Heavy weight! Micro business quack survey: products can be increased by 8 times, surrogate monthly turnover of more than ten million


Heavy weight! Micro business quack survey: products can be increased by 8 times, surrogate monthly turnover of more than ten million

In the wilderness of distribution, brainwashing and fission, micro traders are looking for new models, hoping to become a regular army and run a long-term business.

In the past few years, mobile Internet based micro merchants, from the new retailer to reduce the efficiency of the link, were quickly transformed into another old game of drums and flowers. Do the manipulators of micro businesses want to change their image into “regular army” and do long-term business?

A mask that can’t be sold out

It’s been fifth days, and Yang Lijuan has sold very few facial masks. She took off her black leather shoes, sat on the wooden bench in the yard, and looked down at her cell phone, trying to find clues that others could not sell. Obviously, it’s just a vain.

“How can I not sell it?” Yang Lijuan occasionally whispered to himself, and then fell into a long silence.

She was very clear that the goods could not be refunded. Three minutes ago, she just received a reply from Sister Li. “Everyone is a million dollars. Why are so many people making money? There must be a reason.” Business is sold today, and there is always a time when it can not be sold. Let a man have no pressure, and no one will seriously do it when he returns.

Looking at a room stacked with a box of facial mask, Yang Lijuan regretted that he couldn’t make money at all. Of course, if it can be sold, it will definitely be a great income for her.

She gave herself an account: the retail price of this mask was 188 yuan / box, and she took 27000 yuan for the municipal agent, and the price was 90 yuan / box from the lowest agent’s 130 yuan / box. If you can sell these 10 boxes and 300 boxes, it will be 56400 yuan, even if you only sell half of them, you will make a small profit. Yang Lijuan, who was eager to make money, did not even think that all of these should be built on the basis of “selling out”.

A few days ago, unable to resist the temptation of a small business friend “Bao Ma to widen women”, Yang Lijuan took the initiative to find the door. The other person told her that the more the agent took, the lower the price, but the greater the pressure; it was more appropriate to start from the city and give yourself a little pressure to do well. Because there were not many sources of income at ordinary times, Yang Lijuan’s original idea was to spend a few thousand dollars to buy a box.

But after many persuasion from friends, she finally decided to “push herself.” Goods can not be sold in the hands, she can only help Sister Li, the answer to make a dream of prosperity overnight Yang Lijuan somewhat confused. “One box, one box” must be very slow. You think, if the 10 boxes are divided into 10 copies and 10 agents are given to them at the price of 110 yuan / box, will the transfer be 33000? As long as 10 people are enough. “

The way to develop agent is not difficult, the main point is to be diligent: add more people, update the circle of friends, show how much money you make, how easy to make money, how many users to consult, how many users pay, how many people thank you… As for the picture, it can be generated by Li Jie’s “micro business essential tool”. “Take a few beautiful pictures with the product, feel more about life, you can’t follow me. What do I send you for?”

Yang Lijuan didn’t say much and did not follow what Li said. She felt thin and heart, and could not do it. “Isn’t this a cheat?”

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