Who is the “emotional teacher” of CCTV? Teach women to break the bottom line for “slave”


Webmaster’s home (Chinaz.com) May 28th news: Recently, the controversial internet red man and “emotional teacher” Ayawawa have been provoked by a speech. In May 22nd, after being banned by micro-blog for 6 months with micro-blog’s serious remarks about the comfort women, last night, the CCTV Newsweek made a 10 minute critique to Ayawawa, saying that it used some people’s sex anxiety to profit for himself, and to teach “slaves” to break the bottom line.

CCTV reported that ayawawa used some people’s gender anxiety to make profits for themselves, teaching people as slaves and breaking the bottom line. Blocking can not solve the problem completely. Do you think she did an emotional lecture? Actually, what she did was probably a lecture business. Do you think she is patient in loving the people?

It is reported that Ayawawa, the original name Yang Bingyang, from 2001 began to mix the network, 3 years later in the name of the cat’s reputation reached the peak, early image with sexy photos. From 2005 to 2007, it began to enter blogs and then moved to the offline media. Since the advent of the media era in 2009, she began to transform and write emotional books, mostly from the emotional column written on the blog, coupled with the theory of evolutionary psychology, to create a new system.

The theory of “PU” and “MV”, namely, Paternity Uncertainty (parent child uncertainty) and Mate Value (marriage market value), refers to the insecurity of men, the latter refers to the eight embodying of female values, namely age, appearance, height, cup, weight, education, personality and family environment.

In her view, women should be gentle and clever and like men, in order to reduce “PU” and “MV”, and each woman can score according to the two concepts, and the level of the score affects the degree of emotional happiness.

Ayawawa has a famous saying, “I am not smarter than I am, nor am I smarter than I am.” If this logic is followed, she should continue to go on.

But unfortunately, she finally lost her so-called “smart”.

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