The truth of micro agent is: why do your friends know that they have been cheated and have to go on?


Micro business has almost become a synonym for the new age individual. It is certainly not strange to mention the micro merchants. There will always be friends in our WeChat friends who do micro business.

Let’s see what products they sell, mask, diet pills, aphrodisiac and so on. Will anyone buy it?

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Micro business agents do not know what they do is MLM

The micro business is generally divided into two forms, the first is the WeChat as the platform, the shop publicity and other activities, similar to Taobao, the friends engaged in this kind of micro merchants all day addicted to chicken soup and advertising, although it is annoying but is also harmless, and is basically difficult to achieve precision marketing.

The other is that I want to talk about the agent model of the micro business, their structure is like pyramid like, in the form of Pyramid, I have always thought that this micro business is to take the Ponzi scheme into WeChat’s pyramid marketing.

This agency mode pays no attention to product sales, but uses the entrepreneurial dream packaging product to digest products under the development line.

Real consumers are very few, exactly say their products can be sold out, but they are not consumed, because their products are all hoarded in their own hands. If these goods are in your hands, you can only develop a downline, or the product can only slowly eliminate the cost of your own.

Before I entered a small business new group of more than 3000 people, the group has been active throughout the country and various overseas purchasing agents at all levels.

Products are also various, almost cover the living things such as eating, drinking and living, underwear, high imitation shoes, snacks, Zhuang Yang medicine, weight loss products, cosmetics and so on, but the most likely to sell facial mask, may be women are more concerned about the face dare to spend, so a lot of mask, which also explains why the micro business women live in. You can’t sell it and use it by yourself.

After entering the group, everyone will consciously modify the nickname in the “area – Product – name” format, but in the group, people almost never talk about their own products. The basic group news is “teach you to do micro business”, “start from zero, micro business” and so on.

Once in a while, which agent has been cheated of the money, people will come out to nagging a few words, “unfortunately with the wrong team, selling the wrong product, or…”, the feeling that these people don’t seem to have questioned the business.


Target users are good at a low income.

Later, I asked my friend who was a small businessman. She said she wanted to quit early, but it was just a lot of goods on hand that didn’t get out of it.

My friend is a housewife, usually the main source of her life depends on her husband, and she herself lets a friend who is a small businessman flicker.

In fact, how to flicker to the next product is the essence of WeChat agency, so this so-called micro business is eyeing some target users.

First of all, these people are poor. They say they have no jobs and no financial sources. They need people to feed them. Although they have no money, they have time and even very leisure; finally, they are not willing to be happy with the situation, and they always fantasize about getting rich.

Based on the above three conditions, housewives, college students (especially female college students) and young white collar workers with lower income (female majority) have become the target of these agents, which may be their friends, relatives or colleagues.

For different groups of people, these micro agents have different ways of flickering.

In the face of the college students and low income white-collar workers, it is necessary to package the micro business agent into a business project, instilling a “wealth, you will be worshipped by your classmates or colleagues, and now the country also encourages entrepreneurship, let those who look down on you regret it”, and the family housewife must seize their economic independence. One trait is to inculcate an idea that “the economy is not independent and the husband does not love you”.

Because they do not have their own resources or have less savings, they are just beginning to get excited.

If the other side wants to hoard 1000 pieces of money, you also have to continue to flicker at this time: little pressure, small business is a long time to do things, maybe you will stop by halves, more goods to give yourself pressure, no pressure which has power and so on.

This is the vast majority of micro traders’ propositions. When they speak, they will move out the quotations from them and share them with them.

Do you dare to stock up? I dare, so I did it.

At the age of twenty, you are still spending your parents’ money, and I have already earned my living. Women are to be queen!

Do not complain that your circle of friends is micro business, that means your friends are very motivated, and are better than all the wives.

Follow the flies to find the toilet, follow the bees to find flowers, and make millions with them. The living fish run upstream and the dead fish go with the flow. One day, you will find that the micro business can bring you unexpected gains, or thought, or wealth! If you are still laughing at other people doing micro business now, you will be more regret after 5 years!

Do not ask, I reply here uniformly, the price is…


The dream that you yearn for is a tool generated

Of course, even if you have fooled them into hoarding 100 thousand yuan, they will not be finished, because they can not sell at all. A newcomer has been cleaning up a circle of friends for a week, not only without orders, but also blocked by many friends.

At this time, she will question you, and then continue to give her chicken soup. In addition, in fact, a lot of people in this line has already understood, these products can not be sold out, because the vast majority of the products are counterfeit and inferior, and can not be sold out of return.

Because micro business itself is a business based on the trust of acquaintances, it is naive for those who think it is crazy to use a friend to sell their products every day.

The next house is unable to sell goods because of its hoarding, and is anxious to earn money, so she will definitely turn to her buying agent. At this time, she would tell her the truth, which was the dream she was dreaming of when she was rich.

For example, see the daily trading of micro traders, buyers WeChat dialogue screenshots, (pictures from the network, for reference only)

The truth of micro agent is: why do your friends know that they have been cheated and have to go on?


The truth of micro agent is: why do your friends know that they have been cheated and have to go on?

Make a few empty boxes to make a racket.

The truth of micro agent is: why do your friends know that they have been cheated and have to go on?

What’s more, the photos of luxury cars in luxury houses are created, creating a scene of making money.

The truth of micro agent is: why do your friends know that they have been cheated and have to go on?

In fact, they get all the pictures through the so-called “marketing tools”, which can be said that they sell away.

As far as I know, these image generator tools are not cheap, and you want to buy them from your home channel. It can not be said that all agents in the circle of friends are pyramid schemes, and the difference between pyramid selling and traditional sales is that they can earn profits by collecting membership fees by pulling people into the club.

This is the truth of the micro agent. Whether we can make money does not depend on the quality of the product, but on how many families you have developed. Some micro dealers also have to pay agency fees (or falsely say affiliate fees, brand fees, etc.), and most of the products they sell are three no products, and there is no return channel.

Innovators’ business notes:

1, the micro business agent is based on the WeChat platform based operation transaction, the target user is to attract the lower income female acquaintances, and thus to develop into the downline to make profit.

2, the micro merchants generally operate a number of micro signals, the dialogue in the circle of friends, the transfer of accounts, and the search for the proxies are all generated by the Internet software tools. The purpose of creating a very good atmosphere of birth is to attract the target users.

3, when users are fooled, packaging products into entrepreneurial projects, guiding users to quickly get rid of poverty and become a goal of life.

4, not all the micro business is a cheater, and the micro business channel has also become one of the choice of many brands, but at present, the micro business supervision is rather chaotic, for example, the characteristics of the above text are basically the cheats.

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