Feng Ti Mo responds to divorce rumors, implying Chen Yifa’s dark rhythm, netizens: girls are set to collapse.


Chinaz.com: all the time, the popular anchors von Ti Mo are all active in the live broadcast circle. Previously, she had mentioned many times in her live broadcast that she was single. But recently, she was caught in a scandal over divorce.

The incident originated from another anchors master Hin 2 hare, whose assistant was exposed to a chat with the 2 hare in micro-blog, revealing that some of the one sister of the fights had been divorced. Among them, von Ti Mo and Chen Yifa became the object of suspicion. In order to prove innocence, Chen Yifa made a living out of his household registration to prove that he had never married. He said he would never give up the pot, and everyone in the circle knew who it was. It seems to imply that von Timo is the “litigant”.

Feng Ti Mo responds to divorce rumors, implying Chen Yifa's dark rhythm, netizens: girls are set to collapse.

Yesterday evening, Feng Timo also made a positive response in the live broadcast, she said, “the host is a public figure, not to say a few irresponsible words, can not be disorderly to the non textual things, so that the support of you will be misguided.” I have never been able to bring any other anchors in live and private lives, and at the same time, she wants her fans not to “tit for tat”. Although the tone was euphemistic, netizens all speculated that she was satirize Chen Yifa’s dark rhythm.

At the same time, von tiimo also said he would try to be the best person, a good singer, and hope that his live studio was full of singing and laughing. The tone is implicit, and netizens translate it. This sentence is actually saying: I hope you can find me to listen to songs and not to pay attention to my private affairs.

For von Ti Mo’s response, the netizen is obviously not satisfied. Despite all this, none of the key questions was answered. Many netizens said that the reason why she was angry was not that she was married, but that she had married many times and claimed to be single in the live broadcast. What is even more annoying is that her ex husband led many times in the competition to lead the fans to spend, deceived the fans a lot of money.

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