In 2017, CCTV talked about micro business, and this time, it cried a lot.


In 2017, CCTV talked about micro business, and this time, it cried a lot.

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In January 16, 2017, the CCTV “news broadcast” news column reported the Chinese micro business service conference held at the Beijing Hotel Golden Hall in January 5th. It was also the first time CCTV reported the micro business industry for the first time in 2017, especially the outstanding performance of the micro business on grassroots entrepreneurship and mobile social domain, at least 500 billion The contribution of the yuan to the market. In the affirmation of the development of micro business and the release of positive signals, there is no doubt that the development of the whole micro business will be promoted.

In 2017, CCTV talked about micro business, and this time, it cried a lot.

CCTV believes that the micro business to drive the non mainstream people’s entrepreneurship, created 30 million people’s employment, at the same time completed at least 500 billion yuan turnover, this data has been approved by the Ministry of Commerce, the Chinese Electronic Chamber of Commerce and other authoritative experts.

In 2017, CCTV talked about micro business, and this time, it cried a lot.

In 2016, the GMV of the micro business has reached 500 billion yuan, and the number of employees reached 30 million. The 2017 trading volume is expected to break more than 860 billion yuan and keep the growth rate above 70%. It is because of such a huge amount of digital transactions, the CCTV’s attention and recognition for the first time.

Of course, in this process, with the pace of “mass entrepreneurship and innovation”, micro business has gradually entered the barbaric growth stage from vigorous development. There are many criticisms behind the prosperity of the industry. Because the threshold of micro business entry is very low, many poor and illegal products are flooding the market, disrupting the order of the industry and damaging the interests of the regular enterprises. Although the authority has made many rounds of voice and advocated the development of micro businesses, but due to the unclear laws, they have not been well controlled and developed.

In fact, at the twenty-fifth session of the Standing Committee of the Twelfth National People’s Congress in 2016, the electronic commerce law (Draft) was first submitted for consideration. According to reliable information, once the electricity supplier law is deliberated, the state will immediately make amendments and improvements to the electricity supplier law. Moreover, the next step is to focus on micro businesses, and the relevant regulations of the Internet service.

In the same year, in December 24th, the state issued a notice on “e-commerce development plan 13th Five-Year”. And in planning, we actively encourage the social networking e-commerce mode. The social network should be encouraged to play the advantages of content, creativity and user relations, to establish the operating mode of the linked e-business, to support the healthy and standardized micro business development model, to provide consumers with personalized e-commerce services, and to stimulate the continuous growth of network consumption. Encourage e-commerce enterprises to rely on emerging video, streaming media, live and other diversified marketing methods, to carry out fan interaction, the real delivery of commodity information, the establishment of a healthy and harmonious social network marketing.

It can be seen that for the healthy development of micro businesses, the state has already had a momentum, and the rapid development of micro businesses really needs the restriction of laws and regulations. With regard to the importance of CCTV and the introduction of e-commerce regulations, I believe that in the near future, micro businesses will also have their own exclusive regulatory system. In the future, the micro business will develop healthier and bigger.

  as our current micro business, no matter where to sell products, the main task is to constantly improve their business level.

From 2013 to 2017, micro business has also gone through 4 years. In these 4 years, the small business crowd come and come in and out too much, like the Taobao electric business, the new store sells well or has, the old shop does not manage to have. When micro business enters the industry standard period, it is actually the time for people or teams who have the ability to produce good quality products.

Our public number micro electric home in the last article also wrote to Luo fat by the community to achieve billions of revenue. There are also some ways of mixing the community. So this article will continue to teach you some ways to get the community.

As we all know, there are no two ways to enter WeChat group.

  a group of owners or someone to pull you into the group.  

  scanning WeChat group’s two-dimensional code, do not need group master verification, directly into the group. (less than 100 people)

If you have a lot of friends on WeChat, then you can go directly to chat alone, so that your friends can pull you in directly. If there are not enough friends, then only second methods can be selected to find enough two-dimensional code to enter the group.

WeChat group is no more than QQ group, you can directly enter keywords in search box, click search element to find many precise groups. WeChat group must share the two-dimensional code. You can scan the code after the group owner agrees. So how to find these precise fan groups is a major headache for most of the micromerchants. Here are some ways to teach you to follow these ideas, and 90% are all right.

  method 1: micro-blog search WeChat group

Open micro-blog and enter some key words in your search box. For example, “Bao Ma WeChat group two-dimensional code”

In 2017, CCTV talked about micro business, and this time, it cried a lot.

Of course, we can also directly search “WeChat group two-dimensional code”, and then according to their own industry and promotion business, one by one to screen their own industry and business related groups, WeChat scan two-dimensional code into the code, maybe some are required to add a person’s WeChat, and then automatically receive a group of two-dimensional code. In this way, you can add a lot of WeChat groups one by one, with a large number of groups, and the promotion of performance will naturally increase.

  method two: the bean search WeChat group

Enter the two keywords in the Baidu search box to search.

In 2017, CCTV talked about micro business, and this time, it cried a lot.

In the bean bean search box enter “WeChat group two-dimensional code” several keywords, will search for a lot of two-dimensional code.

In 2017, CCTV talked about micro business, and this time, it cried a lot.

But the WeChat group’s two-dimensional code we searched is in the form of a group. Click in.

The WeChat group’s two-dimensional code searched through bean paste is only required to complete the task before allowing you to add a group, such as if you want to add him as a friend. Some of them can directly add WeChat group, for example, the WeChat group’s two-dimensional code can be added directly.

  method three: Baidu search micro group

Search the WeChat group directly in Baidu.

A lot of WeChat group sharing platforms will be displayed directly. There are many classifications on these platforms. You can find the corresponding groups according to your own industry classification.

In 2017, CCTV talked about micro business, and this time, it cried a lot.

  method four: QQ group search WeChat group

With which kind of people to deal with, first to know where this kind of person will appear, the people who need WeChat group are of course most in the WeChat group, in addition to this group of QQ groups will also have this type of people (search “WeChat group two-dimensional code” and other QQ groups).

It’s still very easy to find dozens of people from WeChat group and QQ group.

In 2017, CCTV talked about micro business, and this time, it cried a lot.

The above four plus WeChat group methods can be said to be commonly used free methods, these methods find WeChat group mainly through keywords. As long as the industry you are looking for is right, the accuracy of these groups is very good. In addition, you pass these groups with a very high pass rate, basically 100% pass rate. Because the group owners of these groups share the group with others.

( ); method five: Witkey form payment to get group 2 D code.

The WeChat group two-dimensional code obtained in Witkey form has the highest accuracy and the cost will not be very high. Directly in their QQ group to issue tasks or special Witkey groups can be, of course, directly to the pig and so on Witkey network will be better. Under normal circumstances, a few cents to a WeChat group of two-dimensional code or very easy.

In 2017, CCTV talked about micro business, and this time, it cried a lot.

( ); method six: buy WeChat group’s two-dimensional code by a certain treasure.

This does not need to be said by me. There is nothing to buy. But this purchase of WeChat group, the effect is not good, be sure there is no way above Witkey awesome.

With enough WeChat, the next task is to play your nagging chat and copywriting skills.

Of course, some people would say that so many WeChat groups are used in the wool, they are all inactive people, or they are just greedy for petty gains. In reality, there is such a situation, so with WeChat group, you need to run and plan well. If micro merchants are able to do business with a group or a friend, then there will be no poor people in China, or you will not be so poor.

How to mix group, the last article has been talked about, no longer cumbersome. You can click on the following recommendations to see the article. Of course, if you have a better way of operation and promotion, welcome to chat with my WeChat.

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