Which is the simple search that Baidu has no advertising APP? And what are the functions?


Webmaster’s home (Chinaz.com) May 27th news that Baidu search advertising is often a lot of Internet users, the surprise is that Baidu unexpectedly launched a new generation of “simple search” APP, its biggest feature is never advertising. So what’s the coming of Baidu’s new APP?

It is reported that Baidu founder, chairman and CEO Robin Li participated in the China International data industry expo yesterday, and exchanged views on industrial and intelligent aspects at the meeting. What most netizens are concerned about is that Robin Li disclosed that Baidu recently launched a new search APP called “simple search”.

According to the introduction, “simple search” has two main characteristics, one is artificial intelligence, which can accurately understand speech, image and natural language. At the same time, different people in search will show different results, for example, adult and children’s voice search will show different results by detecting the voice.

What is even more desirable is the second characteristic of “simple search”: no advertising. Robin Li said that the search APP was advertised and no advertisements were found in the search results. This also makes many netizens feel inconceivable, for tired of search advertising small partners, might as well download try.

Which is the simple search that Baidu has no advertising APP? And what are the functions?

The following is Robin Li’s speech:

Good afternoon, everyone! I am very glad to have come to the Guiyang Expo third times to share with you some views on artificial intelligence. It should be said, I feel that every time I feel very profound, the number of the Guiyang fair is more powerful than one year, people are also more than one year, but for me, every year, there is no change in fact, the topic is artificial intelligence.

I told this forum last year that artificial intelligence actually had a lot of misunderstandings. Some thought it was bionics, and some thought it would threaten human security. I always said that I was an optimist and I felt that artificial intelligence could not threaten human security. I said, “please don’t worry.” What do I want to say today? The name is “for a better AI era”.

The name is very beautiful. The topic is actually talking about my worry about artificial intelligence. I am not worried that AI will control human beings, but it is not without worry. So what do I worry about artificial intelligence?

At the time of this year’s “two meetings”, many journalists also asked me a variety of questions, questions related to Baidu, but the most asked, or when no car was produced. I was boasting a Haikou, saying that no one was able to produce a car in July this year. We and the Xiamen Golden Dragon’s car, no steering wheel, no driving car, will soon be measured. It’s already May, and for more than a month, I have the expectation, anxiety, worry, not worry. A car can’t produce a lot of products. I’m worried about whether the car is safe enough.

So for us, safety is the most important direction of autopilot, and it is our “heaven”. Anything can be wrong. It can’t be wrong. Once wrong, once the accident happens, it is possible to push the whole technology forward to a year or two. More importantly, human security is the most valuable and most important. We can not tolerate mistakes in this regard. So I’d like to show you the video we tested in the safety of autopilot. The test was in Xiong an. When a Baidu unmanned car was turning around the head, a little dog came out of the road, and the unmanned car was right in front of the puppy before it went on. Let’s see it together.

This is actually a relatively difficult thing. It is relatively safe for the unmanned vehicle to drive fast on the highway and the closed road. The road condition is relatively simple. In the open city road, there are all kinds of things that can not be expected, it can not control themselves well, this is a very difficult problem, to solve this problem, the car can really become unmanned, only to be able to drive.

As you know, Baidu is not a car making, we are a platform, we are a fully open platform, and our technology is able to benefit all manufacturers who want to build unmanned vehicles through open source and open data.

From the opening of our code to the later production, there is a lot of new code in the middle, of which nearly 50% of the code is in order to increase security. It really needs to be produced. The real downline enters the business. It really needs to be manned. We can’t make it wrong, so a lot of experience is put on the safety and conform to the car rules. Therefore, we are the first in the domestic Internet Co engaged in automatic driving research and development of the Internet Co to get the certification of the process, the safety of all electronic products certification and specification.

Because the unmanned car is a big industry, and many many partners are doing with us, which makes the whole industry faster than we think. To be honest, I couldn’t imagine two or three years ago that a car without a driver and a steering wheel could be used in some closed scenes, whether it was a closed Park, a wharf or a scenic spot, so it went through a lot of parties, from the government to the car manufacturer, the scientific research institution, the travel service. Business and even the joint efforts of all aspects of telecom operators have reached such a state.

This is a state that I believe will be getting better and better, not only that companies like Baidu are promoting the evolution of unmanned vehicles at this level, but also a very important direction is the government’s evolution in infrastructure, and more and more sensors on the road that allow cars to be lower. Ben and higher accuracy identify various obstacles and traffic rules. So it turns out that there may be tens of thousands of dollars of laser radar devices that can detect obstacles around it, but if we can get the sensors on the road and infrastructure level, we can use cheaper sensors to perceive road conditions and avoid obstacles. So the cost of driverless cars will be greatly reduced. This is also a direction we hope for. Therefore, the unmanned vehicle is not a single company effort, it is a huge ecology in all aspects, and this evolution, I think China is the most promising, because we have a strong government, it is in a lot of many infrastructure construction in the world is ahead of the world.

Above are my concerns and corresponding measures in the driverless car. In fact, AI is also transforming the traditional mobile Internet, including search, without controversy. Let me show you that Baidu has recently launched a new search APP, called “simple search”, which has two main characteristics.

First, the first feature is artificial intelligence. For the traditional Internet, AI is a precise understanding of speech, image and natural language.

It can be picked up by voice, and a camera can be used to take a photo to identify what it means, and it actually uses a lot of AI.

At the same time, AI can also be thousands of thousands of faces. Different people in search results when we think we should be different. In a word, there can be an adult mode, or a standard model, and a child mode. If it can detect that your voice is an adult voice, or a child’s voice, he gives you a different result. Let’s look at it.

According to the different voices produced by different people, the corresponding search results are different. This is the first characteristic of simple search.

Second characteristics, in fact, we made a little publicity two days ago, the search APP is advertising free, and there is no advertising in the search results. Later I read the online commentary. Most people do not believe that you are cheating. How can you not have an advertisement? So I also want to take this opportunity to tell you that simple search will never put advertisements in search results, and you are welcome to download them.

We think that in fact, in addition to the rapid progress of technology in the AI era, and as the products come to the ground, people are becoming more and more aware of what results AI can bring to people, and we are increasingly feeling the need for new rules, new values, new ethics and less discussion in this respect.

Not only do we need to know the traffic lights of unmanned vehicles, but all AI’s new products and technologies must have a common idea and rules that we all follow. So I think of four things.

First, we believe that the highest principle of AI is safety and controllability. If an unmanned vehicle is attacked by a hacker, it may become a homicide weapon, which is absolutely not allowed, and we must make it safe and controllable.

Second, we see today like BAT, or American Facebook, Google, Microsoft, these companies are very strong in AI, but the world is not only the only big companies that need the ability and technology of AI. There are thousands of thousands of companies, organizations and institutions in the world that need the technology and ability of AI. How can we get all the enterprises and all the people to get AI’s technology and ability in the new era, not just the patent of a few big companies, how can we prevent the inequality of technology in the AI era that cause people to become more and more unequal in all aspects of life and work? This is what we need to go Think seriously.

Third, at the same time, a lot of what AI does is not just to simply imitate people; it’s not what people like to give you; no one likes to entertain the gossip, and one hundred percent of the stream of information pushes out the gossip; it’s not a minute to let a minute stay here for a minute. This is not what we want. We hope that through AI, personalized information can help people learn. After spending an hour, after a period of time, you can find that you have learned something different from the original, so that we can become better people. This is what we want to see.

Fourth, in the past, many people were asking, what can a man do if man’s work or labor is gradually replaced by machines? We now work five days a week, rest for two days, maybe two days in the next week, and rest for five days. But more importantly, probably because of AI, labor is no longer a means for people to make a living, but a demand for people. You want to work, you want to innovate, you want to create, so you go to work. This is the ultimate goal of AI. We need to bring more freedom and possibility to mankind.

What is the mission of AI? It is not to replace human beings, but to make technology loyal to mankind, serve mankind and make human life better.

That’s what I want to say today. Thank you.

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