How to record video abusive Henan people? Trembling users are punished by 500

2018-06-08’s note: for a long time, the phenomenon of regional discrimination on the Internet is very common. The most serious black people are Henan people. But it is still rare to abuse such videos openly.

According to the news of the new Beijing News, recently, ID is 933850962 of the “shake sound” users recorded video publicly abusive abuse of Henan people, said from the stewardess incident can be seen, Henan is not a good person. Soon, this video was crazy in WeChat group and friends circle, triggering hot debate among friends and provoking a network regional attack.

How to record video abusive Henan people? Trembling users are punished by 500

Soon, the incident led to the attention of the local public relations. According to the survey, the location of the video is located in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, and the Henan provincial public security organs coordinate the Fujian police according to law. Yesterday, the video player Jean ran was controlled by law. In view of her 5 year old daughter to be raised and an apology video released on the Internet after the incident, the local public security organ imposed a fine of 500 yuan on its administrative penalty according to law and admonished it according to law. At the same time, in accordance with the requirements of public security organs, “jitter” platform operation company has strengthened the content audit and other safety management work.

Netizens expressed anger at the trembling user’s practice, claiming that the area was too disgusting, and the penalty was 500. I hope that the sound can be properly improved, so stop this problem.

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