Low business rate? Only four ways to achieve net profit!


Recently, some people told small knives that the turnover rate of micro businesses was too low. Turnover rate is too low, often for micro business is fatal, and slowly, they will lose enthusiasm. Some people leave messages in the background, hoping that the elite can bring us a way to improve the turnover rate. How to say, in fact, do the rules in the micro business industry, everyone knows about the same, but since there is a difference of information, some people do not know, that knife will share some of the things he summed up to everyone, hope to be able to give a little help to a confused friend.

Low business rate? Only four ways to achieve net profit!

Before the analysis, we must know, why do you have a deal? There is no doubt that the first aspect is the real product, the second is the charm, skill and influence of sales. What is this? What do you mean by this? Do you not see these words and feel no kindness? Don’t worry. Listen to the knife and speak a little bit more.

The real product is the value of the product itself. For example, some very famous brands, when you sell these things, their own value can attract customers, and do not need to say too much, because everyone knows that this is a place where real products are attractive. So when doing micro business, try to choose some good products, you choose some inferior quality products or not much name, others may not dare to buy, after buying the effect is not good, and will not buy. And the famous brands are different, and because of their influence, they can’t stand on the market. That shows that the quality is good and can attract people.

The charm of sales can be interpreted as the charm of micro business. This is not difficult to understand? Now the general public number is making personal IP. Why do some brands, such as jewelry and cosmetics, want to be endorsed? It is a very good image, and the endorsed stars are beautiful, their personal charm is here, they are using these products, so they have the appeal. The same goes for sales. You have your own charisma, others appreciate you, and are willing to buy your stuff. For example, Huang Bo is your idol, Huang Xiaoming isn’t, Huang Bo and Huang Xiaoming recommend a used car at the same time. Which one do you buy? Whether or not to choose the most attractive one for you, buy Huang Bo. Therefore, fans should like to have the right to speak.

Low business rate? Only four ways to achieve net profit!

See here, do small business can not help asking, how can become a small businessman red man? How to build a personal IP? In fact, it is also simple, I believe it is not difficult for everyone to realize. First of all, when selling products, we must take care of the customers, take care of their emotions, treat their problems, whether it is superficial or how to answer patiently. Urgent people, take care of them very thoughtful, and not sell out the product to sell out, need to have emotional interaction, the emotion is very important, is the condition of transaction. There is another way to improve your influence quickly.

A female friend sells cosmetics, and people are also beautiful. They often record short videos, make up their own videos or explain make-up and beauty techniques. These videos are going fast on the Internet. After every video, he will have his own advertising. It’s a good drainage. You can help others, people will trust you, and you can buy the products you recommend. She will not have a low turnover rate, and business is in full swing every day.

The reason why I am talking about personal charm here is to tell the micro business, first of all, we should package ourselves. For example, you are selling beauty products, can turn others white, and you are a black coal ball, like black face, who is willing to buy your product? You are an example, sell the products are black, the product can be white? So, personal charm is quite important, the charm of a person is equivalent to the core competitiveness.

Skill is equivalent to the way of selling, or routines. When selling products, the model can be replicated, how to raise the enthusiasm of the customers, fully mobilize their emotions, so that they have the desire to buy. This time is particularly important, people prefer to praise, there is a sentence to say how to say, a good word of three winter warm, so say good words, let others feel angry, not to tell the truth, to tell the truth too hurt. If the other side is not so beautiful, you can praise him for his temperament. And don’t talk about it, do you understand it? For example, you are beautiful, and the words are not characteristic. Who knows what is beautiful? To be careful, for example, it is clean, or the eyelashes look good, and the nose is very good. By the way, people are envious. People admire you. Do you have a sense of pride? Someone once said that what is happiness is that you are more than one hundred dollars more than your wife’s brother’s salary per month. So the sense of happiness is the contrast. If you are so flattering, customers will be happy. After all, they are envious. When you take the lead, they will be happy to buy it.

However, you have to remind you that you can’t exaggerate when you are boasting, you can’t exaggerate, you think, others are a passer-by, you blow people to doubt life, so it’s not very bad? So it’s very good to stop.

Low business rate? Only four ways to achieve net profit!

Effect。 Influence is slowly accumulated. It needs to invest time and repair itself. This is not difficult to understand, you have been in an industry for ten years, and slowly will have fame, the people who do this industry will know you, so the influence is gradually improved. If you really do a good job, the word of mouth will also be mentioned in the industry, and the influence will be gradually expanded.

I would like to talk about the personal experience of a knife. This thing is not a skill to win. If you can notice the details, you can still play a part in some aspects. That is, the speed of the transaction must be fast. Why should the transaction be quick? And there is a deeper connotation, that is, to establish confidence for oneself, and also to build confidence for customers. I don’t know if you don’t understand. Your own confidence means that you have a solid understanding of the product and are confident of your product. And you know, this thing is popular. The faster you are, the faster you are, the more you can see your self-confidence, the more you know your product, what’s the advantage, not the virtual. If the other person asks you the question, you do not know three or ask your superior agent, you don’t know, others dare to trust. Are you? So you can’t grind, be familiar with your business, and the customers don’t have so much tolerance, so you are strict with yourself on this point. The first thing is to grope for these things before making a quick turnover.

Low business rate? Only four ways to achieve net profit!

The above is the experience. It is the experience summed up by a small knife. Do not dare to say a dry one, but it is not a bull skin, a knife to share the line, you have passed the practice after the right to speak, I hope that this set of ways to improve the turnover of micro business, can help you. Turn the tide, start again, and become an influential and charismatic strength trader.

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