What happened to the thief when the computer was stolen? A woman’s online post calls a thief to recover her husband’s remains


Chinaz.com note: as people use less and less cash, computers, cell phones and so on become the key targets of thieves. According to Qianjiang Evening News, recently, a “thief thief” book on the Internet has made many netizens move. Why do we have to shout the thief on the Internet? What is the content of this letter?

It is understood that the release of this net post is Ms. Wang of Taizhou. A few days ago, Ms. Wang was robbed of her family. Besides cash jewelry, she also had notebook computers and mobile phones. The total value of the stolen items was around 10500 yuan. Unlike jewelry and cash, stolen laptops and mobile phones have different meanings for her because they are relics of her husband. It contains his photos, his information and all his memories. This is precious to her family.

What happened to the thief when the computer was stolen? A woman's online post calls a thief to recover her husband's remains

Therefore, after she heard that her family had been stolen, Mrs. Wang, besides the police, posted a message on the Internet, called the thief, hoping to “redeem” her husband’s belongings. She claimed that cash, wallets, cell phones, computers, bracelets and necklaces could not be taken away, but hoped that thieves could return the information in notebooks and mobile phones. “For us, what you take is not ordinary objects, but the spiritual habitat of our family. It is our spiritual sustenance and thinking. My daughter is young, and I don’t know that my father has left. These are the only ways to grow up with her and let her touch and understand dad. ” Ms. Wang writes.

After watching the police, he was very moved and began to chase him down, and he successfully arrested the suspect in 48 hours. At the beginning, Bai refused to explain. When the police gave him the message, he finally agreed to confess it. According to information provided by Bai, the police quickly recovered two notebooks, mobile phones and cash.

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