What about Samsung’s compensation for apple? Where is the infringement? How much is the compensation?


Chinaz.com note: after 5 days of deliberation, the 7 year patent infringement case of Samsung Apple finally came to an end. Finally, the US jury finally reached an agreement that Samsung should pay Apple $539 million in tort costs. Why has a patent case been tried for 7 years?

It has to be said in 2011. In those days, apple accused Samsung smart phone of infringing 5 patents of iPhone and claimed $1 billion to Samsung. However, Samsung believes that the price is too high and only wants to pay 28 million dollars. Therefore, the appeal is put forward. Samsung says cell phone patents can only cover specific parts of the mobile phone, such as screen, cover glass and border, and are willing to pay only three parts for patent infringement.

What about Samsung's compensation for apple? Where is the infringement? How much is the compensation?

After several years of appeal and review, the jury reheard the case and reached a unanimous decision to change the amount to $538 million 600 thousand, of which $533316606 was due to infringement of three Apple design patents and $5 million 300 thousand because of the infringement of two apple patents.

It is reported that Samsung has already compensated $399 million for apple. According to the ruling, Samsung Samsung also has to pay about $140 million to apple.

After the jury released the latest ruling, apple said in a statement: “the fact is that Samsung has plagiarized our designs openly. At the same time, we thank the jury for their services. They agreed that Samsung should pay for copying our products. “

Samsung responded: “today’s ruling is beneficial to Samsung and is consistent with the Supreme Court’s scope for designing patent damages. We will consider all options to achieve the goal of not affecting creativity. “

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