Liu Qiangdong: my driver has changed a big house in Beijing, so he can afford the driver.


As we all know, Liu Qiangdong has always been very concerned about Jingdong employees. Some welfare benefits such as staff quarters are quite attractive. In May 26th, Liu Qiangdong told Jingdong’s old staff banquet that over the past ten years, the life of Jingdong veteran employees has become more and more moist and the economic conditions are getting better and better. Liu Qiangdong took his first driver, master Lin, for example. Mr. Lin was an old Beijing man. He came to the Jingdong for ten years to change a bigger house in Beijing, and now he had the ability to ask others to be his driver. In response, some netizens laughed and said, “do you still lack drivers?” source: boss

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