What is the two choice for the media aeration group? The drop was forced by the United States.


Chinaz.com note: in the industry competition, two election one often happens. According to news from Jiangsu TV station, many Wuxi businessmen recently reported that the US delegation was forced to choose two of the merchants. Many businesses chose to settle in drops after being excluded by the US group. They were not only left behind by the US regiment without any reason, but also fell sharply after being restored to the shelves. The former top ten merchants were placed on the twenty or thirty list after being put on the shelves. The top one hundred were also ranked one thousand. After such a ranking, it is impossible for anyone to arrive at them.

In this regard, the United States Mission customer service is given the system upgrade, but takeaway merchants said things were not so simple. They questioned the fact that the US side unilaterally broke up the contract, only to force them to choose two.

What is the two choice for the media aeration group? The drop was forced by the United States.

In view of the two election of unfair competition, the local industry and Commerce Bureau of Wuxi has made an urgent interview with the United States group, the hungry and the drop of three takeout platforms, Su Yiling, deputy director of the Wuxi industry and Commerce Bureau, said: “Wuxi has received reports from some of the service platforms in Wuxi. “Takeout and the takeout of the United States and the forced downline, the preliminary investigation shows that the related takeout service platform has been suspected of forming unfair competition and monopolistic behavior.” At present, the takeover of the US group is not convenient to respond to this situation.

The industry believes that the takeaway industry has a big cake and the competition is fierce. However, it is not conducive to healthy development to blindly burn subsidies to fight price wars or to harm merchant interests by unfair competition. The takeaway platform should pay more attention to distribution efficiency, service attitude and food safety.

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