How can we find a good source of goods in 2017?


How can we find a good source of goods in 2017?

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At the end of the 12 month of the lunar calendar in 2016, we are still fighting hard at work to bring more valuable dry goods to us. After all, the Spring Festival has only 7 days’ holiday, just like the national day. 7 days and the same back to the most realistic problems. For white-collar workers, they either continue to look for jobs or continue their work. For Bao Ma, the man at home is still a pillar of Commerce and wants to do micro business, but he doesn’t know what to sell, nor does he really understand how to do it. For offline self-employed people, they have been busy for a year, but they have not earned anything.

Don’t worry, today’s article, the home of the micro electronics supplier, answers the above questions for you.

We all know that one of the most popular years to do micro business is 2013, when WeChat registered users had exceeded 600 million. If you had been engaged in micro business at that time, and you were still sticking to it today, I believe you have made a lot of money. Because micro business is a new marketing model, everyone has a curious and fresh sense of sweeps, nearby people, WeChat and friends. As long as you spend some energy on it, you can add a lot of fans. They feel fresh and want to try or buy the content of the WeChat circle.

With the gradual development of WeChat, the micro business circle has become more and more mixed, and WeChat people have had a bad taste for micro businesses. Then WeChat has also carried out the corresponding upgrade and change, and now WeChat wants to promote its own increase of 1000 fans is impossible, not according to the rules will be sealed, once all of your work is abandoned.

So, a lot of people are asking, so the micro chamber of Commerce will not die, the answer is to say that the answer is negative, the micro business is not likely to die, but the better, the more the more valuable, and will gradually become formal. Now is the world of mobile Internet, 90% people are holding mobile phone life every day, where people are, where the market is, there will be more people starting to focus on mobile internet marketing, and hope to find new ways of creating rich by mobile phones. The progress of the times will force the entrepreneurs of all walks of life to use the mobile Internet to start a business. With the help of good tools, everyone will be micro quotient in the future.

The micro business in 2017 will also be a new start. In fact, it is easy to make money as a micro business, but we need to replan to make a big money. Choosing a product is the first step in making a micro business. Whether it is an entity shop or a Taobao or Tmall, it is not a kind of product that can be done. If you want to make a profit, you must choose to make a profit. A product that can be trusted with high quality and high value.

The first step in making money, how to rely on products of high quality and high value.

It is often asked what products are most profitable now, and how to quickly find products with high profit or profit. In fact, it is not a good thing to do. The most important thing is to find products that are suitable for you, or products that you can trust. So, we recommend five ways to find the source, not necessarily tall or special. The key is to grasp the principles. The following is a case study of the high profit products you are looking for.

Through Taobao or Alibaba

I don’t know if you have noticed that Baidu’s bidding products are basically there in Taobao, so we can search for Industry words on Taobao (for example, we want to do: beauty, then search for this keyword), look at the natural rankings of Taobao and the through car ads, which will find a large number of items.

How can we find a good source of goods in 2017?

Look at this screenshot, when you enter “beauty”, is there a lot of related search for the keyword candidate list, the beauty bed, the beauty equipment, the beautician work clothes and so on, the words that can appear here are also called the related search words, this place also represents more frequent search. Some product key words. And then we look at the right side of the “sale of the palm” this is the direct vehicle advertising, where the products in the advertising here, the profit is certainly rich, and is also a number of users to search for a number of products.

After entering the shop, we can also see a lot of products in more detail, because many Taobao stores do not do only one product, and a large number of similar products are the best opportunities for us to find the products. Of course, Alibaba store product search methods are also similar to appeal.

Through Baidu, Sogou 360 and other search engines and network alliance advertising

This method is also the most used, because all the money making projects will be advertised, and Baidu and net League ads are the best advertising platforms, so you can use this method to find projects, and the principles are the same as looking for products on the Taobao Alibaba.

How can we find a good source of goods in 2017?

We want to do some type of project, to search for the industry words of the project, then study to compare the advertising, and then select the project to further analyze the cost and profit of the project.

Of course, the net alliance’s advertising is also to be analyzed, as long as we go to Baidu search related keywords, net League will automatically send us advertising, what advertising is the largest, then this product is relatively hot.

TV shopping advertisement

This is very simple, pay more attention to various TV stations, and do more research on TV shopping advertisements. In fact, TV shopping and bidding are interlinked, a lot of TV shopping products are on the network to do bids, and many products are usually on TV first, and then on the Internet, so, TV shopping is the most effective way to find products.

Take a look at the screenshot below. This is a TV shopping ad:

How can we find a good source of goods in 2017?

This requires us to pay more attention to the major TV stations, and then record the relevant advertisements and get the analysis on the Internet.

As long as you see a good product in the TV shopping ad, you will immediately make a website and Baidu promotion, just on the line, there is no competitor coming in, so after the advertisement on the line in the evening, a few dozens of sheets can be released in a few days, so it is necessary to pay more attention to it. TV shopping advertising, seize the opportunity.

A newspaper or magazine advertisement

When you wait for a train at a railway station or bus stop, you will find many newspapers and magazines, and many of them are tabloids. Although the content of this publication is not high or even vulgar, there are lots of advertisements on them. The more this magazine is, the larger the audience.

How can we find a good source of goods in 2017?

If you study carefully, you will find that many products on the Internet sell well, and the results are pretty good.

So you can take advantage of the time of leisure, more to collect these ads, study the copywriting of these ads and launch skills, will also constantly improve your actual combat technology and experience, enrich the channels for you to make money.

Major new mobile providers or social networking platform

There are still many sources of mobile Internet in this category. For example, in the 16 years of APP, they are very cheap and have many varieties. If you purchase in large quantities, I think the price can continue to be favorable.

Of course, our micro electric home is also developing the APP according to the needs of everyone. Our aim is: Micro traders choose goods to sell, and then they have small businesses.

How can we find a good source of goods in 2017?

Since we have always advocated simple and pure trading methods, the main purpose of designing products is retail. In order not to turn the micro business into a proxy flicker. In our APP, we will strictly distinguish between suppliers and distributors. Moreover, there is no division of the grade, only the supplier and the distributor can achieve the separation of production and marketing, which is far from the pyramid selling mode.

The most important thing is that we take into account the purchase and sales capacity of some micro merchants, and we have reserved the traditional one key forward, one button and a single function, and help those who are temporarily unable to do some simple product sales through our platform. When your product is forwarded to a circle of friends to have a list of people, you can just fill in our APP with the other’s receiving address and your name cell phone number to allow the supplier to deliver, convenient and quick.

How can we find a good source of goods in 2017?

After the end of the list, all the information can be found in [me], and no longer have to worry about the supplier or the flicker mode of the liar.

Of course, there are many other platforms, but if you grasp these mainstream platforms, you will get twice the result with half the effort.

A good product will directly determine that you do not earn money, a good product must have a certain profit support, our platform is to give the supplier a clear price of micro business agent, and then give a retail reference price. As for what price the agent ultimately sells, it is entirely decided by the agents. This ensures the profit space of the agent. Besides, the suppliers we choose, the products they provide, we need to let him do the exclusive supply and cut off the trouble of the price of the major platforms.

Choosing a good source is just the first step in micro business. If you are not ready to do micro business, then you can learn and study slowly through our public micro electricity supplier’s home. If you are ready to do micro business, then it’s time to think about what products to make. If you have thought about what products to make, then you will find this product and need to think about how to increase sales steadily.

Finally, we must remember these things: what is health, safety and long-term micro quotient?

1), the flat agent (no classification system);

2), regional distribution nationwide;

3), no agent fee is charged;

4), there is no charge for joining.

5), can not be sold out of return (not hoarding goods);

6), panoramic interaction, distribution of territoriality;

7), outstanding agents are upgraded to shareholders;

8), the final elimination;

9) reduce the risk of all followers to the lowest point.

Under the new micro business background and situation, the healthy micro quotient pattern should have several characteristics:

1), sales terminals are consumers, products should be faced with consumers, and ultimately fall into the hands of consumers, rather than at the level of agents.

2), product quality assurance, micro business to continue for a long time, must have reliable product quality.

3) perfect after-sale service, perfect after-sale service and customer satisfaction will bring about the possibility of healthy and sustainable development.

This article is for the original arrangement of the micro electric home, the public number: share009, authorizing the stationmaster’s home to issue, if need to reprint, please contact the authorization.

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