, I care more about others’ views and principles. When I started a year or so last year, the entrepreneur magazine had made an interview with me. The title of the magazine was called “why do I worship Ma Yun?” and it was mentioned in it. I hope that when I evaluate me, more is a positive image.

So, I still have no house in Hangzhou, I commute to work, and sometimes I ride a bike to take a bus. Well, I have bought the car, is also forced, because Hangzhou Limited card number, I was pulled in, if choose to give up, after 2 years of time, there is no chance to buy a car, so, it can only hard on the scalp, after all, the car, this thing, can improve efficiency. For example, there are 10 temporary gift boxes to be delivered. The car is more convenient to drive, and it saves more money than a taxi.

Well, I’m sorry, it’s far away. In fact, all this is to illustrate the fact that business needs to be taken step by step. If you don’t have a marketing mind, don’t take big steps.

No longer go with the flow, please answer the retail nature

This is not, since 2017, you have found that WeChat group Taobao customers suddenly get up. Because 80% of the micro businesses are doing part-time jobs, and they are playing temporarily. So basically, which one is easier to make money to do. However, I don’t know if I should say it is unfortunate or that you are very good. Many people who read my article do not know WeChat group Taobao customers.

What do you mean by misfortune? Let’s say a number of data. We paid a member of the group’s friend’s wife to make this WeChat group Taobao customer. It was done in August and September last year. She was able to earn 2-3 million per month. And now, she can only get up to more than 10 thousand points. Well, I think it’s pretty jealous for most of the micro businesses. Why is such a good business not introduced to you?

So I said the misfortune is here, a wave of fast money you did not catch up, if now come in, no accident, you are the same batch of people who do micro business at the end of the same, 1 weeks earn less than 100, resolutely give up.

But fortunately, what I said before is that you still insist on doing your own business and sticking to the direction you want. However, it is also possible that there is no money.

  although you don’t make money, but if you want to do business in the future, then you can continue to see what to do.

Last year, I also sent an article that Alibaba wanted to enter micro business. They launched the source of treasure and focused on the supply of micro suppliers. In order to explore the truth, I have experienced the operation from the perspective of sellers and buyers, and suddenly found that this is a good model to rely on the development of WeChat.

As a seller, the logic is like this: the seller enters the Alibaba with the company or the manufacturer as the main body, and then provides the special product to the micro business crowd. For example, I sell the Ling’an pecan, then, you in the Alibaba website is not the search for my shop Ling’an hickory, only through the Alibaba mobile phone end of a specific channel can.

As buyers, the buyers here are actually agents or distributors. Because the Alibaba itself is the main wholesale. So, the logic is this: the agent (micro business) can choose the supply of micro business, and then choose the product to be agent, become the agent of the seller, and then need to cooperate with the micro merchant APP source treasure for WeChat forwarding and selling. The seller will give you an agent wholesale price and retail suggested price, as to what price you sell to others, it’s up to you. The more you buy, the less discount you can enjoy.

I think that’s a healthy business model. The seller provides the supply, and the buyer purchases the goods according to his needs. Then, the seller will give appropriate knowledge and skills to explain. As for the final sale, it is not the seller’s responsibility. The so-called survival of the fittest is the law of nature.

I bought the identity of the buyer as a distributor agent, and then was pulled to the seller’s agent group, making me more aware of the right of the Alibaba to do the micro business. The seller said, “we can’t guarantee that you can make money, and you can’t guarantee that you get over ten thousand dollars a month. But, as long as you approve of the product, all the relevant qualifications are complete, and we can cooperate with each other. You can do it by doing a part-time job to earn zero money. If you earn less than more than 300 in one month, you should be satisfied with 2000.

This should be the essence of social business. Manufacturers are responsible for products, social idle personnel are responsible for sales, and sales are not aimed at making big money.

So in 2017, we also stayed in the Alibaba, because I always advocated retail as king. Even wholesale, it is necessary to go the original wholesale, the first level sales mode, the two level is the consumer. Just the Alibaba’s Micro supply is in line with our requirements.

As a part-time micro contractor, in 2017, you should take the attitude of making pocket money. Start from the product you can trust. Just like a few days ago, I made a lot of dried bamboo shoots in my circle of friends, and I brought 10 orders at once. Why haven’t I sold products for half a year, and people are willing to buy it? Because trust. They all know that I do farm products, and the most delicious bamboo shoots are Ling’an’s. last year, new products were sold and sold, so today, I buy them. It’s so simple.

Of course, in addition to micro business, if I really want to do business, I also suggest that we can continue to do Taobao. After all, Taobao traffic is still very large. If Taobao combined with WeChat, it might burst more power. Like a friend of mine, I began to do women’s clothes in the end of February this year. They took the goods in the wholesale market and brushed the list. There were two hundred or three hundred of the daily shop traffic, and the daily turnover was 2, earning more than 50 yuan.

So, finally, to sum up a sentence, do business, can not be casual, even part-time, also do what you are good at products and fields, and then continue to stick to, and finally make their own brand.

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