HNA’s involvement in fresh areas is actually starting from “micro business”.


You may know the news of HAIC (HAIC group) buying the business of Finance and finance, but do you know it is starting to be fresh?

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At the beginning of 2016, Hai Hang freight Co., Ltd. (under the HAIC group, the predecessor of the Hainan air freight Department) opened the WeChat service number, mainly for the sea Airlines internal staff to supply fresh, and then gradually open to the outside world. At the end of the year, Hainan Airlines set up a fresh team, and built its fresh business city through a praise. “Fei Xian Xian” sells aquatic products, fresh fruits and other products.

Flying tasting related people to the hundreds of millions of power networks, said flying tasting to take the C2B production of direct supply model, Hainan as a breakthrough point, the sale of local seasonal fruits, aquatic products, in addition to Xinjiang meat, Yunnan flowers and so on.

According to the local seasonal fruit list, the flying tasting is linked to the fruit growers / producing areas, attracting the company to become a supplier based on the advantages of Hainan Airlines. After having the source of origin, it can be sold in the commercial city to advance the season fruit, the user orders the order, the team takes the goods directly to the upstream fruit farmers, and then shipments and distribution. In the process of trading, flying taste is not directly involved, but to play the role of solving the logistics problem in the transaction.

At the delivery side, the flying tastes taste the pattern of landing matches. The model is composed of two parts: “air trunk line transport + landing distribution”. The airlines under the sea airlines are responsible for the trunk transportation, then the cooperation distribution service providers to carry out the delivery and carry on the house.

According to the introduction, compared with traditional logistics, landing has many advantages. First, the distribution speed is faster than the ordinary express delivery, because the landing is packaged in the origin directly, and has the advantage of sea navigation priority booking, fresh products will not accumulate in the warehouse, but also need no sorting, direct distribution after the next machine; secondly, the price is lower than the general express, because it is relying on the shipping conditions of sea airlines, The price of air transportation is lower than that of other express.

Relying on this distribution method, from the order to the delivery, the average delivery period of flying taste is about 2~ 3 days, and this speed can be achieved nationwide.

At present, fresh electricity providers are in the shuffle period, and the traditional business tycoons are speeding up the layout. Internet Co is following suit. However, the fresh electricity supplier market is still very large. Data show that the penetration of fresh electric business is still less than 3%. According to the 2016 China fresh consumption trend report issued by the Boston consulting company (BCG), China’s online sales growth in the next few years will continue to grow rapidly in the next few years. It is expected to reach 600 billion yuan by 2020, and the permeability will reach 15%-25%.

It is understood that at present, the main users of flying tasting are the internal personnel of Hal group, as well as some fixed customers, although the user size is still small, but the purchase demand is more vigorous, and the annual sales volume is over ten million yuan. At the moment, the pilot is thinking about broadening its sales channels and transferring itself from the WeChat mall to the outside platform through its own purchase or purchase platform. This year, flying tasting has set a small target, hoping to achieve sales of 20 million yuan by 20 person team.

The shipping resources of the sea airlines have laid a lot of innate advantages for the fresh electricity suppliers, and the Hainan Airlines Group started the blowout type of merger and acquisition from the second half of 2016, or made its fresh development more likely.

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